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Strings of Life: Poems of wisdom thoughts
Poems - Quotes

Heaven and hell are located in the inner realm of our consciousness. Many a times I observed people commit sin but repent overtime when their conscious refuses to justify. This is called realization, transforms person all together from what he was. Esoteric meaning of Heaven and Hell is realization of virtue and sin. Consciousness is silent feature of our identity that builds our personality. Negative and positive both are integral parts of us. Both influence our personality through environment and occurrences. During negative period most of lose endurance and all hopes, depression overpowers us. With the positive attitude you learn to endure bad times. We should not forget positive is hidden behind negative. A door within negative opens towards bright light. We need to find that door.

Saturday, 27 December 2014
Environment's influence always rules the life...
Influence always ruled my life...
This is bad, that is good,
He is bad she is good,
he is good she is bad,
It is right, that is wrong,
Chosen by mom and pop,
Though angered me several times,
My Safety was priority in their mind,
In that environment I was raised,
Each goes through this stage,
Training was to evolve my mind,
Training taught me good and bad,
Their Influence always ruled my life...
When was kid, lived illusive life,
Always thought life was easy and fun,
Imagination was world,
Created by positive thoughts,
Unknown side of dark hidden from me,
Even books did not help me read,
Influence always ruled my life...
Flickering fin was my age to fly,
Exploring new world was fun and joy,
Each stage filled of teachings,
Lessons that never taught me before,
Unknown untouched negative new to me,
Gave pain first sometime,
But taught me to sustain in life,
Surrounding condition's inflence rules us all...
Negative positive both part of life,
Both have power to influence our life,
Can't enjoy sad death of a man,
Can't enjoy visiting patient's house,
Blissed when someone touches your heart,
Attraction of beauty pulls us all,
Raises Emotions and tear drops from eyes,
Heart flutters to someone you love,
Curiosity, anxiety prompts,
When something Attracts, distracts,
Temper rises when patience not in hand,
Behaviour varies in situations from time to time,
Performance accelerates when in mood,
Mood is good when are fresh new happy,
Something prompts to activate mind and soul,
Respond to what environment wants,
First childhood lesson from,
Mom and pop came in use;
"Stay positive Even when negative rules",
"Too much positive too harms"
"Sometimes negative too remedy to balance life"
"Both environment live side by side",
What and how you pick relies on,
How you evolved and how you trained,
Environment's influence always rules the life...

© 2014 Sadashivan Nair

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 5:45 AM EST
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