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Strings of Life: Poems of wisdom thoughts
Poems - Quotes

Heaven and hell are located in the inner realm of our consciousness. Many a times I observed people commit sin but repent overtime when their conscious refuses to justify. This is called realization, transforms person all together from what he was. Esoteric meaning of Heaven and Hell is realization of virtue and sin. Consciousness is silent feature of our identity that builds our personality. Negative and positive both are integral parts of us. Both influence our personality through environment and occurrences. During negative period most of lose endurance and all hopes, depression overpowers us. With the positive attitude you learn to endure bad times. We should not forget positive is hidden behind negative. A door within negative opens towards bright light. We need to find that door.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015
Strings of Life: Poems of wisdom thoughts
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These poems are full of wisdom thoughts. Something different that draws your attention and pulls you emotionally. The sentences in book are wave length matches with reader’s heart. When you read will say "Yes its true" "Yes it’s me" Small book of my poem is worthwhile. Poem titles are: Life is full of wisdom and fun... for who enjoys each moment of life... I give you water you give me rain... 'Karma' is above of all; we don't live only for us, but live for others too... It's dawn waking time... Don't stress too much to shatter life. Carry no load that you can't hold. Overload always strains.... When I smile, my face is bright... Pursuit of wisdom... A child was caught stealing fruit... Fell from basket on the land... On the Christmas grandma said...Oh my kids’ come-come...I made this cake... I am a flirting male spread my fins... I love to sleep so can dream... United we stand, rout devils from us... Marriage is dream of moment long awaited... O! Pigeon, O! Lucky pigeon... It's the change in us Makes world to change.... I drink whisky not bloody wine... O' my lady you are angel of paradise... You don't love me, you care no more... Only love what I have... O' cuckoo! Song you sing is sweetest of all... but aren’t clean from inside... Today is most beautiful Valentine day in my life... What is economics? I don't know... We are donkey, people call us fool... O’ dear daughter in law! Sweetest daughter in Law... Some moments of your life... Lost all in life, you are torn apart...
Strings of Life: Poems of wisdom thoughts

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 3:20 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 8 April 2015 3:27 AM EDT
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Thursday, 15 January 2015
Never feel you are alone...
Never feel you are alone...
You are always in someone's mind,
Even shadow follows you,
There is some one waiting you,
Look for face, that glows for you,
look for heart, that pulsates for you,
Look for aroma, radiated for you,
Look for moon wants whispering with you,
Look at shadow, wants to glue with you,
Feel the pulse surrounding you,
Your soul too says go ahead don't wait,
It's an environment best for you,
"Don't wait for who not in reach"
"Cling with one who wants you more"
"Choose the one as your shadow,
Always with you and follows you."
You are always in someone's mind...
Never feel you are alone...

©2015 Sadashivan Nair

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 12:11 AM EST
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You become strong not by showing power
But by surviving pain

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 12:08 AM EST
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Monday, 12 January 2015
There is always a life beyond...
There is always a life beyond...
Never think it is an end,
The end is for a new life,
Never be hurt by betrayed love,
If betrayed it's not love,
Some people come to give you pain,
The pain of losing friendship
is better than a heartless friend,
Don't lose your heart,
may have pain for sometime,
and fade over time.
But prepares you for courage,
It is not end of your love,
There is always a life beyond...
Never be depressed if you fail,
Failure is a lesson for future life,
It teaches you gives you courage,
Don't think you have lost all in life,
You gain even when you lose,
This end opens new doors in life,
There is always a life beyond...

©2015 Sadashivan Nair..

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 11:10 AM EST
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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 2:49 AM EST
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Journey to look for God.......
My Journey to look for God.......
What troubled me most of time,
Why some die of hunger?
Why some have more than need?
Why some happy and why some sad?
Why so much prejudice in this world?
Witnessing these cringed my heart,
Saddened soul wept inside,
Blaming God for all these mess,
Then one day I read a quote,
'God' answered to asked by man -
("I gave you life and needs for life,")
My liability ends, Now its you to handle,
("What you sow so you reap")
("Sowing seed of toxic 'Yew cone' fruit,
Can't expect apple from that")
Look cruel but is fact,
Worldly affair is so sad,
Drove me search for God...
Here and there on the earth and sky,
Who is god, what is God, where is god...
Then Read Bible, Quram,
Granth, Veda and Tora,
have same wordings praising God,
Inscription lines to Do this, don't that,
Written by sages were meant -
"Live and let live in peace,"
But did not find so called 'God'
Moved further to look in temple,
church and Mosque;
It's the same as usual chanted scriptures,
Some pray idols or some portrait,
All they uttered there is heaven there is hell,
But no body told where is 'God'
Disappointed tired of all these complexity,
Looked for guidances from sages and saints,
They too said -
"we too are in search of God,
When we find we tell you all,
But in the meantime read all holi books,
May be you find some clue to what you want,
First wasn't clear, scratching my mind,
A few words and sentences in memory,
Gave clear cut of evidence,
The religious scriptures and tample,
Weren't the map or guide to reach God,
But were to guide directions,
to clean your heart,
lustrate your soul, Turn-on mind,
when you are pure and clean,
You are spiritual soul,
you aren't less than God,
"God is inside you, explore it"
You don't need to strive,
looking for God,
Temple and scriptures are mirrors,
Reflecting your outer persona,
And what you are inside you,
"Knowing yourself is spirituality"
"Behaving appropriately is ritual"
Journey in search of God,
Ended when I looked inside me...

©2015 Sadashivan Nair

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 2:46 AM EST
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Friday, 9 January 2015
Real love you don't witness but feel...
Real love you don't witness but feel...
Real friends don't flirt but show rapture,
Fluttering heart invites to caress,
So soothe lively passion;
Their virtues influence ambience,
To seeking closer touch;
Raise emotions for seeking bliss,
Drive ecstatic journey to imaginary world;
Even night dreams don't leave alone,
Seek experiencing heavenly world;
Sun ray seems cool,
moon as comfort,
Sea flow in peace,
storms as cold breeze,
eyes brightened even in sleep;
fluttering heart demands more n more,
Glimpses of friend's shadow;
sparkles mind, soothens heart and soul;
Feel like Journey to heaven,
Clouds as flying vehicle,
Twinkling stars directs way to heaven;
Real love you don't witness but feel...
Tip -Tip drizzling rain teases senses,
Hair in arms raises in buzz,
Soul and mind swing as if drunk;
Glimpse of friend all is enough,
To experience aromatic moments of life;
Love with lovely friend is inebriation,
No one likes to quit;
Real love you don't witness but feel...

©2015 Sadashivan Nair

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 11:07 PM EST
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Wednesday, 7 January 2015
Lie is not what we think....
Lie is not what we think....
Lie isn't what comes out of tongue sometimes,
Lie isn't a boast to show-off self,
Lies is not when say for safety from hellish goon,
Lie isn't an affort to raise in front of others,
Some love to boast to catch attention,
And some to shine.
Isn't Lie as long as does not hurt,
Lie is not what we think....
Lie is symbol of escaping veracity,
Lie is what hurts soul, gives life long pain,
Lie is deception, breaking someone's heart,
Lie is treachery, regretting relying the words,
Tell something and do something,
Keep one in dark even in brightest sunlit.
Keep one guessing for only despairing upshot.
Lie is not what we think....
Smaller lies sugary sometimes,
Painful lies ruin us all,
To be safe from such guys,
They are traitors come with lies,
Make some fun and move to another guy,
Lie is not what we think....

©2015 Sadashivan Nair

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 12:09 AM EST
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Tuesday, 6 January 2015
When we are in bright side of life,
When we are in bright side of life,
We are lost in spellbound glittering shine,
Look for nothing more than blissful life,
But Beyond this there is life,
We forget the dark side too belongs to us,
If bright side enchants soul,
Dark side builds vision and courage..

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 2:59 AM EST
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Monday, 5 January 2015
We need them, they need us... Respect the connection Us, forest and land
A Fruit tastes nothing first...
Then sour and sour/sweet,
becomes sweet purely...
Sweetness when reaches extreme begins to rot...
Ends up landing on land finally...
Gives its seeds to land...
Land as mother Fertiles,
Nourishes till becomes tree...
So can bear and feed fruit again...
This is the love story of plants/trees and land...
With us similar but a different story...
Through out life, seek energy as food and breath...
When depart give back whatever has...
Depth of connection is like mother and child...
Don't underestimate togetherness,
are meant for each other...
We need them, they need us...
Respect the connection
Us, forest and land.....

©2015 Sadashivan Nair

Posted by sadashivan_nair at 3:43 AM EST
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