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”Love and Romantic Books” Romance is a process to become part (deeply involve) of what we are attracted to. The subject attracts through its ability and stimulates the person to get involved heartedly - mentally or physically. . Here is my home page: Romance is deep involvement to the invitation, through attraction of the subject, which enchants and satisfies our individuality. The process is emotional because the personality (the identity) is involved. Both brain (attentiveness) and the soul (personality) have important role to tempt to involve seeking fulfilment through the attractive subject. The subject that draws (with its qualities) our attention to gratifies enchantment (mentally or physically) is called “Romantic”. Over thousands of books and novels on Love and Romance from reliable online vendors delivering world over. Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Fantasy, Feminist, Gothic Harlequin Books, Historical, Humorous, Medical, Mills & Boon, Regency, Short Stories, Suspense, Mystery & Thriller, Time Travel, Western

“Oh My love your love is great,

Your love is like gleam of moon;

Glazes soul, brightens heart;

Your love sparkles like stars of night;

Glistens my face, glints my eyes;

Diamond rings in my ears,

Twinkles like Sirius star,

Says come…come get some love;

My heart says look, look,

You wander for love,

It’s time now go get some love;

Ooo, Ooo, Ooo...

"Her head on my shoulder and hand on my chest was not warmth alone. Best part I felt was the mild odor of perspiration drawing us together. A kind of emotion was rising from within to attach her tight and tighter on me to give more and more warmth, was not compassion alone. It was far – far beyond the thoughts, the feeling was heavenly and a ritual to endow sense of tranquility and affinity. I felt real meaning of love is not compassion, but make feel of tranquility and affinity. This is a base for pillar of humanity. Read about Love story/ Love Poems" Negative-Positive and We: Be positive even if negative reigns

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It was love at first sight...

My soul radiated when saw you first,
Heart pulsated in rhythmic tone;
Emotions dragged pulled me down,
Words began in lyrical quotes,
'Love will last even with no world';
It was love at first sight...
Aroma of rose when you were around;
Breeze was cool even in summer hot,
Even pain showed up sign of heal,
sour gave taste of sweet,
Tears did not rain from cloudy eyes
Only drizzled to wet my soul;
It was love at first sight...
Nothing in mind, it was only you;
Pillows in bed too gave your scent,
served as your lap,
Lay my head for luxurious sleep;
ecstatic dreams didn't let me wake;
it was love at first sight... Read about Love story/ Love Poems" Negative-Positive and We: Be positive even if negative reigns

It's a lovely 'Valentine day'...

She opened door and said
"O' my love! Your glowing face is pale,
what went wrong?
It's a day of love and you are sad".
I sat on sofa and she beside me,
Hugging and stroking my head;
warmed enough to move my tongue,
"O my dear what I should say,
It's a lovely 'Valentine day',
And no gift I brought for you,
I went to shop thought of buying some
Memorable gift beatitudes your day,
Gifts were expensive out of range,
I thought getting beautiful rose,
But then I thought
If I pluck rose from plant,
Plant will weep "you are gifting my rose,
by hurting me. I feel pain when pluck from me"
I shrugged and thought
A gift from pain gives no happiness,
I am empty hand, I am no worth for you,
She hugged him harder and harder,
displaying her gratitude,
However expensive or inexpensive,
gifts you buy won't last long,
Even rose or any flower won't last
And whispered "You are with me is my gift"

Read about Love story/ Love Poems" Negative-Positive and We: Be positive even if negative reigns

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