CRISIS OF UNEMPLOYMENT in handloom and cottage sectors
Poverty and population

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Poverty and population
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Poor and underdeveloped countries have more densed population and poverty,modern industries can not alone give them employment oppotunity.

This old man is begging in the street to earn for food

Click to enlarge (old aged beggging)
Old age plight in absence of social security

Lack of social security

Countries like India/ Bangladesh/ Pakistan/ Afghanistan/ Srilanka/ Nepal and other poor and undeveloped countries are already scratching head by problem of overpopulation and provision of employment.In India nearly 40-45% population is in below poverty line who even feel lucky when get one or two times food a day.They have no source or some time source of income to feed them and their family.

Some of the above countries have 40-50% unemployment, resulting to unrest/ decoity/begging and birth of bad elements.

These countries are not able to introduce social reforms for their population due to lack of fund.Earning of these countries are only from fraction of population through taxes and other sources.

World economy will shake when poor go poorer.Demand of produce will be hit by loss of buying power.

only employment can give growth to economy

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