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suggest steps for appropriate Governments
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30-40% fat people live in this world. How many designers work designing thier products?

Steps to improve handloom and handicrafts make more attractive

How to create demand

1. Attract designers and private industries to bring their best knowledge to improve demand in local market as well as overseas.

2. Facility of fair / exhibitions/ advertisements in professional way.

3. Fixing minimum norms of quality standard by international specialists and designers of handloom/ handmade items. And gradation of products according to its quality, a- grade products for exports and high local market, grade- b also export and medium range markets, c- grade in local market and d- grade in off sales and cheap market. So that, products can be allocated according to the buying capacity of consumers.

4. To encourage handloom/ handmade sale professionally not by any government stores, but by attractive sales as other private sectors sell their products.

5. Minimum 15-20 % fixed as quota each stores/ shop with better profits to keep for sales, this will sure be healthy to promote sales. Thus, each store is attracted to put such products in its stores.

6. Arranging best quality of cotton or other raw materials should be the priority and make available to the weavers at best possible price to make the products competitive.

7. To avoid shortage if possible also import the raw material.

8. In participation with international standard institutes to open up advanced institutions for improving products/ designs of international standard, will be boost to the exports and local marketing.

9. Avoid unnecessary interference of government bodies. Government only should restrict to the planning and regulations. Lesser the government involvement better the result will be.

10. Tax rebate to the promoters/ manufactures/ sellers will be incentive to its promotions.

Best designers need to donate their skills and design the products according to the taste, culture and requirements of rural and urban population. Because if ladies garments are designed as per the europeons that can not succeed in most rural parts of the asian countries. As more than 70% of the asian country population lives in rual villages. So designers need to keep in mind the market of major population also. Main failure of Asian designers are that they keep taste of products of Europeon and American, this is only good for exports and not for the consumtion in local rural market. Rural market has vast scope provided they get what they want.

Designers should specialize designing and reformation of technique to make quality produts so handmade products are able to withstand the changing fashions.Designer wishing to donate their skills to promote handloom and handmade, I shall be ready to help them help this sector.


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Can an asian rural village woman wear skirts or body exposing tops?
Travel to see culture and living standard will help designers to design accordingly