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International organizations should also come forward to encourage this sector as most of poor and undeveloped country's majority of population after the agriculture are employed in handloom/ handmade items directly of indirectly. This sector though is unorganized /informal yet highly generates employment. Can help promoting living standard in rural and less educated population. Therefore, even the WTO and other NGO's should:

1. Apply special preference of minimum percentage for handloom/ farm/ cottage products. That international import should be minimum 20-25 % of total imports.

2. To help the local governments for setting up programs to boost handloom/ handmade technology.

3. Fixing quality standards applicable to handloom/ handmade items also help training by setting up of training and education centers.

4. Promotion by conventions making aware of its benefits and international relations through traditional weavers.

5. Appointing separate advisory commission for its functions and promotion which will give time to time technical guidance and setting up institutions for the education.

UNICEF can be grate helpful

Set up of Inernational designing institutes with trained and professionals in rural areas where they need to learn fashion. UNICEF can be of grateful as it has experience of educating.If the international taste is developed to weave it will be certainly a change towards growth knowledge of latest products

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Many International organizations are working to fight terrorism but failing. What we need is to find the root causes of spreading terrorism. Who are behind terrorism, how they succeed seeking support of public, and why public support such activities. Terrorist organizers are combination few people who can not do anything alone, they succeed by strength of masses. As an example, spark is reaction by friction by two substances in negative and positive directions. Spark seeks help of  material that is weak/ light/ dry and ignitable. So poor, unemployed, deprived are the substances that makes spark to become fire.