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DHORATI and life
DHORATI and life
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As per request of NARAIN I visited his village. When I parked my car at entrance of the village, I was surrounded by about 10 young boys age about 16 to 26. all of them were 8th and 12th standard educated without employment!!!!!!!

I requested one of them Ranjeet sigh unemployed youth to guide me to the village; they honored me as guest and led to the village. There I met Mr. Dev Singh Panchpal who explained as follows

1. Major percentage of population is migrating from Munsyari villages for employment opportunities elsewhere.
2. With small agricultural lands what they have is not enough to make as source of income. Yield they get is hardly enough to feed them.
3. Their traditional carpet / woolen shawl weaving and is fading due to lack of demand for these products. They were main suppliers to Tibet few years back but now the trade is reduced much.
4. One shawl worth of Rs. 2000/- roughly US$ 42/- in pashmina wool he had made 2 years back which is still unsold.
5. Weaving and knitting is only left to illiterate women at home who in spare time do this job.
6. Primary school is one kilometer and junior school 2kms away from that village.
7. Sheep breeding for wool is almost towards end as feeding them has become difficult. Young generation does not want to do this hard job without enough benefit. One more problem is seen is that to feed sheep they need to cover many kilometers to jungle.
8. Munsyari tourist spot has not been much beneficial to local population of its villages.

woman with raw wool in DHORTI

Above woman is showing raw wool that to be used for weaving after process

woman knotting carpet

Above woman is weaving old Tibet designs. Modern tourists like only modern designs !!!!!!!!!

Narain a boy of 17 years who wanted me to vist his village DHORTI

This boy with bunch of cut wood which he picked from jungle

" Good food is attraction for all human being "

Government tourist homes don't maintain enough standard to attract International and urban tourists.

*****Roads heading Munsyari are mostly damaged and nearly 10 feet wide. Governments need to pay attention to improve road systems IF THEY REALY WANT TOURIST CROWD *****

Local Governement should consider launching schemes to open up good departmental stores which can sell products of Munsyari village population. Good and attracive stores will attract tourists to purchase. This will ultimately help in promotion of generating employment of local villages coming in Munsyari villages.

What I observed when I was in this village:
1. Due to non-availability of proper employment facility, most of semi- literate and 12th standards are migrating to other states to find better job.
2. In hilly villages agricultural lands are scarce therefore, important have other alternative source of income for survival.
3. Carpets and woolen items they produce are out dated thus tourists take less interest. To add this, Munsyari tourist area does not have any modern stores, which can attract customers.
4. Local area representatives and administration show very less interest to promote villagers products. Though this area is highly beneficial for generation of employment.
5. There is no institution that can train the weavers and knitters to match their products to the taste of International and national tourists. Institution does not need modern technology but needs modern designing of villagers products.
6. Youths mostly do not like to sit on looms as less attractive as a result they prefer other areas of employment