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How STORES can help?
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One of reasons of present wave of shut downs of companies and lay off employees is poverty level in the world is as high as around 60%, Contributed limited demand in the world for high tech products. Has dramatically reduced number of consumers in Christmas and New year stores sales.

World Poverty and unemployment has indirectly resulted reduced sales in stores. Fear of lay off among population has caused panic that resulted spending reduced for security sake.

17 year boy weaving floor rug

Pit looms for weaving cotton floor rugs

woman making bonens for weft to weave floor rug

Picture of process in making cotton floor rug

Adopt at least one of the mountain villages.
That will generate employment.

Many Europeon and American stores are importing from India through their wholesellers and Indian representing offices. These stores can set up training centres with small godowns.So villagers can be trained to manufacture according to latest trend of designs that suits their customers.
1.supervision is easy as own offices in India.

2.Making available raw material at competitive price to villagers will certainly help procurement competitive.

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