What is Leprosy? - Leprosy is a painful condition which, although curable, can leave sufferers deformed and crippled if left untreated. It is caused by a bacteria similar to that which causes tuberculosis. There are three types of the disease. The generalised form - the lepromatous form - attacks peripheral nerves, the skin, the hands and feet, the mucous membranes (such as the lining of the nose), and the eyes. Leprosy BBC news world edition

WHO ESTIMATES - According to official reports received during 2008 from 118 countries and territories, the global registered prevalence of leprosy at the beginning of 2008 stood at 212,802 cases, while the number of new cases detected during 2007 was 254,525 (excluding the small number of cases in Europe). The number of new cases detected globally has fallen by 11,100 cases (a 4% decrease) during 2007 compared with 2006. Leprosy elimination WHO Symptoms of Leprosy - •Leprosy mainly affects the skin and nerves;. •If untreated, there can be progressive and permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs and eyes. Fact sheets of leprosy WHO

Distressing "FACTS"

The untouchable Leprosy Patients

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My visit to Mother Teresa missionary of charity run by the sisters for leprosy patients in below mentioned address. Talking to patients revealed many facts and they feel in heaven with good godly caring sisters than their own home. This missionary home has 300 such patients. They have facility to treat Leprosy ulcer patients. As this missionary lacks   doctors and equipments to treat serious patients request your contribution.  Missionary manages charity work with donations received from individuals and the societies. I request International red cross and WHO or Indian Government and individuals to help them to help patients, missionary address is given below.

  •  Nearly 90% of  5 million prevailing leprosy patients in India are neglected by their own families and society.

  • 40 to 50% survive by begging in  streets or roadside, and some who are fortunate enough take shelter in missionaries and NGO run homes.

  • Lack of information about leprosy cure and absence of  hospitals in rural villages many are deprived of proper medications.

  • Their own families and communities hesitate to accept them  in a fear, contact would infect them too.

  • Some cases are unreported in initial stage to avoid discarded by community. when untreated for long time is incurable.

To Donate this missionary, contact:-
Missionaries of Charity
Prem Nagar Leprosy Center,
Tahirpur, Seemapuri,
Delhi - 110095
Phone: +911122580226

Key Contacts & Links - ILEP worling for world without Leprosy.

Health Care for Common Diseases: Leprosy (india.gov.in) - A few hospitals/clinics specializing in leprosy treatment.

leprosy - Facts and information about leprosy

Directorate General of Health Services National Leprosy eradication Program (Government of India).  - List of Existing Functional RCS and Medical Rehabilitation Institutions under ILEP.   List of NGO's Support Under NLEP.   List of Medical Colleges/ Institutions being facilitated for Reconstructive Surgery (RCS) with ILEP support. Institutions / Medical Colleges Fecilitated for Reconstructive Surgery (RCS).   List of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Indian Development foundation (IDF's Awareness Program) - Of the estimated 12 million leprosy cases in the world in 1981, India had 4 million i.e one third. The prevalence rate in India at that time was 57.6 patients per 10,000 population and there were several hyperendemic districts with over 100/10,000 prevalence rate. Important points to remember: 1. Leprosy is caused by a germ and not by curse of gods. 2. A pale or red patch on the skin may be leprosy. Do consult a Doctor. 3. Leprosy is not hereditary. Leprosy is completely curable with regular treatment. 4. Leprosy is like any other disease and it is least infectious. 5. Early detection and regular treatment prevent deformities and disabilities. 6. Leprosy patients can live at home and do normal work while under regular treatment. 7. Do not isolate leprosy patients. Accept them in the family and community.


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