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destitute condition of kalloor Annamanada village

I humbly request the appropriate authorities to pay attention to my concern of ignoring response by the health officer for appointment of doctors in the existing hospital building but without a doctor or the health care facility. All the details given below in my website, along with the documents of correspondences: http://www.sadashivan.com/distressingfacts/id13.html Kallur, Annamanada P.O in Kadukutty Panchayat, Trissur - 680741 has nearly 50000 inhabitants; of them nearly 40% are of minority community and BPL, and nearly 15% are senior citizens above 60. These people survive with mere income. Thus are unable to bear high unaffordable medical cost of private and missionary hospitals in chalakudy, Mala and Koratty 6 and 12kms away from this village. Whenever contacted the appropriate authorities and its health department, the only reply I received was “unavailability of Doctors”. Is this sufficient reply? Or Governments don’t lack initiative to Health welfare to poor. On the other hand as a result of expensive medical treatment cost in private hospitals, most economic poor are suffering. We need to find alternate or substitute methods for treatment through Government health units.

1. Allow part time doctors as being done in Christian Missionaries.

2. Small mobile van or motorcycle moving medical units who can reach fast and precise.

3. Sometimes the MSC and BSC nurses can prove to be good doctors provided necessary training is given.

4. Allow branded medical pharmacy stores to run small clinks without doctor’s fee.

Herewith I seek the help of Prime Minister's office to intervene, or other concerned authorities or NGO's, the human right organization into the acute health care crisis in Kerala and other states of India Enclosed are the correspondence with appropriate Governments

A letter to CM to arrange doctor to dead hospital
this village majority is Below Povery line people and senior citizens

reply by health
stating will be arrange after the doctors appointment By Public Service Commission of Kerala

And again I wrote to the Principal secreatry
asking him to look upon the matter

In reponse to letter to Priincipal secretary
they only excused to having shortage of doctoors

Tired of state Government
and its Health Departmentment contacted Prime Ministers Grivences cell

PM's direction to CM office of KERALA

Inresponse to PM direction ChiefMinister redressal
directed Trissur Health office to take immediate action and respo

Despite Chief Minister grievance redress secretariat's reminder to Trissur, Kerala health office on 7/7/2017 to take immediate action and respond to the petitioner, nothing no favor to destitute aged and below poverty line people from the health department



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