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Makuttam Paniyar and poverty Facts

Makuttam is a village situated in the forest, 30kms away from cannanore, in the boarder of Kerala and Karnataka State.  I visited one of the tribal resettlement villages. Distressing details of the village population and the video clip explains their dilemma and the Government ignorant approach. The feedback published in this page is acquired from the villagers. The video clip is a self-explanation by the Moopar (head of the village) and RAJAN/ SATISH who are resident of this village:


Name of the Village: Makuttam (situated in the boarder forest in Karnataka and Kerala)

Tribes name: Paniyar tribes. Little details of this tribe. Paniyars believe the soul of their dead always live with them, and keep nonstop watch over them for their well-being. The members of the Paniyar tribes perform a ritual known as Nikalattam, the shadow dance of the dead. The belief is that the dead soul expresses its desires, either through a member or through the senior man of the tribe. The Paniyars do not cremate their dead. They believe that the dead person will be unable to withstand the burning. The song of the crows (kakkappattu) is important for the dead. This is a common belief with many communities. The dead are supposed to come in the guise of crows to receive their share during the yearly ritualistic obsequies.

Contacted persons: The Moopar (name K. Kumaran), Rajan, Satishan ( see video clip) 

Village population: 50-60 families 

Educational standard of the village: Only four of the village have reached 8th standard, all others are uneducated. The literacy level is a dream far-far away. 

Hospital and educational schools: Hospital 10 kms from the village and primary school 5kms from the village. 

Employment and earnings: Works as street laborers and have opportunity for 5months in a year. In addition, some times live with roots in the forest. The condition is very bad. During their employment they earn Rs.50/- around US$ 1.15 per day. 

Population control: Each has three or more children. Condoms have failed to lift up the population control program.  

Health: Need not to explain, the pictures and video can gives the health standard. The faded faces and the ribs alone will prove the bad health of these people.  

Electricity and water facility:- Non-accessible. For water, they have to go far areas.  No electricity facility. One solar street light they never lights.  

Sathishan and Rajan of the village said, they cannot go for subsidized food grains and kerosene gas (to light during night) by the Government as they have not been issued the ration cards. Further more, their urgent need is the provision of jobs and earning resources. They need urgent health care provisions as is observed there is serious specially the men.


Moopar of the village (Click to enlarge)
Moopar (head) of the village explains in the video clip the distressing facts & dilemma

village woman with limited food (click to enlarge)
Village woman placing foodstuff in sunshade to dry for use of cooking

village people (Click to enlarge)
High rate of illiteracy, cannot afford sending children to school rather wish children work

Solar lights that never lights (click to enlarge)
For the last one year this street light never lightened the village.

Only once when installed with political motives; for votes and will remember during next election

aged woman and life (click to enlarge)
Aged woman collection wood sticks to use as cooking fire

Resettlement huts (Click to enlarge)
A small hut provided by the government. Living condition is very bad.

Inside hut, darkness as their life(click to large)
living condition is very bad of this village people. Without light, without amenities

poor's kitchen (click to enlarge)
Poverty and the unhygienic kitchen. Poverty sucks


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