Distressing "FACTS"

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Cannanore Paniyar Tribes Poverty
Cannanore (Kerala) Paniyar Tribe’s Poverty and Government inattentive approach

A Tribal resettlement colony name Chalil Colony in District Cannanore (Kerala) of koleyar panchayat . When visited to them they were not happy and unhappy as they felt we were politicians who come this time to seek votes and make false promises. However, after long discussions they came forward to reflect some of their problems and issues. I on the other hand promised would do the best as per my capacity to bring this issue to concerned and publish in my website to publicize this issue for attention. They disclosed following distressing facts:   

Tribes name               : Paniyar tribes

Families                      : Nearly 30 families in this village comprising  100     members.

Literacy level             : Only one person could complete 10th standard and still unemployed, all others are uneducated except the children who go to primary schools one kms from the village.

Standard of life           : All under below poverty line.

Population control      : Almost negligible as have each family has more that 3 children.

Employment facility   : Terrible, they survive with partial employment for 6 months in a year.  Rest of the months they depend on forest foods and seeds.

Medical Facility         :  Hospital situated 15kms from the village.

Other facilities           : facility is not enough, even the houses constructed for them have no enough strength to defend against heavy rain of kerala. No toilet facilities and pure drinking water taps could be found in this tribal colony.  

In this video clip, you hear Mr. Balan and Velukkan (Moopar) explaining unemployment and poverty crisis in his village. Many times, they contacted the Government and the Panchayat to convey their issues but no proper attention from authorities. There is water crisis and they have to get water from one kilometer away. Employment crisis as they get regular employment for 2 moths in the year. They do not medical facility near the village, the facilities available 15kms from the village. He also claimed there are several other tribal colonies and villages in interior forest that are more horrifying.    

This Video clip has a glimpse of village view their traditional “Adivasi ganam” song at the end of the clip. Language used in this video is Malayalam of Kerala India.

This video clip would help the social organizations and NGO’s to contact the concerned authorities for their help.


yourng population (click to enlarge)
Population control of this village is almost failure.

Moopar of this village (click to enlarge)
Moopar ( the head of this village) his name is Velukkan

Moopar and Mr. Balan (click to enlarge)
Balan who explained in the video clip of the distressing issues of his community


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