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Paambati snake catchers

“Muthuraja”  name of the community traditionally known as snake catchers. Live in the village name “ Paambati  kalam of district Dindigal, Tamil Nadu, India.  This village has the population of around 35 families comprising around 120 members including children. I observed the following: Watch Google movie clip in this page for more details.................


  • Employment opportunity: Most of them survive with partial employment working in stone crushing unorganized sectors. Work for 15 days a moth. Snake-catching as traditional profession is no more legal for them.  Nevertheless, they get calls from near by villages to help catching snakes. They also claim having traditional medicines for snakebites, which they hesitated to disclose. Snake catching is no more a profession as diminishing population caused by illegal activities for its skin and parts.  For survival legal or illegal is not an issue rather, the issue is how to survive? Illegal activities give more money to such people to live better.
  • Wages: They get Rs.120/- equivalent to US$ 2.70  per day for half a year,
  • Education: All adult are uneducated but the young go to school.
  • Population control: does not seem to be working better as many of them have more than two children.
  • Electricity and Drinking water facility: The villagers explain their plight and the expectations from Tamil Nadu Government in video clip from Google. This is a curse for Tamil Nadu Government that the streets have lights but the houses lack as villager’s inability to pay for installation and bill.  
  • Living condition: Explained by the villagers in the video, some houses are in bad condition

Snake catchers ( Click to enlarge)
villagers who demonstrated the traditional style of catching snakes

Village head (Click to enlarge)
Village head and experienced traditional snake catcher

click to enlarge
Plant roots used by them for precaution and ritual before snake hunt

click to enlarge
Paambati kalam village


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