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Economic and financial crisis

Bailout is only temporary solutions to cover what lost by financial or other industrial sectors. Bailout money is public money used to please rich sectors. This adjustment to relieve them is may be by pruning necessary social projects or overburdening its citizens with direct or indirect taxes.  More taxes mean lesser expenditure is best way to worsen economic growth.  Bailout does not mean better future of these sectors due to low financial demand from loss making or reduced output of industries.

1.      Growing competition in banking and housing sectors to attract more and more consumers without evaluating personal capacity and uncertain economic condition of consumers rendered heavy losses to lenders and builders. Cheaper interest rates enticed customers without realizing the consequences of economic depression.

2.      Tough competition and soaring running unit cost or failure to achieve expected to meet target rendered axing work force as cost cutting measure.

3.      Heavy bull and bear investments on escalated valued of stocks during boom time began busting during demand crisis led to heavy losses to both categories.

4.      Tough economic conditions of families rendered by high fuel, food, day to day use, education and prices of others made more and more consumers defaulters.

5.      Job losses and uncertain future is major factor to render demand crisis resulted to ax work force.

Final decision of moving economy is by the final customers who already have lost to high living cost. Improving citizens buying power would yield the result. Many factors are involved for the present banking and industrial crisis among them major reason is defaulting final customer. Think about:

  • Present artificially escalated cost essential commodities through over speculative futures trading. Lacking productive resources for investment, most investments are done in speculative unproductive sectors like housing, stock or other markets. These tend to create artificial demand and artificial price hike in hope more profitable business. Finally lack of demand from real needy customers dooms the market.

  • Change economic pattern, both rural and urban economics be developed in same priority. Major Asian economies have gone into crisis as they relied on exports of basic commodities and manpower to developed countries resulting failures as have no demand in their own countries due to extensive poverty level.

  • Generating employment in both rural and urban sectors is must for any economy to grow as a boost to generate demand. Countries pumping funds into economy to build confidence among citizen by way of concession in direct and indirect taxes. Promoting small and medium sectors to consume and generate more employment. These neglected sectors are ways to help consuming part or full time employees.

  • Finally any economic crisis or promotion is determined by the individuals of a country who buy and sell commodities or services. Country’s growth is based on the power of its individuals. Simply scaling down of inflation index or GDP growth on paper does not help real evaluation of actual growth of any economy. Inflation indexed increase or decrease is only to satisfy regulators themselves but for normal citizen it is the price of vegetable, cereal or any essential commodity that matters which practically rose by 200-300% whereas the inflation index indicates opposite to it or minor increase. (WPI) there is also variation of wholesale price and final price what a citizen pays for commodity, to get correct inflation figure retail price of the commodity that matters (CPI).  Normal human has nothing to do with any high valued industrial commodities so inflation index need to classify essential and non essential commodity. Similarly, GDP growth indication too fails in countries where 50% of rural citizens are unemployed or semi-employed. Actual GDP grows when major portion of working population is engaged in production present industrial growth is beneficial to only limited nearly 5 to 10% of total population. A present economic indication criterion is totally baseless for a country which has among the largest poorest living population in the world.

Below links have facts and figures

The roles of key European figures in tackling the financial crisis - The global financial crisis may have emanated from the United States but the shockwaves have impacted as much within Europe's corridors of power as anywhere.
Unemployment figures confirm economic crisis - The unemployment rate in Spain is now 9.63%, which is its highest level in the last 3 years. According to official statistics there are now 246,600 more unemployed than at the start of 2008.
Financial crisis: Figures point to recession as markets tumble - The financial crisis gripping world markets is "the worst in human history" and we are only just beginning to feel the fallout, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England has warned.
Online spending figures tumble as financial crisis starts to bite - LONDON - Growth in online spending slowed to 14.8% last month, down from 73.2% in September 2007, as consumers react to the credit crunch and curb spending, according to research.

What really has cooked the world economy and layoffs? - Excessive Government expenditure to manage home and world to soar Government borrowing. Non-productive heavy government borrowing disturbs productive, private investments to slow down economic activities.

World Economic Crisis (schillerinstitute.org) - What is not generally considered is the preceding economic collapse, caused by usurious practices of the then-largest banking families. If the demise of the internet bubble can wipe out 5 trillion dollars in less than a year

U.S. Foreign Trade Figures Show Effects of Asian Crisis - Analysts said the change in trade patterns has primarily hit exporters in California and other Western states, where as much as 50% of foreign trade is with Asian countries.

Timeline: Global credit crunch (BBC) - Most analysts link the current credit crisis to the sub-prime mortgage business, in which US banks give high-risk loans to people with poor credit histories. A quick guide to the origins of the global financial crisis.

Amid global crisis, 20 million to lose their jobs - U.N. says unemployment worldwide will rise to 210 million by end of year. That will be the first time in a decade of record keeping that the global total has been above 200 million people.

How will the economic crisis affect people's lives? - The collapse of the subprime mortgage market last year which spread to the global banking system is now biting into the real economy and employment, writes Kevin Devine.

Big Rise In Number Losing Homes (sky news)- New figures show 11,300 more homes were repossessed in the third quarter of the year - up 12% on the previous three months.

The Financial Crisis Explained (YouTube) - If you're confused as to why the U.S. economy is going down the drain, this should clear things up for you.

Both Capitalism and Socialism all over the world have failed to bring down poverty level. Now World needs new order like Socio-Capitalism, in which capitalists are in check by Collective reforms. So the benefit of development is passed on to entire population. Social security and medical benefit to organized and unorganized sector workers and old age benefits maintained to population. Rural based Jobs are generated through proper research based education and investments. I quote an example:- Some thirty years back each villager in India had cow, hen, sheep or goat, could give additional earning through milk and fertilizer, now have almost vanished rather villages are getting converted to urbanization. Agricultural Research and investment not only would help breeding for milk products rather by collectively Government, investors or villagers launch centralized energy or electricity unit by animal waste and plants which are not in common use. Socio-Capitalism is a system of capitalism in participation by general population. Thus industrialists and working population are financially involved (seeking help of banks or capitalist).

  1. Need to generate resources for transportation before constructing roads.

  2. Education means Employment. Political education is of no use in present world. Learning skill to survive is education.

  3. Social Security and medical benefit is human's right, non-provision to Unorganized workers and old aged is violation of human rights.

  4. Industrial or Economic growth without job creation is  unjustified. Both medium and large industries be equally treated. Mechanical operation in some sectors be discouraged.

  5. Democracy mean also economic justice and right of each citizen. Without economic justice democracy fails.

  6. Role of Region is to influence community to join collectively for human growth. And not as present creating hatred feelings among various regions.

  7. Role of United Nations is to Unite the Nations but now has limited to Charitable care taking food assisting organization.

  8. Objective of Trade is to promote resources for population. Purpose fails when Trade grows without benefits to all population.

  9. Excessive Urbanization is root cause to environmental and human disaster. Major disease like asthma, heart disease, sinus and etc; are because of urbanized food patter and stressful life.

  10. Trade, Exchange and cooperation in Social and cultural activity improves understanding among neighboring nations.

Is a system of capitalism that involves general population participation. Both capitalists and workers share the benefits also benefits to eliminate trade unions. workers on appointment hold shares of company according to job capacity that transferable only to new appointment at prevalent share value would encourage grater stability of institution. Similarly same way applicable in rural sectors, landowner, investor and workers share according to their capacity. Government's function would remain as regulator & law enforcement institution.


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