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Distressing "FACTS"

“Poverty” a subject that cannot be minimized under present employment policies of the governments. Each country is facing unemployment situation and giving hell to the world atmosphere. Unemployment is the biggest culprit that speeds up poverty rise. Increased cost of living and decreased employment opportunities are letting population involve in crisis. The biggest hurdle and misinformation of needs of population is by the red tapism in governments, bureaucratic approach, and intense corruption. Governments have to consider and revive its policies to boost the opportunities to its citizens. Measures controlling poverty should be linked to the suitability of the country, as reasons of poverty changes due to social conditions of the country. For example, countries like India and other who has thick population and dominated by illiterates and semi- literates (semi-literate means with less literacy level which deprives them from employment in high tech or medium industries). This category does not fit into high tech industries. For them agricultural, small and cottage industries are most suitable.

This site and its information on distressing issues of poverty is “direct contact” with the people who face grim situation. Site meant to inform the concerned authorities and the international organizations to come forward and listen to their plight. Site would help them to take action for necessary steps.


This site has the real news and the real causes. The information is not from the media but from the real people and by the people. Go on clicking page links listen to them in video clips and meet. Very useful for your research, social studies, and poverty education on grim issues and the plights people face. The site brought to you by www.sadashivan.com


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