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Ignoring rural development !

Below figures and conditions explained by villagers who experience this real poverty.

I visited a village name Oornaikapatti its main village name is Thondamikinam in district Karur ( Tamil Nadu, India). I met Mr kannayan and Palanisami. They explained as following:


  1. Oornaikapatti has nearly 100 families. Approximately 60 persons are of old aged.
  2. Number of children are approximately 400; for this 100 family.
  3. Occupation is agriculture and land availability per family is around 3-4 acres. Main crops are rice, maize but for the last 3 years there was no rain most of their land is dry. No other occupation they have for survival except to search jobs in cities for whatever salary and jobs.
  4. Regarding education: It is only 10% of them 5 or 6 people can be found with educated up to 10th standard rest in 10% have completed up to 5th standard.
  5. Palanisami says they did not have rain for the last 3 years. Water is serious crisis for them as they are not able to grow crops in their land. Even burrowing does not help them get water as digging up to 600 feet down earn gives no water in many areas.
  6. Average income per family is Rs.3000-5000 per family, roughly comes to US$ 66 to US$ 111 per year by the crops.
  7. School facility: Primary 3 kms from the village and high school is nearly 5 kms away.
  8. Village has electricity but many houses do not have. Reason people can not afford. How has rural electrification  helped growth of the village?

thondamaikinam village hut

Many uneducated young leaves to seek jobs (in unorganized sectors of urban Karur (Tamil Nadu, India) district which has textile units). Average salary they get is Rs. 40-50 per day and spend Rs. 20/- per day by way of bus fare to and from Karur, that means their net earning is Rs 20-30 per day equal to US$ 0.44- 0.66 per day. Some thing is better than nothing.

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kannaiyan explains water crisis in Tamil language

Democratic elections for democratic countries become curse when money dominates election campaigns; and huge amount is spent on elections. Expenses exceed many-many folds than eligibility as per election commissions. Candidates who are able to raise large amounts of money considered having chances of eligiblility. Bulk contributions come from wealthy individuals and businesses. The individual contributions to political parties are too little. Most use unaccounted money for election campaigns. Finally these expenses are on the shoulder of ordinary citizens directly or indirectly.

A politician spends money on election expects a return on it. Is this not the root to high corruption?

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Best education is to gain positive knowledge to survive and perform. When in the education, seeking highest marks becomes priority the objective is only how to get best percentage by hook or crook. Is this not the guidelines for children to become selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadashivan’s quotes

"Life seems sometimes like nothing more than a series of losses, from beginning to end. That's the given. How you respond to those losses, what you make of what's left, that's the part you have to make up as you go."— Katharine Weber

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