Romance is a process to become part (deeply involve) of what we “LOVE”. The subject attracts through its ability and stimulates the person to get involved heartedly - mentally or physically. Romance is deep involvement to the invitation, through attraction of the subject, which enchants and satisfies our individuality. The process is emotional because the personality (the identity) is involved. Both brain (attentiveness) and the soul (personality) have important role to tempt to involve to seek fulfillment through the attractive subject. The subject that draws (with its qualities) our attention to act (mentally or physically) is called “Romantic”. The subject becomes Romantic because it  mesmerizes and drags towards it. We can not be in romance with anything or anybody so romance is the second stage of love.  click to Buy Love and romantic books from various sources

Encyclopedia for meaning of Romance:- ( ROMANCE:- a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.  What is romance (Encyclopędia Britannica):- literary form, usually characterized by its treatment of chivalry, that came into being in France in the mid-12th century. It had antecedents in many prose works from classical antiquity. Romance( Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people.  Romance (  A dreamy, imaginative habit of mind; a disposition to ignore what is real; as, a girl full of romance. Romance ( In traditional literary terms, a narration of the extraordinary exploits of heroes, often in exotic or mysterious settings.

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Scientific definition of love as I feel:  love is formed when attraction, wish and submission to action combine together in human. When we find something attractive in any look or form, the enchantment comes from within, that leads to our wish of any form that leads to submission. This natural behavior erupts through mind and body by reaction.  We love one type from many flowers when we are attracted to that one among many types of flowers, from inside we are tempted so we wish, that wish makes to submit to take action to appreciate, pluck or feel by touch or smell, is love. These three processes of nature tempt life form, to act according to natures system.   

Philosophical definition of love as I feel: Love is feeling of deep affection for someone who has tempted emotionally for seeking devotion and regard. Two factors contribute one is external appearance and the other is internal appearance (behavior, similarity etc ;). These two main attractions tempt people for wish. The qualities are so pleasant that we internally begin to respect the qualities that lead us to devotion. We feel deep attachment with person and fall in love, it may be mother/ father, son/ daughter, home pets, husband/ wife or friends or anybody who has attracted to invite attention to feel attached. Mother hugs and cares her baby because she is very much attached and can not allow a day/moment missing without seeing her, even if she is out she still has baby in her mind and concerned. We feel as one and part of us so take care and feelings of sacrifice emerges in us. Love is a result of advanced culture and civilizations where people evolved realization.  

Spiritual definition of love as I feel: Love is utmost feeling of devotion towards supernatural being. Meaning of this love is sacrifice and surrender to divine. The term “love” was realized firstly by religion for people in the society. God was an icon whom people were tempted to devote, that devotion was called love by religion. So “Love” in religion is realization of divine and sacrifices.

The term “Love” we use in many occasions, I love doing this-that, love him-her-it.  What we say “love” influences our mind by its attraction that constantly draws attention towards it by its inspiring qualities. This quality arouses our entity to pull towards it, so our action is submissive and we act as per what the attraction’s objective is! This natural process is the  reaction when finds alike environment generated by the attraction. Our brain collects information of the attraction through external parts eyes, nose, ear, and body hair, passes signal to our entity that reacts instantly and brain acts. Chemicals in us react to shape up our body in accordance.  When we say or feel love, our body shapes in submission and gives clear indication of arousing of sensation.  This also affects our behavior, we act under the influence pulled by attraction and put all our efforts to submit that enchants us. An action in our body is pleasant, so entire body rises and its joyous sense reflects externally. Thus Love feeling is natural medicine to live healthy. Each part of our body is joyous by chemical reaction is also tonic that refreshes the brain. 

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Beauty is: Experiences what enchants our conscious. Beauty is; that raptures us and raises our emotions.  Beauty is; that attracts and pulls us towards its virtue

External beauty is what we see and internal beauty is what we feel by experience, both have power to attract. External appearance drives immediate attention on the other hand internal beauty attracts when we experience.  Normally some people are not good looking externally, yet they are very cool and touching, they attract when people feel them. Abraham Lincoln was advised by a little girl to grow beard because he was not externally attractive, yet his qualities and behavior were so strong that attracted entire US to follow him. External appearance is what is apparent and attraction is fast, the internal beauty influences unhurriedly but effects are stable or long lasting that we feel by experiencing. It is not necessary, some one with less external appearance is not attractive; those have internal gorgeousness give long lasting effect and impression. Generally, people associated with such are gifted and talented. So only few lucky people, who believe in experience rather than appearance, get attracted to internal beauty. Normal people get attracted instantly to external appearance and later repent. Reason is what looks pleasing is not always the same from inside. It does not mean good looking is always bad from inside; there are very good instances also beauties love for others. .


Marriage is portrayed as ecstasy, as a result, most feel cheated when enter real married life. Much- much dreamt about married life becomes hell when come in practice. Marriage is delicate tie, when both partners rely on each other, becomes the strongest and lasting relation. Marriage is not what we dream rather is a step to matured life with additional responsibilities. Stable marriage requires patience, satisfaction, dependability, caring, understanding, consolation, sharing, passion and blossoming. When, desire exists for inaccessible that results disappointment. So "Adore what you have and what is within reach"


Love is deeply misunderstood with sexual contact, has become love making. Thus meaning of “love” has been denigrated. Love can be sacrifice, devotion, caring, appreciation etc; In fact love is different feature and is submission to attraction. On the other hand sexual contact is an act that is consequence of submission but in different relation. Love is not with mate only can be with anything or any one. When two are attracted to each other they submit to each other. The submission to attraction is with objective to sense/experience the attraction so they attach to each other. Contact varies from relation to relation as mother with child, brother/sister father/daughter or son and etc; Sexual contact is with one kind with whom the wish is different. Sexual contact is natural process of nature to release for the sake of new generation! As in order to support long living, pain is given by nature, in case of we feel wound that helps us to attempt to escape from what hurts to make wound. Gratification is given to human being is to release. Gratification of release of anything, that is unwanted by body or to create new generation. An example during release of urine, excreta and phlegm we feel relieved that gives us satisfaction but when we do not release for long time we feel pain that forces us to release on priority basis, whatever urgent work we may be doing, we will leave and rush for our relief. As regards the promotion of new generation nature is very clever, has given us the best of best and the ultimate pleasure (to avoid cheating) to tempt us to act to give new birth and to feed with milk for its growth.

Above information about love is my assumption only, so use only if your teachers are satisfied

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