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What is "BEHAVIOR"
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Is self gene qualities and inherited character that consists in one to act or function, a conduct that gives identity to an individual is behavior. 


Behavior of individual depends on what characteristics it possesses. One’s behavior pleases and other’s infuriates. Behavior varies from human to human and human to other living species is because the differences of gene characteristics. Self instinct as character is natural gift to new child, to act; for example child to reach mother for milk, cry for milk and etc; are necessary to survive. But urinating behavior on mother or father is still there this shall be modified by reaction to the circumstances what required by social attitude.  Evolution is based on grasping the situation that develops to react, starts when the child in womb. Cells react to the communication reflected from external situation.   The cells can modify and adjust self without moving own qualities so identity is undisturbed. Regulates self by evolutionary process, when comes in contact with circumstances in order to keep up, Circumstances around is we call environment.  

As I feel, among characteristics there are two main the genes possess, they are negative and positive. The behavior depends on how much of percentage of negative or positive characters we have. Dominating positive character defeats the negative to overcome to behave in positive way. This happens only when the positive parts is stronger than negative. In case of positive living in negative will evolve accordingly thus change takes place in behavior. In the same time strong negative/ positive charters will feel uncomfortable in opposite environment thus will try to cut off.   In case 50-50 the confusion begins, behavior becomes a confusing in yes or no, in this case environment influences to behave in accordance to it.  

The environment is significant tool to influence to behave. A person at funeral is influenced to be saddened on the other hand when with the family of newly born child, action is in different. So both negative and positive environment too influence to change the attitude and accordingly person acts. We distinguish the behavioral change of individual in both circumstances. Same person behaves different in different environment.  Here in these two circumstances the environments were dominating that influenced to behave in accordance to what environment desired. Each type of character is comfortable in own environment.  It does not mean negative behavior can not be changed. Positive environment can change negative behavior, if not 100%, but can influence to behave positively in positive environment. Similarly, negative environment too can change behavior if dominates one’s character. So environment is necessary tool to put effect in behavior. Therefore, behavior depends on the character and environment. If environment is stronger it overpowers the character to accept its philosophy. In case of negative/ positive character is stronger,  can change the environment the apparent examples are Hitler and Abraham Lincoln they both changed the environment by their dominant characters

For behavior of a person both character and environment contribute their positions. Environment initiates our character to react to behave and stronger one dominates. In many cases we have noticed people felt uneasy in many circumstances (environment) but had no other options, especially in married life, and adjusted them to live with. In this married life dominated person’s behavior created unfavorable environment caused uneasiness to other partner but social or economic circumstances influenced to live with that forced to submit. The influence of the environment is so strong that it forced the character to submit and behavior was submissive. Submissive characters are generally weak, these characters are not tough enough to put own strong image may be due to economic or social conditions as above example or other reasons. Environment is the surrounding atmosphere created by strong instincts that forces others to surrender or submit. On the other hand, other partner if had strong character could have led to clash and dominated or separated self. When both characters were strong with same wave length, means both positive and both negative; the environment would have suitable to both.  

Therefore, the action that communicates and exhibits the character of individual is behavior. Its submission or dominance depends on the environment. Positive environment always will have its impact on the behavior so higher the number of good characters stronger the positive environment. Character and environment are linked to each other and contributes their sense to behave.


Collective behavior of individuals in the society is social behavior. This behavior of the society is the identity of the society. Behavior becomes the code of the social structure and accordingly the environment is created that leads all its members to adjust to fit. When society’s behavior becomes strong that dominates and attracts others irrespective of its negative or positive attitude. (Positive attraction is the temptation that pulls towards it by drawing attention to submit. On the other hand negative attraction is a process of push that too draws attention but to depart.) That is why some societies we hate and some societies we like both draw our attention. In a group some may have different behavior that vary from majority of members, causing uncomfortable in such case either has to leave or if wants to stay has to follow others that shows a form of submission to adjustment but character remains the same that leads to opposition in the society. That means negative/ positive are part of individuals and the society. What dominates wins shapes own character to behave. Thus majority of individuals and their behavior makes the society of own taste that reflects similarity in the behavior.

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