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What is education?


When we are born we need to be alive, a natural process of our entity to survive motivates us to carry activities in its protection. General lessons are selection and sourcing of food, defense against risk, expansion of own species or gene, dominion to live healthy and strong, etc; Learning begins from the birth of an infant, the amusing actions are in fact the learning lessons of basics of requirements for survival. Perfection in lessons depends on the quality of character we are, some become master who dominate in the group and some merely succeed to achieve bare needs.


The practices and activities conducted are the methods to survive. Methods vary from species to species and circumstances to circumstances as required for continued existence. Encounter failure, prompts to improve to succeed in future attempts.  It is like tiger chases its prey (deer), fails in many occasions, and initiates to improve its technique suitable to hunt down its prey.  A progress achieved by attempts is to keep up with the competition; is to thwart improved defensive technique by deer for its survival. So throughout the life, learning process is continued as long as sense to survive exists. Both Tiger and deer continue learning to improve; one to hunt and other to prevent. Thus the occurrence is the system for evolution of knowledge. Continued improved adaptation leads to advance the knowledge to perfection.


In fact each individual whether human or animal has the ability of learning. Most important of learning is how to sustain. Incidences contribute to develop learning skills for survival in consequent environments. So learning the skill to survive is called education. Education is a method of learning to be fit in the system. Education is a source of developing behavior that is needed by the structure.

With Intelligent gene quality, individuals advanced their brain to invent own methods that differentiated from other species. With better abilities to organize systems to survive, emerged as supreme species and called them as “HUMAN”. Our survival is not merely food; defense or increasing population rather how we lead better life and security is the objective. Resulted complex and competitive life added by comfort and luxury escalated more necessities to survive. Human societies evolved more and more knowledge to improve systems for survival. Evolution of knowledge also gave birth to more complexity that led to seek more intelligence and knowledge is now not only the problem of individual rather has become social concern. Societies frame what knowledge individuals require to manage and upgrade the societies.

What we gain from the learning is implemented in day to day life; education develops to understand the circumstances, builds intelligence to improve systems to rise, promotes living standard, and strengthens society and culture.  Most important concern in our modern social life is how to earn and live comfortable and safe life, so education is with the purpose. Purpose of education is to improve ability so can match with modern social requirements. Learning language for communication, sums for day to day calculation, history for what we were and way to be better, discipline for suitable behavior, sociology to find ways to improve social structure, science for better life and etc; Currently above of all, the major concern is economic, has led education system to modify, mainly for seeking better opportunities to lead better life with safe future (financial capacity for safe future). So finance is on the top of all concerns whether social or individual.


Real purpose of education fails; when the education is unable to meet real needs of human and its society. Education merely for economic and financial objectivities worsens other factors such as natural needs of life. We are experiencing the same and will worsen the situation if education system is not modified. Natural sources are vanishing fast by meeting the excessive artificial needs of human.  Economic and financial greed heading misuse of natural resources, routing imbalanced ecology. Dream of doctor is to make money, dream of lawyer is make money, and dream of professional is make money and etc;, all for money only becomes trouble as benefits do not reach needy. It is because the education system is such that one goes for doctor study to become doctor to earn more money. Our present education system is for not respecting natural and social values, rather is to misuse them.

For many the survival is too difficult because benefits reaching only to some and majority is deprived. Many educated classes are unemployed and rising, in developed and developing countries. Blame goes to education systems for shortage of suitable jobs, as education is not compatible enough to basic human needs. Inadequate research and development to open new fields has caused restrictions of employment opportunities. Lack of rural research and development obstructs rural growth and fails to develop skills.  Education system needs to be modified as present and future needs of human.

Constructive education system - is still lacking in many countries especially poor and developing countries. Our high schools, collage and higher education students at present are indulged mainly in theories and books written many years back. Without social involvement in the field selected, study is purposeless. Social involvement is research and highlight of problem is solution. As the time changes the needs also change, study should be in accordance. Many areas are still untouched considering as less important or unknown. Read more....

Role of a school - is to develop raw child to perfect. But present system implication in poor and developing countries is that perfect (high marks) child is given opportunity to get enrolled to good schools or collages and if the child is less than the expectations is asked to seek T.C (I call removal certificate). Purpose of schools is irrelevant if childs taste is not developed or child is not made to fit the world. It is schools, which are responsible for childs growth. Students feel study as evil and dont enjoy, they feel parents and schools have forced on them that results to mental depression and feel tortured when schools and parents expect their children to secure highest of highest mark. Seeking highest marks has become prestigious symbol for parents and schools. Many students escape schools due to hardship especially this happen to rural students. It is seen that school students carry books of more weight than the student itself. A student up to 5th standard needs to learn IQ development, Discipline, Language, current basic General knowledge, basic arithmetic. To my opinion loading heavy weight of school bags is not necessary. From 6th to 9th standard it is a time for the schools to develop the taste according to childs interest. Read more.... 


Understanding the need of education will help framing for better and purposeful education.


What is poor: The least quantitative/ qualitative measurement that lacks average standard to fit in system is called poor. Any thing that lacks required average in evaluation is "POOR". Essence of poverty comes from inability and insufficiency.     

UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report

ceremony Vidya Arambham (Beginning of education)
Learning the skill to survive is "EDUCATION" !!!
where priest makes child write alphabets in front of Godess Saraswati.

Click links to View Rare Old Photos: Gandhi with his wife Kasturba Gandhi… 15th August 1947, First News Paper of INDEPENDENT INDIA… ... The front page of the April 16, 1912 evening edition of the Boston Globe, detailing the Titanic Disaster is shown… ... C. V. Raman - The Great Indian Physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, FRS (7 November 1888 – 21 November 1970) was an Indian physicist. He was the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930 for the discovery that when light traverses a transparent material, some of the light that is deflected changes in wavelength. This phenomenon is now called Raman scattering and is the result of the Raman effect… ... In India First railway was built between Mumbai and thane... Star Cinema ( now at Pakistan ) 1943… ... The last train , Dhaka to Calcutta!!! Taken in 1947… ... the crown of India… ... Shooting-the-mgm-lion-logo-in-1924… ... Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky… ... An Awesome painting of Leonardo da vinci…... The original picture of Jhansi Rani Laxmi Bai. This picture has been taken by German photographer Hoffman 160 years ago… ... British India and Afghanistan border - 1934… ... A rare one of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and his wife Eimilie Shenkl… ...

Best education is to gain positive knowledge to survive and perform. When in the education, seeking highest marks becomes priority the objective is only how to get best percentage by hook or crook. Is this not the guidelines for children to become selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadashivan’s quotes

"Life seems sometimes like nothing more than a series of losses, from beginning to end. That's the given. How you respond to those losses, what you make of what's left, that's the part you have to make up as you go."— Katharine Weber

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