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An organization formed in 1945, with the objective of bringing peace, security. UN with its six main bodies works to achieve international peace, solving international economic, social, and humanitarian problems. UN today with 191 members has strengthened its self to work for the peace, stability and humanity. 

UN’s contribution to peace and security, economic & social development, human rights, humanitarian affairs and international law is remarkable. UN has achieved its identity as international body of justice for the world. World recognized UN as their protector. But all of a sudden crisis rose when war on Iraq declared, its recognition as protector of world became questionable by many who relied on it. This showed something went beyond control of UNITED NATIONS and had to sit back. Some countries were more powerful and dominated and went their own way, UN and its 191 members could do nothing, was an indication of its failure to organize as powerful International body. Out of 192 countries in our world, only 15 are members of security council; 10 are elected by general assembly for 2 year term and 5 are permanent members (have veto rights). Each permanent Council member has one vote. Decisions on the issues are made by positive votes of at least nine out of the 15 members. That means decisions on matters require nine votes, including the votes of five permanent members (veto power). So, 5 out of 9 members are strong members with having veto rights. All 191 members of the United Nations agree to accept and carry out the decisions of 9 members (4+5) of Security Council. The fate of entire world is on 5 permanent and 10 assembly (2 year term) elected members who decide the destiny of the world. The Council alone has power of decision that member States are obligated to carry out as per the UN charter. This system may not be transparent as long as voting rights not given to all its members. The real democratic pattern is involving all its members for contributing to making decision. Veto right is dictating term that obligates others to carry. Entire United Nations and its 191 members are under dominance of 5 permanent and 4 assembly elected members. New world order means amendment of UN Security Council policy to retain and establish its image.

Article 108

Amendments to the present Charter shall come into force for all Members of the United Nations when they have been adopted by a vote of two thirds of the members of the General Assembly and ratified in accordance with their respective constitutional processes by two thirds of the Members of the United Nations, including all the permanent members of the Security Council.


Article 109

2. Any alteration of the present Charter recommended by a two-thirds vote of the conference shall take effect when ratified in accordance with their respective constitutional processes by two thirds of the Members of the United Nations including all the permanent members of the Security Council.


Article 12

While the Security Council is exercising in respect of any dispute or situation the functions assigned to it in the present Charter, the General Assembly shall not make any recommendation with regard to that dispute or situation unless the Security Council so requests.


Countries benefiting from permanent member status and veto rights will avoid losing their special powers. Only way to abolish the permanent member and veto system is to form a new organization under a different Charter, but is very difficult as these benefiting countries will not cooperate. Collective unified afforts of member countries is only solution to abolish permanent membership, all countries will have to work together strongly to reshape the UN or withdraw from UN. United Nations failure in all its objectives is self interest of these supreme members.


Functioning cost of UN comes from the donations of member countries. Donation may become tool for nations, who contributes more feels as the first right to move UN as it wants, if economic crisis shoots in one country would drop or trim contribution towards UN’s voluntary funds. Means UN to cut back many of its important programs. Why should UN only depend  the member countries? As UN is the international body recognized by all the member countries it has right to generate own fund through international transactions.  Discourage & encourage taxes of import/exports of mechanized or non mechanized products, banking transactions, sea/air travels and cargo, global taxes on arms trade and hazards discourage and encourage tax systems on policies which affect the world climate and environment and etc;. The amount generated will not only be enough rather will be able to fund the world development partly. Very soon UN will collapse if financial crisis is continued or will act as red carpet for the major contributor.

POVERTY ERADICATION and UNITED NATIONS: Much to be done yet as the poverty level is escalating each year. Most economics, management and planning of countries suit mainly urban development, also educational structures relates to urban growth, escalating urban population and poverty by influx from villages and limitation of opportunities.. As “POVERTY” has become international issue which disturbs international environment; this body should take certain steps that analyses the causes of rural and urban poverty, density of population, education standard technical and non technical skills, existence of natural and man made resources, eradication programs need to be suitable to categories as European poverty differs from Asian poverty. Yet most causes of poverty are lack of opportunities and no access to basic needs. Constructive rural research and development is essential to generate more rural opportunities and growth that UN bodies need to promote and push the member governments to follow. In many cases even after the buffer production of food grains, don’t reach to poorest as they do not have earnings and resources even to pay for subsidized grains. Most of poorest live with partial or without employments. Root causes of poverty are still to be explored for opportunities and growth. Present world population is nearly 6.2 billion and 1.2 billion still in 2004 live in poorest of poor condition, whose earning is less than a dolor. Roughly 20% of total population is the poorest or poor. As I presume to survive in rural villages earning need minimum $ 1.80 and for urban dwellers need $ 2.41, in this costly world. We need to differentiate between poor and poorest as they together form major portions of the world under poverty. China has nearly 1.3 billion and India has nearly 1.1 billion population, they together form 39% of total world population. And they together have nearly 30-35% real poor people that comes to 0.84 billion. That means even if enough serious attentions paid to bring down their poverty level, will contribute to minimize world poverty from 60% (that is 3.72 billion) to nearly 37%. So, UN and its bodies need to realize the contribution of poverty by these two major countries. Target of 2015 to bring down poverty level by UN will be achieved by finding serious solutions.

Education and UNITED NATIONS: Again the poverty that influences in day to day life of poor unable to send their children to schools or even if they send, unable to continue education. Purpose behind this is financial crisis forces them to seek children help in their work. Free primary schooling only lets child to learn ABCD, but the issue is what for? Will the child be able to match self in the modern world? In the same time if child goes to field will learn jobs for the future. These questions too raise in parents mind World literacy facts. These facts include semi literates; person can write or read is not the standard to be treated as educated. Primary education to population is only for records and raising number of semi-literates, who are not in position to seek better opportunities.  Serves no purpose to the individuals, the purpose of the education for them is finding ways for survival. For an ordinary person education means good opportunities. Constructive education system is to educate so is fit for opportunities. Minimum standard need to be fixed as 10th standard that should also provide technical education related to local other opportunities also. Education is with purpose so should be compatible to survival. In many incidents secondary schools are 2-5 kms away from the villages; best way is have primary and secondary together with technical education. UN should encourage Governments to instigate urban or higher level students by terms to visit such villages will not only reduce financial burden of governments rather will learn modern views and information for updating. Purpose of rural education fails when 2 teachers for 254 students in primary schools.  Is this education UN wants to achieve universal primary education in its goal of 2015? UN should come above the level of read and write, upgrade minimum standard required for minimum education and direct all 191 members of the United Nations to agree and carry out the decisions.

UN needs constructive monitoring system to ensure the follow up by member countries.

Human rights and UNITED NATIONS: Over 50 years back most of the member countries signed UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and yet the human rights violation is continued in most of the countries, specially the advanced and powerful countries. Human rights for all by Global issue.org  recent years racism, fanatic religions influences, terrorism, suppression, aggression, violence, undue practices by capitalism, undue world  trade practices have contributed to human rights violation and going uncontrolled. If human right violated by advanced powerful country is unseen but for others UN becomes active, this gives the doubt of influence of powerful countries in UN.  The persistence of human right violations gives impression of limited role of UN towards world peace and security. World countries need to contemplate to reorganize UN to make stronger and efficient.


Rural-urban poverty is rising, world population is growing sharply, unemployment rate of literate- illiterate is rising, human rights violation on the increase, gender equality is still to become visible, deceases are on the rise in poor and developing countries, globe is warming, Antarctic is melting, forests turning plain, and education standard is sinking. Failure to control these areas though the part of UN objectives, indicate that UN and bodies are dependent, treaties alone do not solve purpose rather monitoring of implementation is must for the results.

  • Entitlement of all the members to vote in Security Council, decision by 2/3rd majority. Will reduce power game to some extent. All members of general assembly work together as one for this decision.
  • All members to unite with the purpose to thwart power games. Power players take advantages of weak and divided members, by divide and rule.
  • Article 65: The economic and Social Council may furnish information to the Security Council and shall assist the Security Council upon its request. For economic and social growth of the world, this article may be amended so functions freely and independently without the interference of Security Council.

  • Economic independence apart from contribution, for its operational cost. Contribution alone makes dependence.
  • Effective Monitoring system of implementation by member countries.
  • Effective research and development studies for poverty eradication.
  • UN to make Governments responsible and act to calumniate or penalize for not fulfilling satisfactorily.
  • UN-aid/lending/credit to the projects after proper study and correct monitoring of usage. Improper usage of fund does not give result.
  • UN is more towards luxuries, long speeches, long notes, long books with short results.


UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG)

Office of the high commissioner for human rights search options

An information guide for the public about the United Nations

Survival of World is possible only when UN is strong and efficient.

Above subject is my assumption only, so use only if suggested by your teachers. In case you feel uncomfortable please forgive and suggest if any offence or mistakes

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