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Lack of informative sex education and desecrated views about sex has contributed a lot to treat sex act as mischief. Women are portrayed as symbol of sex entertainment.  They have become source of entertainment, are used as a doll to play is one of the reasons of sexual violence. Male’s lack of understanding about female creates wrong environment that changes behavior, see as object to play and molest them. In an open society where men and women are equal, such incidences are rarely seen as they know about each other’s purpose of existence. Open society with open mind and education about sex and opposite partner, liberates our feelings that guides to respect each other. Respect creates good environment that guides to reduce sexual violence. In many countries sex is treated as bad subject so are not introduced, creates only confusion among girls and boys without knowing each other.

What is attraction: - The Quality of characteristic or energy that draws the attention and pulls towards it; is called attraction. One force that drags and the other get dragged, are two forces named negative and positive. Two opposite characters of pull and push / suction and ejection / external and internal / and etc; are attracted to each other to cling.


What is sex: - Division of living being, that identifies as male or female is called sex. More commonly sex is known for contact between man and woman for the purpose of carnal appetite. Persons after attaining puberty are attracted to opposite gender; desire emerges to have physical contact that relieves carnal craving is sexual love.

Gene/ Environment:  Genes are the information plan codes of our entity comprises negative / positive - behavior, character, dominant/ submissive, taste, figure, health, life expectancy, introversion/ extroversion, anger/calm, violent/ peaceful, patience/impatience etc. The quality of genes decides the fate, behavior and shape of a person that differentiates from one individual to another. Most are acquired hereditary characters of both mother and father and some as own identity (character differ from parents in many cases). During travel to egg of a woman, sperm compete, block, organize and fight each other. Best and strongest of all reach egg to fertile, indicates each one is different and own individuality, apart from inherited qualities. Prominent genes react to the identical environment to express own personality to the external world. Genes are above of all our body tools, even above the brain as are made by genes only. Genes are indirectly attracted to external environment through brain and modifies for future purpose. Therefore, environment and genes together play important role for individual’s behavior. Genes as formula and codes are essential for functioning of human computer. It establishes what is suitable and fit for maintaining the individuality. So for procreation; the first step is transfer of the genes.

What is male/ female: Classification of species/ substance involved for the purpose of creation is called male/ female. In order to create energy or species; negative and positive features / opposite identities need to unite.   In species, male character is that possesses sperm cells which are absorbed by female to fertile for continued survival of species. Male and female are two different identities; one with quality (masculine) to eject through external genital and other one (feminine) to absorb through internal genital with ability of suction. Female egg absorbs sperm cells from male to fertile, except in some species where males’ role is to store female eggs to protect until formation. Male has external ability reflects through the hard muscles and female has internal ability reflects through smoothness and pliability. Link to human reproductive system:


Life system on earth is based on the energy and Life form is the outcome of energy of Nature. Nature is muscled by environment through its resources and we life forms are among them. Life in form of plant, human, animal, bird, in sea or earth, is with the purpose, determined by Nature. In my view the objective is to balance existence by way of controlling excessive dominance of one type. And generate environment for nature; what we do on earth for ourselves or others is a creation of environment that builds energy. Sole source alone can not give shape so has to have its opposite too.  Negative and positive have to exist together to give a shape. Positive and Negative are two different forces with different identities. Both hold attraction and capacity to pull each other, plays important role to influence to link together to shape new form.


Nature creates process for continued existence.  Each living thing is mortal and passes its gene of corresponding character to future generation. Gene character is; that modifies self to suit the altering natural environment but its limitations obligate to pass to new for future suitability. Life forms are inclined to the attractions of natural process. Attraction’s role is integral to bring negative and positive together. Reaction of the character is based on the attractions. Body compound reacts when comes in contact and prompts to act.  Two opposite characters are attracted to each other to cling. Two different identities when join together produce energy.


Sexual attraction is an instinct, gifted impulse of nature for promotion of existence.



Sexual attraction/ behavior: is natural instinct to seek gratification, gifted to us by nature. For the life form it is the pleasure of release but for nature it is the purpose. Purpose of nature influences life form to react to the attraction. Reaction to attraction to act for the purpose of carnal appetite; we can call as sexual behavior.


Sexual behavior is under control of the negative and positive feature of our genetic material. Reaction of gene is by dominance of either. Whichever is dominant will react and incite us to act for its objective. In the same time gene also modifies self by interacting with the environment in order to maintain or survive. The negative and positive environment too play role to shape the gene. Dominant environment drags towards its characteristics to shape the gene character alike. Again the force of gene character if is stronger than existing environment, will dominate and act on its terms to assist to strengthen opposite environment. Sexual violence is the result of the dominance of negative behavior and the environment. Such characters are psychologically treated by influencing the opposite dominant environment to what one was undergoing before.


Sexual Attraction in other sense is temptation, becomes one of essential activities of life when reaching suitable period. This temptation of seeking pleasure is for release. Release from the body is for relief, is gratification. Nature has developed us in a pattern that our attitude is always to act what lures us for satisfaction. Is not only for creation rather is for fluid reaction in body during relief, necessary requirement of our body functioning. We are enticed to act to seek ultimate gratification, so sexual activity has become the most effectual focus, we are inclined towards it.


In my opinion, there are two purposes of carnal attraction: 1st is passing gene and conceive to create new generation. 2nd is reaction of fluid during relief, as medication to retain body functioning just right. Youthful healthy body produces essence regularly and fast, so release of essence becomes essential objective that incites to act, is an essential taste of survival and tonic for body.


“THE TRUTH IS”: - Our existence is because of this carnal activity. This activity is for release and release is for relief. Relief is the ultimate ecstasy that influences for action. Nature created a rule of gratification in order to achieve its purpose, which pulls our mind to act.

Above information is only my assumption and views may not be accurate and not suitable to small kids. Eligible students too are requested to seek guidance of teachers before referring above information.

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Best education is to gain positive knowledge to survive and perform. When in the education, seeking highest marks becomes priority the objective is only how to get best percentage by hook or crook. Is this not the guidelines for children to become selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Life seems sometimes like nothing more than a series of losses, from beginning to end. That's the given. How you respond to those losses, what you make of what's left, that's the part you have to make up as you go."— Katharine Weber

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