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Intensity of unemployment and "Jaisalmer"

JAISALMER in Rajasthan (India) is a Tourist attraction to the world for its desert view, traditional art of constructions and crafts. Nearly 8-9 hundred Kms from Delhi, situated near India- Pakistan boarder.

Maximum education in the village is 5th standard.


My visit to Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) for pleasure was wonderful. From Jodhpur onward it was pleasant observing colorful people; men in gold ear rings and women in colorful dresses. Colorful culture of these cities is penetrating and touchy. Their language and hospitality demonstrates their cultural value.  The dry land is full of desert with golden inspiration. The Palaces of olden times present realization of their cultural background. View of sunset of this desert is celestial. One should not miss this opportunity to tour Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer and Udaipur. There are many hotels suitable to all classes.

40kms from Jailsalmer is a place; name SAM where we can come across real desert mountains. Find many camel riders approaching with the offer of Rs. 80/- (US$ 1.85). Each one’s offer brings ultimate bargain to pity US $ 0.25-0.50. Bargain and offer just gave me a judgment of their extreme dependence on what they get. Finally I contacted JAMAL to take his camel in one condition that he would take me to his village for which he agreed in hesitation, although he didn’t want us to see his poverty stricken village. After a bit of camel ride I with JAMAL went to his village. The village SAGRU KI BASTI is 5kms from SAM. JAMAL gave the figures of his village

Population of the village:            3000

Community name:                     Bhayaa

Education standard:                 Major population is illiterate and some have completed 5th standard.

Employment scope:                  Rare and partial employment as sheep wool, camel riding and etc; unemployment is serious problem in this village majority of population is unemployed or partial.

Women’s rights:                       Terrible as still live in old age Aryan culture. I was forbidden to take picture for my website. JAMAL said once some one came to his village and took picture was published in the magazine, created hell of a problem to that lady. She was quarantined for one year as a punishment for posing to photo. They find as shameful act to the society.

School facility:                          Has a school in the village up to 5th standard if want higher up to 10th class have to go SAM. Poverty stricken people are unable to send their children to that far.

Medical facility:                        Has hospital in SAM but JAMAL says in most cases doctors are absent so have to take to JAISALMER.

Ration shop:                            JAMAL says in most cases food grain and sugar are out of stock so have to buy from the open market at very high price he also gave the price for sugar @ Rs.18/- per kg and millet (Indian Corn) for Rs. 8/- per kg.

Water crisis:                            In desert area it is normal in developing countries. Women have to go to fetch as far as 1kms and some time more during scarcity.

Electricity:                                Bought solar panel at subsidized rate to electrify houses.

Agriculture:                               Almost nil as did not rain for the last 3 years.

Traditional Arts & crafts:         Women and girls are the masters of Kathli hand stitching or embroidery, no one to expose their ability of Beautiful and ethnic design creations. My surprise is; that there are over 50 hotels and their agents all over JAISALMER that includes multinational hotels who charge exorbitant tariff from the customers, have never taken any pain to explore their cultural crafts. Even shops sell products of other parts of Rajasthan and country. Hotels and tourists shops should only sell surrounding cultural arts and crafts and made-ups from bed covers to cushion or rugs and exotic garments to scarves.

Government’s attention:           Government’s attention towards promoting and generating employment is not enough. There is no training of arts & craft to utilize the asset.

If Government is serious towards their welfare, has to come forward to

educate and train.Proper training of resources would facilitate crowded

camel riders (for limited number of customers) to switch over to other

source of income.

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Evening sky view of Jaisalmer

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the dusk of Jaisalmer

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Other camel riders of Jamal's village

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JAMAL's Village name is SAM- Sagru Ki Basti

Click to view enlarged photo
House of Mr.Jamal who took me to his village

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Rajasthan color of women indicates color of traditional art & crafts

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Traditional art hand embroidery is caled "Kathli Work"


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Best education is to gain positive knowledge to survive and perform. When in the education, seeking highest marks becomes priority the objective is only how to get best percentage by hook or crook. Is this not the guidelines for children to become selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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