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None But India (Bharat) the Cradle of Aryans, Sanskrit, Vedas, & Swastika: Aryan Invasion of India' and 'ie Family of Languages're

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Africa to Indus-Valley (Dravidian)

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 The Groups of different communities and races from Arabian Peninsula migrated to settle in Gujarat and surroundings, many later moved to further North, East and further south towards Sri Lanka. The advanced cultural living expanded human evolution, began to establish oldest civilization “Dravidians” (Drav + Veed = Water Edge – People of river Area) which later to become the Indus Valle civilization. Their cultural and religious growth influenced many parts of the World such as Ancient Egypt, Elam South of Iran (Ancient Mesopotamia), Sumerian, Minoan, and Hittite.  They all had links with Ancient civilization of Indus Valley. Some example links of quotes and research by scholars - “A Book - Jesus and Moses are buried in India, Birth place of Abraham and the Hebrew (by Gene Matlock) – Jews were Indian tribe or sect called Calani (name derived from Sanskrit Kalyani, present name Kalyan in Mumbai have existed since 1000BC). Moses (Moshe in Hebrew) was supposed to be an incarnation of the Hindu deity Shiva or Mahesh. At one time he was worshipped as a bull called Baal. The Hittites, the masters of Jerusalem when Abraham arrived there, were an ancient Indo-Hebrew ruling caste”. “Is there any connection between Elam of Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley civilization ( - The Elamites are said to be Tamilians so are from Indus Valley, meaning of Elam is Homeland”.  Empire of the soul: Some Journey in India (book written by Paul William Roberts)Recent research and scholarship make it increasingly possible that the Vedic era was the lost civilization whose legacy the Egyptians and the Indian inherited. There must have been one. There are too many similarities between hieroglyphic texts and Vedic one”. “(A research on cultural unity between Dravidian and African people page 92)”. “The Sumerian of Mesopotamia civilisation (watch video) had similarity with Dravidians”.  Guanches of Canary Island derived from Dravidian language were from Southern India”. “The ancient Egyptians in their writings described that they had come from South, from the land across the Great Sea, a land which they called “Punt” match exactly with that of the south-western coast of India (Known as Malabar) were “Dravidians Dravidian / Basque Association”. Mayan origins in Ancient Southern India – Under the reign Viswamitra,1st king of the Dynasty of Soma-Vanga, in consequence of a battle which lasted five days, Manu-Vina, heir of the ancient kings, being abandoned by the Brahmans, emigrated with all his companions, passing through Arya, and the counties of Barria, till he came to the shores of Masra [Cairo]. History of India, by Collouca-Batta).” “The Brown people of Southern India and Ceylon are also descendants of Cush. Historian Call them Dravidians; the ancients called them “Sibae” (Gen. 10:7).   There are numerous affinities between Dravidian and Black African Culture and languages”. “Japanese and Dravidian (Youtube video)”. “Dravidian and Hittite connection - King with Dravidian name”. “Academia Education share research - Recent Cretan DNA studies show that the first Cretans, who arrived at the island’s initial Neolithic period and founded Knossos (Minoan) in approximately 7000BC, are characterized by the J2a-M410 haplogroup, currently believed to originate in Central Anatolia and the Caucacus (Georgia). Interestingly, this same haplogroup is confined to upper caste Dravidian and Indo-European speakers of India. These 1st Minoans are also related to the populations of Cilicia, Southern Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. Minoan God Lord Asirai is instantly recognizable as the Minoan counterpart for Asura/ Ahura and is above all a sky god. As Itar, god of thunder, he gave his name to Crete’s highest peak Mt. Ida, which could also be called Mt. Indra, after the Vedic Lord of the Winds”.  Lost Feather - Black Chinese - The first Shang Dynasty was the Shang-Li (Black Shang) it was ruled by the LI-Qiang “Black Qiang” founded by Dravidian and Manding speakers”.  Black Chinese Dynasties – A recent International study carried out by Shanghai scientist and International academics has confirmed that the Chinese did not originate from Peking man in northern China, but from black east Afrikan who migrated through South Asia to China some 100000 thousand years ago”.

Dravidian language is reformed primitive African Language, the words can be traced in Cameroon. Perhaps Homo Sepians had developed communication skill into language, “Cameroonians speak Dravidian language(Youtube). "Iranian Journal of Archaeological Studies - The connection between the Rigveda text and the Indus Culture is described: Sanskrit was a language formulated upon those languages already existing in the subcontinent prior to the development of Sanskrit.  The observation is based on the fact that there are many words from the Dravadian group of languages and the Munda language origin in the Rigvedic language (Witzel 2001)".  First writing method was symbols, which were based on experiencing day to day objects such as figures of animals, human, tree, plants, beads, sun, moon, hunting tools, lines, and circles. Over the time the scripts evolved to earliest writing (BBC) excavated from the site of Harappa. The Language and the scripts varied under multi cultural influence. The scripts advanced as cuneiform, Abugida, Brahmi, Vatteluttu (southern Brahmi, Tamizha or Tamil), Phoenician, and Kharosthi were initial writings meant for high castes such as priests and aristocrats became helpful to traders and bureaucrats for accounting and keeping records. Were also used for commodity exports and negotiating bills, opened gateway to spread all over.   Sanskrit was an evolutionary modified first perfect script form from old Dravidian Harappan symbols, cuneiform, and Abugida, share of Brahmi script-(video) was ahead. Spreading knowledge and guidelines were no longer any more in verbal form, rather all were inscribes on engraved stones, clay and palm leaves. Roughly around 1700BC Veda (Indus Valley) "Dr. Vartak claims Veda were composed in 23720BCE", Hammurabi codes (Babylonia) in writing were introduced.  

The above links confirm major cultural and religious revolution in Ancient Indus Valley (Hindu Kush) was exchanged through migrations, trade and occupations. Perhaps ancient Hindu Kush was the more hospitable than other regions for habitation that thrived to build prosperous society and attracted others choose moving in. To and fro migrations of Ancient Hindu Kush, Ancient Egypt, Elam South of Iran (Ancient Mesopotamia), Sumerian, Babylonia, Ancient China, Minoans and Hittite, established multi cultural societies all over the civilizations. Rising Seas: Past, Present, Future - The sea level began to rise slowly 21000 - 20000 years ago, the period of greatest post-glacial marine incursion spanned 16000 years ago. More recent dating suggests that sea level rise accelerated rapidly after 14300 years ago and peaked 13800 years ago. Recent under water discovery of Dwarka in Gujarat reveals (Video) the civilization was as old as 12000 years, could be more as the scientific architectural knowledge came from centuries or 1000s of years of accumulated experience to support the construction and planning urban city. The age of civilization was quite older than thought by discoverers. High sea tides disrupted survival triggering human migration to east, west, south, and north wherever, hospitable habitation was possible.

Throughout the antiquity Indus Valley Civilization, to and fro migrations persisted, for example: “A book by gene Matlock - Jesus and Moses Are Buried in India, Birthplace of Abraham and the Hebrews: One night, JHVH (Shiva - Tseeva) appeared to Abraham in a vision (more likely a bone jolting earthquake, or an unwelcome mouthful of floodwater, or an Aryan arrowhead buried deep his bountiful rear end), ordering him to leave his home in the land of Haran and migrate to Canaan where many Meluhhans had already migrated. In a real Haran exists in Kashmir (Page 55) Even the Old Testament implies that a flood drove Abraham, his family and followers out of India. Basically, the Abraham account is a tale of the emigration from Western India of some tribes of Abhiran, Yehudi, and other Javan (Yahvite) tribes to other parts of the world (Page 56). Hindus, Buddhists and Jains lived in large numbers in Arabia, Syria and other parts of Asia Minor... A Hindu treatise on Horse call Arabia - Arba, noted for its steeds. The long strip on the Red Sea was called by the Hindus as Makhesa Desa. The Hindus there set up an image of Siva called Makkesa (Lord of Mecca). After the rise of Islam, the Hindu temples were pulled down”. Picture of Jamarat 1953 - 1954. Same book (page 4) depicts the “Heavy destruction caused by the flood, hundred thousands of people migrated to Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and other places”.  Noah Dhal Lake Kashmir boatmen ( claim Noah as their ancestor, and certain it is that if they did not borrow the pattern of their boats from Noah’s Ark, Noah must have borrowed the pattern from them! Families live permanently on the boats”.

(“Yishvara 2000: The Hindu Ancestors of Judaism speaks to this Millennium book by Gene Matlock – The Indians south of today’s Iran was, and still are, called Bharatiya (page.2)”. “History of the Jews in Afghanistan ( - The Haplogroup R1a (Y-DNA) is found at frequency of 51.02% among the Pashtun people. MDS and Barrier analysis have identified a significant affinity between Pashtun, Tajik, North Indian and West Indian Populations. This genetic affinity and gene flow suggests interactions that could have existed since at least the establishment of the region’s first civilizations at Indus valley and the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex”. “Bronze and Iron age carnelian bead production in UAE and Armenia: new perspectives – During Bronze Age, the Harappan civilization was characterized by its great production of carnelian beads, widely exported in the Middle East. Etched carnelian and classical Harappan beads are considered, rightly, as cultural hallmarks of the Indus Civilization. Indeed, this theory has become so firmly rooted that many believe that all carnelian beads came from Indus Valley”. “Academia Education Page.18 - The Ancient Persians in Bannu (Indus Valley civilization) Achaemenid province of Sattagydia (Old Pers. Thatagus) has been variously identified in the literature on the ancient geography of the Indo-Aryan Borderlands. In one source, a map of the Achaemenid satrapies equates it broadly with the Bannu and Akra (Waziristan region and areas to the west of Gandhara).  Massive earthquakes and sea level rising triggered Indus valley civilization to widen migrations and occupations.

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Iranian Journal of Archaeological Studies - The connection between the Rigveda text and the Indus Culture is described: The conflict between Aryans and Dasas occurred not in the Indus Valley but in Sistan province.  Dasas also patronized the Vedic seers and shared in the well-developed civilization of the people of the Rig Veda, as is evident from the archaeological excavations at Mundigak (Casal 1961).  The site of Dahan-e-Ghulaman, about 30 km southeast of Zabol in Persian Sistan, was discovered in 1960.  It is located on a terrace at the foot of the desert plateau that surrounds the Hamun e-Helmand basin (Yarshater 1993). 

Be Cautious: Above informations are only basics based on my assumptions, may not be correct so use only if your teachers are satisfied. For history I referred Wikipedia and other sources whose links are cited.

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