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Trendir: is an online magazine about the latest Home Decor Products and Trends. We cover High-End Luxury products. Think of us as having both style sense and the ability to identify new and cool things.

Winter 2007 Las Vegas Market edition Home Fashion Forecast: is a trend-forward quarterly supplement produced by the Furniture Style team that showcases new products for the whole home.

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Merino Innovation : Moving on from a very sober and simple autumn winter season for knitwear about stitch and neutrals, Spring 08 to an extent perpetuates this trend . Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) : Wool’s fashion outlook is a top yarn. From London, Sophie Steller picks the trends in fashion and advises companies, including AWI, on what is going to appeal to retailers and designers. One of the world’s leading fashion trend forecasters, Sophie Steller, says wool for winter 2007 is all about the yarn.

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