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The world's most ancient pile carpet was found in the largest of the Pazyryk burial mounds, was manufactured in Persia or Armenia in 5th-4th centuries BC called “Pazyryk carpet”. Cyrus the Persian king introduced weaving carpet in 529BC which surged their trade with Mediterranean, Asia Minor, Europe and Africa. Carpets got recognition by widespread usage of rich Greeks and Romans Imperials.  The carpets were so popular that incline Cleopatra to get her introduce to Juliet Caesar by carpet unfurling. When Islam occupied Persia they added modified rugs to floral weaving pattern. Far in Mesoamerican civilization Mayans too were masters of wool rug weaving in Geometric and Kilim designs style=, though originally Kilim rugs are known as Asia Minor ”Anatolia” (Asian Turkey).  Carpet types: - Woven, Needle felt, Knotted, Tufted. Afghan carpets,  Armenian carpets,  Chinese carpets, Indian carpets, Pakistani carpets, Persian carpets, Scandinavian carpets, Turkish carpets,  Turkmen ("Bukhara") carpet,  Azerbaijani rug,  Oriental carpets in Europe,  Spanish carpets, Bulgarian carpets, French carpets,  English carpets.

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Purpose of this site is to provide educational material to students of social studies. This site has photo illustrations to the students and to others  For students the carpet, rug weaving photo illustrations is very useful for their education and study topics of traditional art and crafts, poverty, handloom/ handicrafts and  employment creation, developing countries and employment opportunities, Handloom and power loom crisis, ethnic designing and civilization arts & crafts. Students and all others are free to refer and copy the pictures to their topics or personal use. This topic is also useful for research on crisis of handloom weavers. Also is a glimpse to consumers of carpet/ rugs, weaving tradition and history when one buys handmade rugs means one contributes to save the world employment in own way.

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