screwpine plant

Leaves to dry (Click to enlarge)
Leaves are let ouside to dry for use

sorting leaves (click to enlarge)
sorting and removing tough part for usage of right leaves

Sorting screw pine leaves (click to enlarge)
Sorting and preparing to dye in color

screwpine sorting (click to enlarge)
screwpine leaves sorted before bundling

husk and leaves waste crush(click to enlarge)
Coco husk and leaves crush used for filling of floor cushioin

Handmade rugs/ carpets process

screwpine rugs / cushion process photo illustration

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screw pine leaves in rolls
Leaves after sorting are stored in bundles for future usage

Cooring tubs (click to enlarge)
Tubs are used for hand dyeing (loloring) the leaves

leaves for dry (click to enlarge)
The wet colored leaves are let out side to dry

floor cushion weaving (click to enlarge)
Weving screwpine warp weft initial stage

screw pine weave (click to enlarge)
weaving floor cushion to give floor cushion look

screpine rug wave(click to enlarge)
Weaving small rug in the same place. Rug is used as decorative rugs

filling for cushion(click to enlarge)
Filling coco husk or pine leaves waste in floor cushion

stitching cushion (click to enlarge)
Stitching and repairing screwpine floor cushion

screw pine floor cushion
screwpine floor cushions stored after filling

giving finish (click to enlarge)
Reparing and polishing the screpine floor rugs

Illustration of Carpet and rug weaving and dyeing process. Buy carpets and rugs online

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