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Viravanalur village in trinalvelly dist of South inidia Tamil Nadu.

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village handloom factory

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Segrating straw

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Loom used for weaving straw rugs

Handmade rugs/ carpets process

River Grass (Straw) rug Handloom weaving photo illustration

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Pattamadai straw rugs is an ancient way of weaving rugs, made of river grass first soaked in water to peal out fine strands suitable to use for these rugs. Is pure handloom product was once used to honor the visiting guest who could sit on it. This rug has shine and has rich look but lack of Government policies for rural development have limited scope. Governments having failed provide training the villagers, Ignorant attitude to market and research has resulted limiting its scope for generating employment. Nearly 200 - 300 people are engaged in weaving in pattamadai village of Tirunalvelly district of Tamil nadu (india). Most illiterate and semi-literate could be used by training to reduce massive rural unemployment provided takes interest finding such resources.

The mat weaving industry of Pattamadai, 20 km from here, which hitherto used synthetic dyes for colouring its internationally acclaimed rugs, is all set to use an eco-friendly colorant, extracted from a plant and `resurrected' by a scientist of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. Though the mat weavers of Pattamadai used the natural dye extracted from this plant, Sappan (Caesalpinia sappan), till some decades ago, it vanished due to excessive exploitation, forcing them to switch over to cheap and bright synthetic dyes. Yet, P. Ravichandran of Sri Paramakalyani Centre for Environmental Sciences (SPKCES), a satellite centre of MSU at Alwarkurichi, undertook the mission of reviving the culture of using natural dyes in the mat weaving industry. click the link for detailed article Pattamadai mat weaving industry changes its colour (By The Hindu)

Weaving of Pattmadai straw rugs video

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weaving method of straw rugs nearly takes 5-10 days to weave a rug

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Woman cooking her lunch during weaving

Photo illustration and online sale of Pattamadai straw rugs Pattamadai straw rugs is an ancient way of weaving rugs, made of river grass first soaked in water to peal out fine strands suitable to use for these rugs. .

History, photo and video illustration of Pattamadai river grass straw rug Weaving. Study weaving method and buy rugs that decorate your home and picnic spot.

Pattumadai initially was known for weaving highest quality mats is also known as korai grass mat. The popularity of mats gave identity to the place of weaving became Pattumadai mats are also known as Pattumadai paai was long back knows for auspicious gift to bride and groom with names and date of marriage woven in to it. Rich people also presented Pattu mats to each invitee to marriage ceremony to record memorable marriage.

Illustration of Carpet and rug weaving and dyeing process. Buy carpets and rugs online

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