child labour (Encyclopędia Britannica) - The movement to regulate child labour began in Great Britain at the close of the 18th century, when the rapid development of large-scale manufacturing made possible the exploitation of young children in mining and industrial work. The first law, in 1802, Facts and informations about child labor

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Child Labor Law (By Aaron Larson Law Offices of Aaron Larson) - In many jurisdictions, before a minor can obtain employment the minor must produce a "work permit", usually issued by the school the minor attends. Generally speaking, the purpose of this requirement is to ensure that employment doesn't interfere with school performance

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World Report on Child Labour 2012 (Book) - How can we reduce child labor in the unfavorable circumstances of a global economic slowdown? This new flagship report, the first in a series to be published annually by the ILO's International Program on the Elimination of Child Labor, brings together research on child labor and social protection, identifying policies that are designed to achieve multiple social goals. This report includes analyses of national child labor trends based on the latest survey data, discussions of the role of poverty and economic shocks in rendering households vulnerable to child labor, and detailed consideration of income transfers, public employment programs, social insurance, and microcredit initiatives as they have been implemented around the world. The report distills a broad range of research in economic and social policy and should be of interest to those looking for ways to combat poverty in the present and reduce its burden on the next generation.

CHILDLINE India Foundation - Childline 1098 service CHILDLINE stands for a friendly 'didi' or a sympathetic 'bhaiya' who is always there for vulnerable children 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year. 21 million calls as of March 2011, 3 million children, 210 cities, 15 years. Call Mumbai - 022 2388 1098/ 2384 1098/ 022-2498 9630, Call Delhi - 011-4608 8923, Call Kolkata - 033-4065 6086, Call Chennai - 044-2815 6098, 044-28158098. You can email Childline India foundation at

These RSS links for child labour from various reliable sources is brought to you by: child labour and society - Nearly 90% (in my view) of child laborers are rural children. Who migrate to cities and end up begging, prostitution, domestic helpers, or other odd jobs. Child labour issue can not be dealt until and unless concerned organizations influence appropriate Governments to reevaluate the economic policies and rural economic growth. Till now rural economy is only known as agricultural economy and never emphasized on add-on value products. Governments have to consider growing and generating rural employment. Target set for 2015 to eradicate poverty may not be achieved until we understand roots and real causes of poverty. Why child goes to work? This situation is most urgent to be taken care!!! Child goes to work only when parents allow. And why parents seek own child's support to sustain home economy? This is what in my opinion Governments need to understand and bring policies in accordance.

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