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Distressing "FACTS"

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My two other sites too are related to crisis in asian poverty and unemployment. I wish if you could check my other sites. Some of solutions in my opinion, you may like or not. Still my involvement to end crisis of poverty. I think you like it.

lack of social security in unorganised sector

crisis of uemployment in handloom and cottage industries

Carring bag more than the weight of child's weight does not mean that we give real education.
Books and informations:- Good books with facts and reasons always help to discover child labour issues. Great books for all subjects from most reputed international vendors.  child labour books, Text Books for schools and colleges, Good books on poverty, SOME GOOD BOOKS ON WOMEN RIGHTS, social study books, Good books on creation, evolution, behaviour, religion and spritual, Books on Hijra (Eunuchs), good books on tribes, good books on unorganized sectors, handloom & cottage industries Books, Some good books for Area rugs/ carpets, Love and Romantic Books, Books for Marriage - relationship and issues
Schools teach only 20-30% what child requires for future life
Child labour in factories are reducing but numbers are increasing in beging and prostitution business.

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