(POEM) We are migratory kids, From our own native home, End up in cities looking for life, Strive here and there for life and food, Sleep and live under bridge and streets, We too are kids like you, We too have dreams life you, We too have life like you, We too live in your world, The only difference, You live life, we kill life;

(POEM) Still you say ‘child labor’ is wrong… ‘Child Labor’ a word… For your failure children pay, No work, no food; in the name of economic growth, give Poverty and sufferings; Still you say ‘child labor’ wrong; Has no sense, And still you say it as crime; Wrong for you, life for us, food for us, And family waits pay we get, don’t you know? What makes us work; Still you say child labor’ is wrong; We are poor, can’t live if no work; You aren’t abashed, holding us wrong; clean yourself, Before cleaning us; child labor as wrong, all you know; Reason behind too, you should know; We too wish go to school; We too wish live like you; You live your life, But we kill our life; Yes child labor is wrong, But no choice left for us;
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(POEM) I am poor; still live a human life...
I am poor; still live a human life…
Live in shack, wear a rag,
Eat from trash, beg in streets,
Eat not when I want, but when I find,
Shrunken belly, faded face,
Symbol of hunger and misery life,
I am poor still lives a human life…
Most don’t like poor on even tongue,
But I carry and hold tightly in my soul,
Sufferance of pain tests courage of mine,
Not enough brawny to bury me alive,
Intensity of sufferings is so harassing,
That even poverty is ashamed,
Yet see smile on my face,
I am poor still live, a human life…
Don’t mistake by my look,
I have heart, I have soul,
Love is not bought or sold,
Love is deep from depth of heart,
I don’t hate, I don’t curse,
Live with or without the fate,
I am poor still live, a human life…
Under poverty many survive,
Poor a brand en-cashed by all,
Poor a slogan enjoyed by elites,
It’s a spice makes topic hot,
Writers, Poets share as weepy theme,
Ladder of politicians for vote bank,
Though live on your compassion,
Yet a tree gives them shade,
I am poor still live, a human life…
All are poor, some ethically, some lack cash,
And some lack basic food and rag,
All go to temple, Mosque and Church,
All beg for wish,
Some for fortune, some for raise,
And some for food, some for rag.
Rich beg inside the shrine,
But poor like me beg outside the shrine,
The difference is,
You beg deity and we beg you,
I am poor still live, a human life…
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CHILD LABOUR and society

Good books 'child labor' and 'Poverty'

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She continued “I was in the midst of darkest side of my life, torturing me. I had no idea to pull on. How would raise my children? Many unanswered questions were hovering in my mind.” She again took the edge of her sari and wiped her eyes. “My father knew I wouldn’t accept for remarriage. Yet he tried his best as father’s instinct perused him to influence. He was worried about my future “How will you survive and raise your kids?” Always same reply “I want to stand my own. I want always my husband in dream and in my soul. No one is near to him to fill that space. He will bless me, for Sure!” Nevertheless, my father continued to stay with me for moral support, spent for needs. That was enough for me.” “You know! The darkest side too has a door opens to brighter side. A few friends of my husband visited home, one of them was a manager. He offered me a job of thread clipping in garment factory. I accepted for salary though wasn’t enough to survive, yet was respectable job. So I continued for two years.” At last she taught me how positivity defeats poverty. Even in poverty one can live happy provided has will to accept any work as profession. She was far-far better than very educate people. A living example to explain, “Managing survival is economics.” Read short story book: Negative positive and We – She found positivity even in trash…: Negative-Positive and We: Be positive even if negative reigns