CHILD LABOUR and society


Nearly 70% of world's poor live in Asia alone and major contribution made by China and India.Both have thick population.

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Curse to especially Asian countries is a result of over population. Governments of Asia should boldly make decisions to control excessive growth of population even if they have to take harsh decisions. This can be achieved by announcing incentives and disincentives:

child begger getting ready to beg

Education of fewer children to citizens is soft method of controlling but is useful to only literate class who are already adapted to fewer children. Semi-literates with partial success. Illiterates and have their reasons - religion is one of the big factors that illiterates misunderstand. Religious leaders are very helpful; taking religious leaders into confidence would definitely give partial success. Second reason what illiterates perceive is that more the children more the income this perception is definitely wrong and dangerous. For this some harsh steps to be taken.

Announcing incentives and disincentive to have limited children will be high success to control excessive growth of population.

A- Entitlement of subsidized food articles and services. It looks difficult in democratic countries, subsidy to be allocated by grading small family and big family would help.
B- Entitlement of government positions and promotions.
C- Entitlement of special preference for small family of poor category to upgrade standard of living by way of loan and education of small scale industry to set up.

Accountability of Central and state heads: Each central/ state/ district and local area head should be made responsible and accountable in his or her legislative area by mutual agreement. This would be a grate step. Conscious of responsibility would definitely control population. Also these heads would be helpful to upgrade their areas.

Education should be so organised that children play with study and enjoy. This way child grasps faster.

Because of present harsh education system and its mark competiton children feel depressed and mentally harassed.
In 1991, there were 945 girls for every thousand boys; but the figure for 2001 was only 923. Declining sign of girl population in India. Would fall further if strict steps not taken to stop abortion of girl child.
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