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Handmade rugs/ carpets process :

Hand made rugs/ carpets process | Carpet weavers and poverty crisis | Handmade coir rug process photographs | screwpine rugs / cushion process photo illustration | River Grass (Straw) rug Handloom weaving photo illustration | Home Furnishing & Area Rug stores for your purchase | All kinds of rugs and carpet from retailers | Some good books for Area rugs/ carpets |

The world's most ancient pile carpet was found in the largest of the Pazyryk burial mounds, was manufactured in Persia or Armenia in 5th-4th centuries BC called “Pazyryk carpet”. Cyrus the Persian king introduced weaving carpet in 529BC which surged their trade with Mediterranean, Asia Minor, Europe and Africa. Carpets got recognition by widespread usage of rich Greeks and Romans Imperials.  The carpets were so popular that incline Cleopatra to get her introduce to Juliet Caesar by carpet unfurling. When Islam occupied Persia they added modified rugs to floral weaving pattern. Far in Mesoamerican civilization Mayans too were masters of wool rug weaving in Geometric and Kilim designs Geometric and Kilim designs . though originally Kilim rugs are known as Asia Minor”Anatolia” (Asian Turkey).  Carpet types: - Woven, Needle felt, Knotted, Tufted. Afghan carpets,  Armenian carpets,  Chinese carpets, Indian carpets, Pakistani carpets, Persian carpets, Scandinavian carpets, Turkish carpets,  Turkmen ("Bukhara") carpet,  Azerbaijani rug,  Oriental carpets in Europe,  Spanish carpets, Bulgarian carpets, French carpets,  English carpets. In above links of my site All Kinds of Rugs and Carpets from retailers cites examples of carpet weaving and retailers from all over the world.  

" handmades and generation of employment " :

Products of MANAMEDU village | Products of KATASAR village | You can generate JOBS | Handmade rugs/ carpets process photographs | All kinds of rugs and carpet from retailers | Home Furnishing & Area Rug stores for your purchase | Handicrafts and gifts for your festival purchase

A gift to beloved is the attraction for emotional touch. A gift represents your compassion and connection. A gift is an honour to respect a person. Gifts signify presentation of your devotion for relationship. A gift that relates to liking indicates your intensity of involvement to know his/ her taste. A gift has emotional value for attachment. Before buying a gift, keep the taste of the person in mind. For festival gifts, involve their home and children in the mind. Rule of a gift is to win the emotional attachment. For buying a gift, involve yourself emotionally to bring spirit in the gift. A gift is an ambassador that represents your feelings. So the gift means where you stand in his/ her heart.  Looking for good emotional and handmade gifts!! Handicrafts and Gifts for your festival purchase.

3400 BCE. Egyptian pharaohs discover the benefits of raising a pallet off the earth. King Tutankahmen had a bed of ebony and gold. Common people slept on palm bows heaped in the corner of their home. 10,000 years ago, in the Neolithic period, people began sleeping on primitive "beds." The bed in history (The Better Sleep Council) . Window blinds is a very practical home fixture innovation. They are called “blinds” basically because of what they do: they blind a viewer of the window, not allowing them to see the insides of the room. The blinds are used to reduce entering sunlight as well. Today window blinds have become more practical with varying usage. This may be due to the advent of various technologies in materials used in creating window blinds. window blinds history. The oldest surviving area rug, the "Pazyryk" carpet, was discovered in 1949 by a Russian archeologist during the unearthing of a Siberian burial site.Before the discovery of the Pazyryk carpet, the oldest known rug was the King of Persia's legendary "Spring of Khosrows" carpet; an enormous hand-knotted area rug made of wool, silk, gold, silver, and precious stones. Dating back to about 550 BC, it measured 400' by 100', and weighed several tons. The King is said to have strolled along that seemingly endless, bejeweled carpet in the wintertime to savor its many springtime scenes - birds in flight, flowers in full blossom, ripe fruits, and a broad "green meadow" border believed to have been designed of solid emeralds..... Novica.com.

French riot an unemployment explosion :

Recent French riot in the streets of Paris suburbs and other parts have awakened the world, that even unemployment can be a reason for unrest among the population. Before, burning cars and stores the French government never realized there could be the problem of unemployment crisis too with such a developed country. Thanks to media for its efforts to spread information. French is always ahead for the revolutions and this riot is the revolution that made Government to rethink of its policies. It is beginning!!!!

CRISIS OF UNEMPLOYMENT in handloom and cottage sectors :

Handloom and cottage industry means employment Poverty and population Environment friendly suggest steps for appropriate Governments STEPS BY INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS Books of handloom & cottage industries agricultural-cottage-science job search

My objective of this site is to make aware of world about the potential of this sector for consuming minimum 50% of unemployed people. My intention is not to go backward and see what was done 100 years ago or before. But more and more youths and middle-aged illiterates and semi-literates are getting unemployed due to change in technology. Removing employees due to loss occurring in many multinational heavy industries will be heavy burden to the Governments. International trade will be affected due to recession; reason is unemployment and lack of purchasing power. Further, due to open market developed and developing countries only will have advantage of competitive price and finally dumping products in poor countries.

Indian temples :

Khajuraho a place once well-known for Khajoor (dates) trees. Later periods broom making cottage industries flattened all the trees to flourish this business. Now it is very hard to find date tree in Khajuraho. Nearly 150kms from Jhansi railway station and 650kms from New Delhi (India) is also renowned for 25 mystery structures. In fact these structures are no ordinary, rather, are temples of ancient Chandella rulers (AD 900 – 1130). It is now part of world heritage list and world tourists visit the spot to appreciate the architectural values of combination between sexual and ritual positions sculpted on the walls justify the real sense of life of human intelligence towards spiritual gain.

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"Life seems sometimes like nothing more than a series of losses, from beginning to end. That's the given. How you respond to those losses, what you make of what's left, that's the part you have to make up as you go."— Katharine Weber

Best meditation in the universe is SMILE. Smile means you are happy, happy means you are content, content means you dont run after, dont run means you are not greedy, not greedy means you have less worries, less worry means you are happy --- happy means you always SMILE. Read My Quotes - Own quotes

Music is life, live it; Music is love, enjoy it; Music is inspiration, accept it; Music is wisdom, agree it; Music is godly, respect it; Music is relief, unwind it; Music is attraction, drag it; Music is vibration, feel it; Music is art, discover it; Music is style, apply it; Music is truth, honor it; Music is remedy, refer it; Music is gift, exchange it; Music is personality, express it; Music is ideal, suggest it; Music is system adopt it; Music is means purchase it;

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