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Author of this site is SADASHIVAN, Refer this site as has lot of social study subjects. Reflected through my experiences and best of my knowledge, This site suitable to all. Here is my homepage: .


Supriya Niwas, Kalloor, Annamanada P.O, Trissur District, Kerala-680741, INDIA


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Best meditation in the universe is SMILE. Smile means you are happy, happy means you are content, content means you dont run after, dont run means you are not greedy, not greedy means you have less worries, less worry means you are happy --- happy means you always SMILE. Read My Quotes - Own quotes

Music is life, live it; Music is love, enjoy it; Music is inspiration, accept it; Music is wisdom, agree it; Music is godly, respect it; Music is relief, unwind it; Music is attraction, drag it; Music is vibration, feel it; Music is art, discover it; Music is style, apply it; Music is truth, honor it; Music is remedy, refer it; Music is gift, exchange it; Music is personality, express it; Music is ideal, suggest it; Music is system adopt it; Music is means purchase it;

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