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INFIDELITY and society:

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INFIDELITY and society: In order to avoid human behaving as other living creatures societies formed norms. Society considers extra marital affairs as sin and gives the name as “INFIDELITY” OR “CHEATING SPOUSE” in order to keep both in discipline to keep society’s marriage system intact. A man or woman involves in extra marital sexual or emotional activity that leads to second relation is defined Infidelity. This definition is effective as long as the cheater is not caught and in free societies infidelity does not mean any thing.  Impact of society and its religious norms are so influential that alters our behaviour to accept and to live with it. Individual represses own desires to follow norms to live with it. This behaviour differentiates from other living species. Societies want us to live in discipline.  Societies do not like Marriage values to diminish so extra marital relation is illegitimated.

Bible verses on the subject of Adultery: ( click the link) EXO 20:14 “You shall not commit adultery. 19:20  "'If a man sleeps with a woman who is a slave girl promised to another man but who has not been ransomed or given her freedom, there must be due punishment. Yet they are not to be put to death, because she had not been freed.
In Koran adultery has two separate punishments.  ( click the link) In Surah 4:15 it says women should be confined to their house until death. In Surah 4:16 it says men should be left alone if they repent and amend. But at Surah 24:2 we read that Allah wants both the man and the woman involved. In adultery to receive 100 lashes.
Old Testament/ New Testament:  ( click the link) sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex other than the marriage partner.

HINDUISM and adultery Extramarital relationships: ( click the link) with the emergence of adharma, O Krishna, women become impure. And when women fall into bad ways, O descendent of Vrisni, admixture of castes takes place.


Number of infidelity is on the rise as the olden society and religious influence is dropping. Modern societies of developed countries have created new society with free approach. This freedom relaxes human behaviour to go on to follow the extra marital desires. Where the religion’s hold is still strong especially in developing and rural world infidelity is still uncommon and is treated in different way. In developed and modern countries women and men are seen same way as women rights is equally strong and are educated enough to know rights. Role of woman is almost same as men both meet each other; share each others jobs, share words and etc. Thus modern societies and their people are towards open thinking.  As long as woman and man contact or work in same place attention, invitations and attraction will continue thus infidelity too will continue. Modern people have modern thinking so even marriage system too may once be unpleasant to young generation.  This situation has already begun in many developed societies of European developed countries as many divorces, establishing relation without marriage, frequent change of partners, free movement with opposite sex and etc. Does this not indicate marriage system is fading? People do not prefer to live with a person who is not like minded so prefer to find new companion of understanding with whom can share and live. Human behaviour is to go for or do what fulfils to satisfy the desire. Major percentage of women still hesitate to accept their involvement in extra marital life and maintain secretly in fear, is because they are frightened to face the society. Modern and free societies give more freedom means more rights. So, the role of a society is integral to influence the human behaviour to live in the society following its direction.

1.      Modern and liberalised society’s religious attitude facilitated women to come out of homes to join work force made her more open minded.

2.      Without woman man can not cheat so woman is equally responsible. Her right to live persuades her to choose her life style.

3.      Development of the country is growth of individuals and their thinking. This revolutionises the individual’s behaviour also affects the extra marital affairs.

4.      Media and the ads have overtaken old religious approach. Now they decide how people to behave are among the reasons of sexual attraction in working places or elsewhere.

5.      Extra marital affair is illegitimate as long as marriage system exists. Modern people no more believe in marriages they rather like to live with chosen by them. Continues as long as the relation is intact.

6.      Individuals are not capable to control or resist tasting verities of sexual sweets. Only society’s fear can change them to be in limitation.

Above information is only my assumption and views may not be accurate or treated as solution, so please consult authorized persons only. Eligible students too are requested to seek guidance of teachers before referring above information.