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Stop child executions in Moslem countries - According to the United Nations, a child is a person under the age of 18. Despite the fact that the government of Iran has signed International Covenants that forbid them to execute anyone who has allegedly committed an offence before the age of 18, they continue to do so. Amnesty International has documented 24 executions of child offenders in Iran since 1990. In many cases, these minors have been imprisoned until the age of 18 and then executed. Currently, there are at least 79 minors on death row in Iran.

The underground railroad: Frederick douglass - Take a closer look at the story of frederick douglass, his famous speech and the creation of his anti slavery newspaper, the north star newspaper.


Nostradamus: End of the world - According to Nostradamus, the end is near. The Mayan Calendar 2012 & Beyond - Full - This is a short film I made about the mayan calendar. I try to explain who the mayans are and what the calendar is all about along with the mystery behind 2012. Some of the dialogue I aquired through wikipedia and

When Silence is Golden--gold mining in Africa - When Silence is Golden is a documentary film which follows its director in her quest to lift the silence on the gold mining activities of a Canadian mining company near a small town in Western Ghana. Through her journey, we meet the inhabitants of this town who, despite efforts by the government to silence them, cannot hide their anger and are eager to express their grievances.

Detention - Human Rights International - No unfair detainment. What are human rights.

Human rights and the Olympics - Tensions have risen in China, as sixteen police officers were killed in an explosives attack in the Chinese province of Xinjiang.

(2002) DVD
Produced for French television, this epic historical mini-series traces the life of the Corsican-born soldier who swept into 18th-century Paris as a military hero and rose to become the most powerful man in the world. Cast against type, Christian Clavier ("Les Visiteurs") presents the private side of a leader betrayed by his own drive for conquest. The wonderful supporting cast includes Isabella Rossellini as Josephine, Gerard Depardieu as Fouche, and John Malkovich as Talleyrand. 8 hrs. on three discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; "making of" featurette; bonus programs; biographies; filmographies; scene access. 

The Empty Mirror [DVD] (1997) DVD
Had he survived past the end of World War II, what would Adolf Hitler have thought about his reign of terror and his twisted legacy to the world? In this surreal psychodrama, a defeated Hitler (Norman Rodway) reflects from an underground bunker on his life, as visions of Goebbels (Joel Grey), Eva Braun (Camilla Soeberg) and Sigmund Freud (Peter Michael Goetz) visit him and WWII newsreel footage plays around him. 116 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, Spanish.

Benito: The Rise And Fall Of Mussolini [DVD] (1993) DVD from

Tora! Tora! Tora! (Special Edition) [DVD] (1970) DVD from
Epic U.S.-Japanese co-production details, from both sides, the events surrounding the bombing of Pearl Harbor that led to America's entry into World War II. Martin Balsam, Jason Robards, Jr., Soh Yamamura, E.G. Marshall and James Whitmore lead the cast. Featuring impressive battle sequences, the film was once to be co-directed by Akira Kurosawa. 144 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 4.1, Dolby Digital Surround, French Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, Spanish; audio commentary; documentary; featurettes; theatrical trailer; photo gallery; newsreel footage. Two-disc set.

The Night They Killed Rasputin [DVD] (1962) DVD from
Unusual telling of the Rasputin story centering on the efforts of Prince Yousoupoff to assassinate "The Mad Monk," who used his hypnotic powers to entrance Russia's royal family. John Drew Barrymore stars as the prince, Edmund Purdom as Rasputin; Jany Clair, Gianna Maria Canale co-star. 87 min. Soundtrack: English. 

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DEMOCRACY & ELECTION PATTERN IN DEMOCRATIC UNDERDEVELOPED COUNTRIES - Democracy in underdeveloped democratic countries is partial to high class or caste or medium class. In present circumstances democracy privilege is availed only by few classes, for rest it is curse due to poverty, improper education facility, unequal employment opportunity, lack of social security in unorganized sector workers, unequal human rights and absence of hygienic food and medicine. Poor doesn't even know what democracy is?!!

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Voices of Civil Rights: Hugo Owen's story (History channel) - A brief look at a story of discrimination from hugo owens and his experience during the civil rights

Old Age and Begging in most developing countries!!! - This video clip is dedicated to those who work in unorganized sectors in developing countries. Through this traditional Indian classical music and song I wish to bring attention of old aged people who lack social security to secure their old age... and the respective countries... to address this issue in priority.

Every Human Has Rights - Last December, The Elders joined with partner organizations around the world to launch the Every Human Has Rights campaign, celebrating an idea that took shape sixty years ago this December. On December 10th, 1948, the newly formed United Nations adopted a universal declaration that transcended cultural and national boundaries

TIBETAN LEADER ON HUMAN RIGHTS - The visiting spiritual Tibetan leader, The Dalai Lama, speaks on human rights before a UK foreign affairs select committee. Tomorrow, he is due to meet the Prime Minister, Mr Gordon Brown, for talks.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly. It defines the fundamental rights of individuals, and exhorts all governments to protect these rights. The UN has translated the document into over three hundred languages and dialects. This audiobook includes readings in 21 languages, by LibriVox volunteers.

History of the holidays: Black History Month - A brief look at the history of African American and Black History Month

Great American History Quiz: Emancipation Proclamation (History Channel) - For Kids: real world alum teck on the emancipation proclamation

The Maroons - Learn about the maroons of Jamaica, the first slaves to gain freedom in the new world.

U.N. Address Analyzed - "Only on the web": Bill Plante gives and analysis of President Bush's speech to the U.N. General Assembly, where the president chided several countries for their dismal human rights records.

U.N. condemns apartheid - On this day in 1962, the United Nations General Assembly adopts a resolution condemning South Africa's racist apartheid policies and calling on...

Urban human rights and poors - Delhi jhuggi (hut) dwellers experiencing inhuman acts of local government bodies. On Saturday of 45 degree Celsius heat Poor’s houses were razed by bull dozers. There was no one to fight for their living rights. This is place near Nizammuddin bridge. Most Delhi poor who live in small huts are rural migrants, come to Delhi in search of employment and settle down in small settlements. Do these people have no rights to live as human. The facts are: if settlements were illegal then why was permitted before and why did they live for long and all of a sudden these people were left for now here, is it not breach of human rights? Why those government officials were not held responsible in whose presence continued. Why people were not treat. How can any democratic government be so brutal to its own citizens? This is breach of human rights to live. Please listen their voice and decide who is wrong.

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America's Journey Through Slavery: Journey Through Slavery Series [DVD] DVD
This compelling series of short educational programs explores the history surrounding the practice of slavery in the United States of America. With brief, effective lessons focused on how the tradition began, how it flourished, and how activists brought the shameful institution to an end, each 12-minute installment provides enlightening information. Five-disc set includes "Life of an Enslaved Person," "The Abolitionists' Movement," "Escaping Slavery: The Underground Railroad," "Harriet Tubman & Her Escape to Freedom," and "Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator." 60 min. total. Soundtrack: English.

America's Journey Through Slavery: Life Of An Enslaved Person [DVD] DVD
12 min. Soundtrack: English.

America's Journey Through Slavery: The Abolitionists' Movement [DVD] DVD
12 min. Soundtrack: English.

America's Journey Through Slavery: Escaping Slavery: The Underground Railroad [DVD] DVD
12 min. Soundtrack: English.

America's Journey Through Slavery: Harriet Tubman & Her Escape To Freedom [DVD] DVD
12 min. Soundtrack: English.

America's Journey Through Slavery: Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator [DVD] DVD

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Human Rights in Burma - The human rights violations in burma. My history project.

Human Right Torch - From mount Olympus the mighty flame was lit, The radiant flag, the interlocking rings, Friendship and glory, giving freely, Co-operation for peace, justice, human rights and freedom. In the skies, on Earth, oceans, valleys, Life is in flight, our souls calling out. May the sacred Olympic flag always ripple high In the blue sky Bei Jing Olympics, two thousand and eight, Menacing feeling is filling the air.

Why Can't America Have Human Rights? - Watch Breakthrough's video, "Why Can't America Have Human Rights?" Our video set to the song, "So Much Trouble In the World," by New York City's own DJ K-Salaam

Human rights and the Olympics - John Simpson examines how the Olympics are affecting personal freedoms in China.

Human rights crucial, Pope tells United Nations - Human rights crucial, Pope tells United Nations

Heritage In Focus: G8 Aims at Poverty, Climate Change and Human Rights - Heritage In Focus: G8 Aims at Poverty, Climate Change and Human Rights Sally McNamara, Molly Stark Heritage Foundation

Democracy or martial law in Pakistan? - Asma Jahangir is a founder and Chair of The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, an independent, voluntary, non-profit organization unassociated with the government. She is also the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief of the Council on Human Rights.

Beyond Elections Documentary Trailer - From Venezuela's Communal Councils, to Brazil's Participatory Budgeting, from Constitutional Assemblies to grassroots movements, recuperated factories to cooperatives across the hemisphere. This documentary is a journey, which takes us across the Americas, to attempt to answer one of the most important questions of our time: What is Democracy?

Forgotten People (Excerpts) - ORGOTTEN PEOPLE documents the frightening similarities in the degrading treatment of people with mental disabilities in Mexico, Armenia, Hungary and the former Yugoslavia. Yet this problem is not confined to Latin America or Eastern Europe but extends around the globe to Western European countries and the United States. Despite the growth of democratic institutions, people with mental disabilities remain disenfranchised and subject to serious human rights abuses. Often they are segregated from societies in closed institutions, marginalized from society by poverty and stigma, discriminated against, and effectively excluded from public life.