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Extreme of either is for beginning of other
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Extreme of either is for beginning of other

Excesses of Louis X1V/ XV & V1 resulted to French revolution: Louis X1V created first centralized French state. He poured huge sum of money into building his extravagant palace in Versailles, by doing this he was able to sidestep the endless intrigues of the capital comprising six hundred thousand people. He forced them to compete with each other for royal favor reducing them to incompetent toady. His excesses then turned to mercilessly persecution the Protestant minorities, which he considered a threat to his power. His grandson as successor Louis XV turned out to be a rude trick who managed to move court form Versailles to Paris. Step by step excesses continued to reach its extreme. His successor Louis XV1 was universally despised who neglected the new economic order that was needed in 18th century and continued his old order that rendered dangerously beyond reaching with the needs of the country. Prices of food and unemployment rose to its peak. Social disorder further had spread became hell of head ache to the empire. By the late 1780s things started to worsen the monarchy. Worsening situation helped spread the democratic ideas pushed by American Revolution. American Revolution began with the outbreak of violence, which was resulted due to repression; cause of repression was colonial unfairness of demand of taxes to accommodate expenses of defense forces etc; etc; In France reform minded people finally gathered in 1789 to revolt. He then used his force to thwart masses, which had lost confidence by mismanagement of the monarchy and its toady ministers. On July 19th mob of Paris fed up of monarchy system and raided to gain strength by acquiring weapons. Revolution began to reforms in the monarchy that too did not work  due to unreliability of Louis XV1 thus finally in September 1792 was declared the first Republic and national assembly was replaced by a revolutionary convention.  In January 1793 who tried to fee the country with his family was later convicted as conspiring against the liberty of the nation. Louis X1V, XV, XV1 committed for the safety of monarchy but step by step to persecute excessively with masses mentally, economically and physically rendered to its extreme became intolerable to masses hence gave birth to revolution for the positive to begin.


Unstable post revolution Government too faced difficulty to save themselves from masses, helped Napoleon Bonaparte to over throw them by tricking. In 1804 he became emperor of France. To legitimize his authority he decided to fight wars for victories in the battlefield. His series of invasion finally in 1812 gave control of most of Europe. Excessive of every this is bad he did not realize and kept invasion excessively from Russia to Prussia. When he got defeated by English he ended up himself in exile till 1821 and died. His rise was too fast to become extinct fast.


Beginning of Hitler was positive when in First World War heir to Austrian empire was assassinated; he was caught up in patriotism and joined Bavarian army. His patriotism was the positive approach that he wanted to contribute his endeavor to the country. Hitlers regiment encountered with British and Belgian army and he himself was awarded iron crosses for bravery. In October 1918 he got temporarily blinded by mustard gas in Belgian attack, during his recovery form blindness Communist rebellion shook Germany and socialists took control of the Government. What made him hatred towards Jews was that some Jews were leaders of these revolutions. His hatred was the beginning of negative of his life. After loosing a war Germany had lost many of its colonies and parts of the country. Hitler had an opportunity to join political party. Behind joining party was the hatred feeling towards Jews. His emotional speeches attracted masses and gained massive support from people that led his negative to reach extreme. His main objective was to take back all the lost territory, expelling Jews from Germany who had migrated and canceling their civil rights also included revoking humiliating Versailles treaty. Down fall of economy benefited his party to become strong and powerful voice. In 1934 His destruction began from his immense popularity that led to act extremely to eliminate Jews in order to have control over the world. Hitler ordered the seizure of Austria and the Sudetenland in 1938. Invasion of Poland was on 1st September 1939 that was the beginning of his military to capture most of Europe. This success further motivated to indulge into extreme by ignoring non aggression pact with Soviet Union in August 1939. Several victories earlier in Soviet Union were reversed and faced defeat in Moscow. United States also joined the war with Allied forces and began to invade Germany occupied Normandy on the French Coast. Finally Germany had to fall under and face humiliating defeat. On April 30th 1945 he had no choice but to commit suicide. That again brought peace to the world; his demise had become so important for peace to world. So any thing of any form has to reach its extreme to deteriorate to bring new life. People were not worried that Hitlers dream was to enter into priesthood, most of European wanted his demise especially the dependents and parents of who had suffered. Negative environment in that world made Hitler negative; he led the environment to extreme negative to perish so new peace could emerge.



I quote an example of fruit that is tasteless in the beginning then sour and sweet but when sweetness reaches to its extreme that renders to rotting and finally ends up landing on the ground to fertile, for new plant, therefore, in order to keep cycle rolling birth and death are equally important. I feel birth is death and death is birth. It is natural system of chain for cycle to roll. What is borne has to reach to extreme to expire. Same is with our stages of life our mature adulthood is the extreme and after that old age begins which leads us to our extinct. All extremes are for end and end is the beginning for new.


A normal saying Excess of everything is bad. it is true. Comfort is good for us but when we are too dependent is too bad that way we become slave to comfort and feel uneasy without this. We drink liquor for our pleasure. Pleasure of taste develops within us motivates to drink more and more for more and more pleasure renders to addiction. Excess of consumption makes liquor to drink us. In both comfort and liquor we see depending excessively leads from positive to negative. Who is indulged in excessive comfort is weak afterwards and liquor consumer in excess is addicted. Pleasure as an instrument to weaken to our willpower thus we are forced to incline. What we do in normal practice is good that way we dont become slave rather we make subject as slave to satiate us. Many monarchies had collapsed and many leaders have ruined due to their excesses as we read above examples.


Many civilizations existed and became extinct. Before extinct all the civilizations reached to their extreme. Egyptian, Roman, Mesopotamian, and others reached to their extreme before extinct. All these civilizations were developed and powerful endeavored to spread their kingdom that rendered to territorial war to invade. Whoever, succeeded had forced own cultures and rituals to defeated country. So defeated countrys own cultures vanished partly and got mixed up with new. Invasion and defeat became cause for new culture mixture of both the countries. Every life form is designed to finish each other by overpowering. Men are designed to territorial aggression to gain dominance. These examples we see not only in human but also animals. In human or animals acquisition of assets means exposure of supremacy on others. Territorial protection means a challenge as influential. In old times influence was meant to display women and food to associate with them. Women selected on the basis of influential possession in power and comfort. We can see in present life same in different way as the time changed our positions. Present way of exposure by men to have association is by display of accumulation of wealth, health and comfort. These factors attract women to invite men to get close. As I observe, Women independence of selection of men had been curtailed long-long ago by  religious set ups. Many religions considered women power was for destructions of humanity as major conflicts among men was wealth, women and lust among these women were on the top as women too were most affected by men conflicts they were posed as property that to be acquired but now the situation has changed by evolution of systems women now can protect themselves with their educational skill and human riight awareness so prevenlance of old religious system is not workable religion need to upgrade itself. Fertile land was an easy access to food that no body likes to give up that made aggression as tendency to acquire food giving land. Human tendency of acquisition made aggression common rendered to advanced weapons for either to protect or aggression. Super power (GOD) never wants things to stay as it is so mass extinction is one that helps GOD for total change. To make effective it developed natural disasters and use of human intelligence as artificial disasters. Humans too were not less they too intended to defeat super spirits (GOD) by eliminating deceases and controlling or predicting the natural devastation for protection but human failed to defeat GOD in eliminating artificial disasters rather promoted them by destroying environment and developing mass destruction weapons. Evolution of brain further developed our imagination and intelligence helped in developing top most weapons of mass destructions and we feel pride being possessor of them. Our national integrity is strong if we possess them. They are displayed to the population to show the achievements, high rate of unemployment and rise in poverty is no matter as long as we possess these weapons. Each country is in the race to develop, just imagine how many countries and how many bombs. Even 5 bombs out 50 bombs developed will be cause of mass extinction of our civilization, even protecting devastating gases from leakage also not easy. So the faster we develop sooner we extinct.


Faster we grow the sooner we become extinct. Many animals have very short age in the same time their growth is fast. Similarly, fast growth is dangerous for economy. We see the example of eucalyptus tree which has fast growth and goes as long as 60 feet without strengthening is base so it is defenseless to flood and storms thus its death is also fast.  In the same time we have mango tree also, which grows slow but the growth starts from their root which penetrates below earth to make strong base to withstand heavy body and natural devastation. There is limitation of any growth after that it turns to change if change is not adopted will render to decrease. Any one feels to touch sky is foolish because it is limitless and limitless means is zero. Zero is everything and is also nothing like sky. Slow growth is steady and constructive but fast growth is easy to collapse. In slow growth, share of growth is shared by majority of population but fast growth limits to few people.


Extreme of positive gives effect of negative and when negative reaches its extreme some one comes to change negative wave to positive. This is the life things reaches to extreme then begins the opposite. Like in the morning sun is pleasant and in noon son is in its extreme, very despising, afternoon is the beginning of cool again as dark overtakes and takes charge to cool.


Our systems are developed for extinction so extreme is must.


If positive + positive is positive, Negative + negative too is positive...

If positive + positive are positive,Negative + negative too is positive;
Same as ( - ) and ( - ) is ( + );
Negative and positive,
can't get along together;
Exactly same as day and night,
Night for dark, day for bright;
Though can't fit in same,
Night has open door for dawn,
day opens door to dusk;
Negative, positive in two directions,
Come together and react;
Life of negative people,
isn't easier with positive,
And their thoughts;
If positive + positive are positive,
Negative + negative too is positive;


Our action is by reaction, thus we don’t act rather we react