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negative/positive and LIFE STANDARD
negative/positive and LIFE STANDARD
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We can also observe negative and positive influence in world economic policies by studying poverty and richness that is prevalent in this world.  Major percentage of world population live in poor conditions and a few are rich this is due to unequal distribution of resources.


When poor, it self is negative and the environment around escalates poverty level. Negative environment is fuel to poor that gives strength to negative, thus negative becomes powerful that spreads its wings to enlarge illiteracy, unemployment, unrest and over population. Illiteracy becomes a norm for poor to incline towards fundamental religion and misguidance forced upon by these leaders. Rise of fundamentalism takes place in the countries which have more poverty and illiteracy. Here the religious understating is attributed by fear in people. Because of fear, belief in god intensified that poverty we are undergoing is our fate.  Poverty adds up many types of negative fear in people. Illiteracy results to undeveloped social awareness, human rights and duties become vague. Such people become prey to negative forces that influence their cruelty on poor. Illiteracy becomes obstacles for fitting into modern way of life. Implementation of modern methods becomes difficult due to non understanding of working style.


Unemployment creates negative environment stronger leads to accepting unsocial source of income. For poor social and unsocial source of income is no matter, for him/her it is bread that matters. Most of reasons for unemployment are due to non availability or lack of improper planning without understanding social conditions of the countries. Planners generally plan without involving themselves practically with social conditions and simply try to copy what the developed countries are doing for their development. By negative approach expectation of positive is impossible. Rather will only help in growing poverty higher and higher. Illiteracy and semi-literates need suitable opportunities thus the purpose of planning fails. Due to misunderstanding social conditions they do not know how the country planning to be done. I quote one of the speeches of top officials of developing country that to generate employment they would emphasis on communications and high tech-industries. What I do not understand, how communication and electronics of high tech industries will help generating employment in countries which has most illiterate or semi-literate population. To introduce this system what we need is first the up-gradation of education that should be accessed to majority of population in the country. But it is a long process as first priority is to find the job opportunity from the available sources so population can upgrade themselves to opt for higher education for high tech. Overgrowth of unemployment will only help people to opt to unsocial resources and social indiscipline like robbery, cheating, trafficking, snatching and others. These will grow as the unemployment level grows, life on earth will be hell. Controlling these activities becomes hell of task in most cases failure they face. Though most of Governments show fake figures specially police stations do not register most of complaints to avoid showing escalating figures, further helped by administrational terms lesser the complaints registered grater the performance of that police stations and that helps promotion or increments. But this helps also the criminals who escape either bribing police or lapses of police. Failure of objective of patrolling helps criminals to assist negative environment to gather more power to spread wings.


Positive and negative exist side by side in our universe so peace and violence too exist. We can only reduce the strength of violence by increasing more number of positive approaches than existing negative, but not possible to eliminate completely. Two individuals have two views so opinions also vary. These differences of opinions lead to opposition. If opposition is not there positive will always function extremely and will feel what is being done is correct. What correct felt may be incorrect to second person? Extreme of positive is also a reason for negative to come in form. Endeavor to thwart opposition gives birth to rebellion. Rebels on the other side endeavor to gather mass who agree to their opinions join them to become strong rebellion force. Disobedience becomes their first objective. Supporting mass consider they are as Oppressed by ruling. Ruling people adopt two methods one is use of force and other is bring back rebels to their frame work by convincing or relaxation. When agreement not reached by relaxation or adjustments weapons become the source to thwart rebellion. This gives birth to terrorism or what ever name we give does not matter because use of weapons by rulers, rebels or supporters all are terror creators and their acts have to bear by ordinary people who are not involved.


Unrest results disobedience and adopts unsocial way of life. Over population kills the living condition and deteriorate the environment, forests are cut to main lands, shortage of water, food and essentials. These are the multiple factors who inflate negative to support make life hell.  Crisis aggravates spreads from one place to another then to country, to another then to the entire world; even rich countries are not untouched by the affect. Social disobedience gives birth to violence that is fueled by poor who are employed to help it grow. Since rich countries are too less are too vulnerable where even modern weapons too are helpless.  Violent terrorism is like a battalion of ants which comprises of uncountable human force who finishes everything that comes in their path. Killing how many, killing one force then another force will emerge. For example, problem of terrorism exists in almost every country of the world, even rich countries are most affected, and that has become uncontrollable. To control this situation, use of weapons is foolish because use of weapon is terror; to terrorize terror (terrorists) is something unsuitable because the principle of nature is to put of fire you require water of other cool substance thus for positive to ruin need negative approach and for elimination of negative required positive approach. Therefore use of weapons on countries will not help rather will make worse that may lead to multiple war in the world as most of poor countries are very much affected. Unrest and terrorism has not grown in one day it took long time, to avert this situation long term positive approach need to be adopted by all who engaged themselves to wash away terrorism. Terrorism gained momentum by human force. Most of human force that devoted them is either from fundamental sects or poverty.


Socialism and capitalism are good but extreme of socialism and capitalism is worst. When extreme capitalism, sources are controlled by a few and others to depend on their approach. Workers are squeezed by capitalists for self interests, they are not concerned with workers living, minimum requirement of workers etc; their only concern is how to build up empire. Here workers are deprived of their minimum rights and living condition drops.  Whereas in socialism when in extreme it is opposite, workers see their interest not the company or country. For them increase of salary, security, and less number of working hours. Will be the best when salary is sent home without work because it is their right to live and work is not right. In both the situations industries or the economies are failed in long term, because in capitalism what products are made are not sold because of lack of buying power of the population. And in case of socialistic pattern industries hate to run their show in fear of industrial unrest and loss making. Less production means fewer products to the market and more cost of products becomes unaffordable to sell. Loss of productivity means loss of economy of the country and its GDP thus social pattern is collapsed. Socialism should not be complete socialism and same with capitalism. Only mixed economy is good for working so industries and workers are both benefited. Failure of both the economies added up by over growth of population has resulted massive unemployment rate in the world. Consuming the unemployed has become real headache to country planners, most of the democratic Governments trying to escape this problem by their fictitious unemployment rate which they bring to parliament to satiate the opposites that we have brought down the unemployment level or unemployment level has not grown since we are in power, how long will they take help of fake data, same is not going to stay as is, will further escalate and population is growing furiously each day unemployment rate will shoot up. Because our efforts are not to arrange employment opportunities rather wasting time in lies and collection of fake figures to show in parliament and everybody is happy that country is free from unemployment. However, this policy is not going to last long as over population, unemployment, environment and illiteracy will become international issue because issue of individual countries is spreading from country to country and many countries have been affected causing international unrest. These issues will be common issues thus joint efforts will be taken to tackle this situation. They will bring with new ideologies which will be introduced to all the countries which will be like different type of economic pattern, under which employment absorption will be at high rate. Right distribution of resources will be high rate. As system will come when there will be an agreement to accommodate unemployed. 8 to 10 hour full employment will be discouraged that means for one persons job two persons will be hired also the remuneration will be according to new system so the employment is generated. Each individual will have time to involve in social life. This pattern will also put dead end to disproportionate of resources. Similarly, in order to accommodate over growth of population individual residential houses will be discouraged because for food we need land and if housing systems keep occupying lands at this speed there will be no land for agriculture. So emphasis will be to encourage multiple stories for accommodation. Forests will be initiate that will change climate Flood and draught will be tackled by proper utilization of flood water to draught areas by scientific systems thus equal distribution of rain water.


World economy is controlled by only a few rich countries. Entire world depends on the movement of them. If their economy slows world economy shatters. There should be balanced negative and positive so no one is in controllable position. What most affecting now the developed economies is that their production has increased very high due to modern technology but its disposal is weak? They are not able to trap new markets to as much as their capacity of production due to lack of buying power in the international market. Collapse of their economy results less remuneration, unemployment, unrest etc; Here  negative being stronger, due to domination of poverty in the world, than positive richness, has over come positive and started giving its negative affects. In an open market each countries negative and positive approach is related to world.


Prevalence of negative approach of rulers towards own people was the main reason to weaken self, due to lacking moral support from own population that caused split and disintegration, so outsiders  took advantage of this split and raided. Whenever, our own people mistreated own country population, outsiders took advantages of that and influenced their own interest. This is what happening in many countries, portions of country demanding self determination, independence etc; causes of these are mismanagement, wrong treatment, dividing own people from own people. These factors disintegrate the country. Demanders refuse to accept own rulers thus seek help of outsiders to get relief from existing rulers. This gives birth to militancy and divides into many groups due to difference of opinions like violent, non-violent movements or types of determinations or independence etc; who to be benefited or who not to be. So bipartite systems fails as one group accepts and other does not agree. Third party enters into negotiation with its own interest. Therefore, it does not become problem of one country and its unsatisfied group, but problem of third party country that leads to international issue.  Interference of International body to the issue means interest of many countries is involved. Solution of independence or prolonging to as long as is proper should be benefited to them also. One small piece and eaters are many.


Europeans invaded Asia and Africa because internally these countries were disintegrated due to mistreatment and atrocities by high rulers. Those who had been distressed by own regime, felt relief. But arrival of new regime was with negative objectives; their objective was only loot and reform that did not last forever. To bring positive, objective should be positive. Rich getting richer squeezed Asian and African countries and made them slaves, access to education was denied, freedom and equality were deprived same continued to next then next generation. Similarly tit for tat happened in own countries aggressor invaded and made their lavish life hell. This was wrong approach adopted by whites against blacks and Asians, consequences of these affects slowly and slowly poisoned entire world, when lack of access to education, aggravated many problems like overpopulation, poverty and unemployment and unrest.  Rich got richer and poor got poorer that without realizing shot up in 2-3 decades and poverty and its consequences outnumbered the richness. Poverty became majority in the world and spread its negative effect to the world that made climate and environment change, etc; Freedom and democracy also did not yield results to many countries, because though the rulers were of same countries yet the mentality and the education they had was of same old rulers, system of undeveloped country did not require system and education of Europe. If policies were in accordance to the need of the country their education could have been more fruitful. Positive factor fits with positive atmosphere and negative with negative. If positive and negative come together will be superseded be either whoever is stronger. Population of poor countries kept multiplying uncontrolled, due to religious fundamentalism overpowered uneducated class and their brain. Resulted to poverty further escalation; Benefits of modernization and economic development in the world limited to only few class and countries.


Negative environment has widespread in this living world by many of mistakes and unsystematic distribution of good blessings. Environment around is filled with negative energy only people who have negative approach succeed. For example, a business man is successful only when amasses high profit and accumulate unaccounted amount of assets. To reach to this stage one has to overcharge the customer or manipulate the stock market keeping the shareholders in dark. Similarly, the most precious democracy succeeds only by the help of corruption. For a politician to win an election has to trust on help of money spenders. Petrol companies dont finance on others election without the return. The return that expects is multiplication of what spent. Where will this come from? Only source is cheating the voters who voted for the welfare and next day of wining, the news paper brings news that petrol price has risen. Rise of petrol price is from the pocket of the voter who trusted. So voter also begins to cheat to remain in the system. To accommodate the rise in living standard starts to accept bribe, use of substandard in production, non commitment to the customers etc; Those who are involved directly and indirectly will also act accordingly. Hence the entire system gets corrupt and everybody practices negatively for survival, in this corrupt system higher the corrupt the person is better the achievements. For those who are not corrupt or hesitate to be are not fit into this system so failure they are. This negative wave spreads from one to another thus help to escalate negative environment. Negative environment gains energy by mass that begin to adopt corrupt practices. Corrupt practices help unsocial elements to use corruption as their weapon; bureaucrats and politicians become their puppets and act as wanted by unsocial elements.  Unsocial elements do not dare carry out their activities in positive environment because positive environment is opposite to it.  Growth of negative environment is due to the growth of negative approach and its systems. In order to clean negative environment entire system has to be re cycled and refill positive approach from initial. This is possible only when new era begins. When negative environment reaches to its extreme will lead to multiple offences. People will be very selfish only self will be cared. Ego will give birth to hatred and brutality that will result to multiple fights to bring peace. This extreme step of negative will be the end of negative environment and beginning of positive. People will understand the value of social objectives and become helping hand to each other.




Our action is by reaction, thus we don’t act rather we react