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Even religion in present life is not untouched by negative force. Religion came in when societies formed for betterment and secured life. Super people with high positive energy came forward from the community for the change and respite from atrocities and persecution which ordinary population had to suffer by old orthodox superficial cruel rituals for the benefit of higher authority. Old ritual again was good at time when needed but when these reached to the extreme that started stinking, then positive that reached to its extreme had to give its negative taste, like apple when ripe is sweet but extreme of ripe is rot that stinks and has to perish.  Old system did stick to its old way and did not flow as time changed that reasoned disliking and revolution. This revolution I feel had given to the birth of religion for new and revolutionary systems for the benefits of living population of that community. There are many religions because of many societies. Each religion outlined the scripture to make their environment positive which became holy book. People of these societies came forward to accept the virtue of new revolutionary scriptures. Each one had preferred to obtain scriptures to memorize to remember and act accordingly for the betterment of social life. Virtues of systems pervaded to other societies which did not have same revolution or found better than the existing. Objective of new religions did its positive performances to create positive environment so fetched immense popularity, this popularity gave benefits to religious leaders and the kingdom. Thus many religions did best for spreading their religion to gain more followers. More the followers more the status became their instrument to the kingdom that benefited to religious leaders also. Herewith, deterioration of religion began. Because even behind doing good to the community the objective became negative. That encouraged religions acted to overpower other religions to force their own religion then resistance and war. First when the religion came, that came as fortune which brought positive to environment but when the objective became opposite to its purpose of existence, religion personated to negative form.  Neglecting all the purposes of religion now the objective of the religious leaders are only to acquire status for that acquiring mass followers was important so that resulted to religion to religion war. We see this in our present world where each religion is busy spreading wave of changing people to own religion. Made change of religion as very easy that by only simple ritual men and women converted to new religion, mainly these changes are by force or inspiration. To avert, existing religion retaliates to reconvert. Negative extended so intensively that even population has started realizing that only religion is superior to all. Their holy books are everything and even beyond god so objective of inscriptions in holy books was ignored and began memorizing the whole book only for the fame that I can read book without seeing it.  In many cases I have seen myself as people carry small holy books and open even during travel to start whispering, may be they began this practice since their childhood. Even many temples we see they pray the book and speak out to people all the inscriptions of the holy book. People also come to temple with lot of devotion and listen inscriptions with devotion as long as they are in the temple they are devoted to listening. But when they come out of the temple nothing remains in the mind. Many of us even do not even understand yet we memorize. What surprising, they may read out the whole book without opening book but nothing they have implemented in their life. What is the use of murmuring book unless not used in own life? Now carrying holy book and whispering in public has become prestige issue. We read holy books 5-10 times a day and go to church daily 15 times, so we are doing holy work and we are only entitled for heaven and others to hell. Our religion is the best; faith in our religion will lead to heaven and let you interrelate direct with God. Ego clash of religions led to physical clashes between religions to religion. Religious influence on public leads them to have faith in them and prevents to think beyond. People have been misdirected of religion and its real strength to bring close to spiritual life.


People belonging to many religions have been defamed in all over the world as terrorists. My plea to this is people of these religions are the most disheartened in the world. They are the most oppressed by their own rulers and spiritual leaders. Where there is literacy fundamentalism in religion is less as literacy makes people to understand religion that does not mean as they do not believe, rather they believe only good part of religion. Literates understand more values of religion and reason of existence. Even in cities, only areas are most affected by religious clashes which have semi-literates or illiterates as these people can easily be provoked to act. These people imagine while acting, that they are doing for their religion so religion will lead to heaven. This misunderstanding is due to the influence of mean religious and helped by mean political leaders who use poor population as instrument for obtaining the objective. Illiteracy is the major cause of understanding only the fanatic parts of religion, because fanatic part of religion is the tool of spiritual and political leaders to attract illiterates. So they succeed and misuse the religion believers. Most of religious leaders do not want to upgrade religion as per life changes in a fear of loosing identity. Or they themselves have no education to understand due to lack of advanced education on religion. To escape uprising or overpower these spiritual or political leaders do not wish their community to have more modern education, education they wish to give is old traditional provocative lessons which was then required for change as reform. Rural population is most neglected of countrys development and major part of the population lives there. Illiterate population adds up more children than literate population of urban due to misunderstanding of religion. When inscriptions were introduced the atmosphere was different. Each corner of the world was busy in war and atrocities, as a result death rate was too high besides this even many deceases and natural calamity helped to increase death rate. Hence population growth was required. Now the situation is changed death rate is too low thus we need change of attitude to meet present requirement. Many Governments and their leaders still opt to religion and their leaders as tools to win elections. As long as public is illiterate, they will be misused as tools. Though the old cruel civilizations vanished yet its affects continued in many countries. Who to be blamed, religion or their leaders? Religions are the products of revolution for reform. So I feel only blame will not solve the purpose. Reform in religion is necessary for our future children or else they will not even like any religion to interfere in their life. As we see young generation of many developed countries, they do not like to know what religion is. They wish freedom from religion. When religions were borne the objective was positive as social change for better world. Now they have become too old to begin giving negative effects because change did not take place to accurate with changing life.



What I feel ritual is the method to get contact with holy spirits. Tantra is a ritual by which the yantra is empowered by the mantra. Any substance can be used for yantra, so when we go the temple we dont pray the idols but we pray energy that possesses the yantra (tool) that maybe in the form of idol. We whisper mantra (ritual words) to attract spirits to possess idol, and when the idol is possessed by spirits that becomes the way to interact with them. Our interaction with spirits of our ancestors or holy, builds strength in us to be tolerable, strong to face unwanted harms, guides us with positive thoughts, etc;. Some paid rituals by sacrificing themselves and some believed sacrificing others. Sacrificing rituals were carried mostly in temples by spiritual head. However, going to temple is not necessary for interacting with holy spirits, can be performed any place even at home. Even we can perform through human as many holy saints said best of yantra to get in touch with holy spirits is human body. Therefore, blessings from elders are considered as very important and auspicious.  Energies are attracted by fragrances and light so people offer by lighting incense sticks and candles to provide light. There are many examples in many countries and in many civilizations that people believed in calling spirits on human bodies for contact and conversations. These rituals are performed even today. This helps them to have contact with their gods/ ancestors and seek blessings or advise. We human bodies are only the tools for spirits to posses and act. Our spirits can use other objects in our front as mirror that reflects back so we can speak to own that gains strength for objective. Like people keeping picture of most loving on working table or hang on the wall. We concentrate on the picture and whisper with that, means is that we are trying to interact with that picture. After many times and days of concentration and whispering picture becomes real to us and we share our sorrow and joy with that. The picture is yantra for us to interact and that protects us unknowingly. We speak to the picture say I have this problem that has become to fussy what should I do now. The answer comes from that though that comes from our inner conscious in yes / no. We try to act according to yes / no what reflected from the picture. The picture also shares our sorrow with us as we find some one with whom we spell out and find proper response, that is our energy that we are interacting with which reflects back (as mirror) to us. Modern science does not accept this as is not material to prove. Also modern science is in not developed shape to analyze as it has to do more. For example, we have yet to study fully on our body and brain. It is long time yet to explore fully of our existence and functioning process. Even scientists who do not believe this yet they believe because they too are humans. Realization of god in most cases takes place when any unwanted happens to us that becomes beyond our control and nothing we can do. Will say Oh! God why did this happen? Save me! Bla.Bla. This is the voice from our inner conscious that wants help but from whom and from where? Correctly not known yet there is expectation of a help. An example, a couple going in a car got stuck due to brake down in lonely place in jungle. No choice to get a cab or lift that could take to destination. Dark atmosphere has created fear in them. The forest is full of wild animals hearing of wild noise was throbbing heart. The fear that came in both had made their inner conscious to whisper to strengthen them to face what had to happen. It is a natural practice of all human beings to whisper that consoles. It is not necessary that we need to whisper praise to god, anything that we whisper during that period is godly. By doing this, fear gets some what suppressed and lets us to come forward with more strength that leads our brain to work better to face situation. Knowing or unknowingly we are all into practice of spiritual rituals. So believe in god does not mean only by visiting any temple, church or mosque. Any where, any place, any time we can go for rituals and also any word but should be from the heart (inner conscious) that will heal us. Many people I see going to temple of MA (mother) mother Merry, Santoshi MA. On the other hand their own mother who gave birth is disrespected by them. Going to temple and worship statue has no use as long as you do not respect own mother. Mother who gave birth to us is mother marry, ma Santoshi and apparent example of earth. We respect them that are more than going to hundred thousand temples and 365 days of the year. As long as we take blessings from them, they will keep adding the positive to our energy.


Our action is by reaction, thus we don’t act rather we react