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I feel there is cycle that rotates for good and bad times.

Our action and behavior depends on the circumstances, we weep when we are sad, laugh when we are happy, we curse when we are disappointed and we shout when we are angry. This is time factor, when what to react. One can not laugh when is sad. Time factor makes us to react accordingly and also makes changes in our behavior. Today one is strong and healthy does not mean will always remain same. Any fever for some time will change altogether healthy man will look weak. Strength what obtained that time is no more until gains further that will take some time. When I was a child I had nothing to fear only eats, play and free. I wept only when I got scolding from Mom or Pop. When I grew up to be schooled my worries started developing that began to change my behavior also I began to learn how to become irritant and sorrow etc;. Irritation further grew when I became full adult and began going to office. Here the age factor made a change in our attitude and behavior developed when responsibilities came on our head.


Yesterday I was at right time to reach office but today I am too late because the train got stuck up and delayed for minor repair. Delay geared up irritation in fear that boss would be annoyed. This irritation (negative) aggravates stress, fury, fear, and anxiety would generate confusion that leads to imbalanced brain functioning. Imbalanced brain functioning causes differences, misbehaviors with co passengers. Mind is occupied by only delay and its causes or repercussions; I would not appreciate any appreciable around me. This situation will last until facing boss. If the train was in order I would have been perfect as I was yesterday. So the time factor plays its role to create environment to change behavioral attitude.


Why did the train go out of order? Why my boss is so non cooperative? The answer is it is machine and prediction is not possible! Secondly, As long as I have to work in this company I have to face my boss unless new boss arrives or I change my job. Impact of my bosss behavior is so intense in my day to day life that stresses my mind that affects my family, office work and colleagues. How long I will keep bearing the environment is a positive attitude that makes me to consider and reconsider that should I leave job for a change or wait for right time when new boss arrives.


Attitude and behavior is never same in our life we change as we grow. When we are child it is our learning stage so our grasping power is fast. This age is also for our growth so our digestive system is strong what we eat gets digested fast. Puberty age is the step to begin putting in practice what learnt for survival. This is very tuff age for all whether boys and girls because they have to face competition from adults. Adult age is for struggle for the objective so are powerful physically as well as mentally. Because of our strength we speed up our actions to accumulate as fast as possible. We are strong enough to fight back the obstacles in our path. When these major periods of life are in end the old age comes. We loose strength, memory weakens and we live to kill time. Our worries and fear develops during this time due to illness, weakness and unfit for competitive survival. So now we are dependant as the infants. We want somebody to care us and love us. We see here same human being with many changes of behavior with the changing time.


We feel too sad. These reflect externally in our behavior, when we are sad we are depressed during this time our concentration is lost, we are emotional makes changes of mood, we feel too negative of every thing that reflects in our practice, heads to disappointing non-performance. What we perform will be dissatisfactory and will many times ruin. I know one my friend his name was Anand, who was very good human being. He was an assistant sales manager in one soap company so he was most of times on tour.  He was well qualified married and had one son and one daughter.  Life was very fine until one day he found his wifes sexual connection with another man. When he caught her with proof, his got exasperated and his behavior became destructive. And one day he murdered her that led him to jail for life term. This situation could have happened with his wife also if she caught him in the act. So during sad period none knows what is next, I never expected he could murder his wife and end up in the jail. If that time his negative was not so strong or dominated by the positive factor, he could have gone for divorce saying Look ok this act has proved that we can not go together any more, so I need divorce. Exasperation made him in uncontrollable situation and nothing could influence that moments powerful negative intensity. Here happiness can not overpower the sadness or depression because he was so much involved in his family. He loved his wife and children so much that he thought he was doing all the hard work for his family. Family was for him the dream, life and his everything. He could not take this set back that was too negative force for him that his inner negative multiplied strength and came out with full force. But when if were made very happy by other atmosphere like getting very high break or he won a million lottery. His positive energy field could have gone so strong that this incident would have not resulted to this extent. His happiness is more powerful than the negative he could have had hesitation for instant action, now even suppression of this news was not possible as news of winning lottery he expected to give first to his wife. Negative also is trying its strength to influence him Ok what for you won? Who are you going to give news is no more your alone? With these controversial inputs by negative and positive and positive having overpowered will avert the disastrous action of murdering wife and end up only in separation or if he grate man will pardon.


We feel happy is awesome and inspiring. Even in case of wifes depriving action gave less of its effect when he won a lottery which made him over joy. When he won the lottery his positive factor was so extreme that gave his action to positive but negative too being too powerful in this incidence could not overcome to change his mental balance and he acted accordingly that averted disastrous mishappenning. I wish to explain in this episode how happiness and sadness changes our life.


Once upon a time there was balloon seller, he used to sell balloons very well to children and had very good sales technique to sell them, and he kept selling and enjoyed making money. But all of sudden his sales dropped to almost zero; there his technique did not work for long time. The reason was that taste of children had changed; they were bored by balloon and vendors boring repeated technique. Now the sales of kite seller has boosted because kite is now new thing and interesting as can fly and manage flying, children also feel this game is with interest of competition as how far one would fly. Therefore, if in life always good time, no new thing will take place. Here, role of negative time was important for balloon seller to reconsider item that he wants to sell, he will have to find better item than kite to attract children. So the approach of balloon seller is heading to positive time. Negative is for revolution in life though experience is bitter.


Each individual realizes in own life, when compares, that from that to that period was bad and whatever did was towards loss and disappointing. But same thing when did, that to that period, was really good yielded not only heavy profits but people also had appreciated. This situation comes almost in every ones life. Here, this is the same situation of balloon seller who did not sell his balloons when kites invaded. Once his sales were in peak, and now he is starving to survive. His time will change again when children got bored by kites or he comes back with better product than kite. This is the connection from one person to other who is affected by others good. Ones good fortune is on the cost of others bad luck. So ones bad period is others good period that makes me understand that nature wants always change for evolution that is possible by negative and positive effects in life span, it wants us to be like river that always flow, if we wish life only of good period it will be stagnant and without gaining of experiences. An explorer faces lot of problems while exploring his subject but until he enters in the field he does not expect the problems will be so much. His involvement with problems makes him perfect as his gets ideas by mistakes that give him the ideas for solutions that make things more interesting and challenging. When solutions are used becomes perfect, I dont see this as very perfect as no one is fully perfect in the life always there is scope for more. It is unending process. Similarly, happens in our life also and we learn from mistakes. What we learn from books we dont see much in practice. In order to survive we have to be involved practically. Books are only the passage, experience is that teaches us to clean and make passage to walk through. Only good or only bad in our life is like unmoving water that will rot and stink.


Impact of time factor is too powerful it can change us, our approach, our destiny, our environment and our future. To explain this I give an example that once a family had planned for a vacation trip to Paris, all tickets were booked, preparation was done. The family comprising two children and couple were overwhelmed, environment was pleasant even parched tree looked beautiful, so mental balance was perfect, everything seemed favorable and suitable. All of sudden one from the family met accident and hospitalized, reason was collusion that other cars driver hit at back of the car while over speeding, the mental imbalance had resulted to over speed. But when news brought in has shocked, stress has changed mental balance totally, what was then favorable is unfavorable now; stress has escalated situation of  confusion,  now what? Dont know what to do! OH! God what will happen to my husband, now the priority is to rush to hospital and to manage unfortunate happening sudden change from happy to sadness, diverted from happiness to sorrow made mental imbalance to help negative to overpower and familys approach has shifted to negative from positive. After the news of her husbands death, things had further saddened Time is never motionless, is changeable always though the outcome of negative or positive influence depends how we manage if the patience is adopted by accepting truth things will towards positive.


For us to settle down from old environment to new environment, it takes time because of our involvement in old atmosphere for long time that made us to adjust accordingly. This does not happen when we are involved for short time. However experience we are having it does not matter, we carry them mentally and physically to new atmosphere also until we are fully adjusted in new atmosphere, repetition of old practice continues. Our adaptation develops step by step by experiencing bad and good part both. It is like a person got advises from doctor to exercise in the morning to remove fat from the body. Initially we are lazy causing due to old habits that still wants us to act as per that. We were not prepared for new beginning. The exercise would be painful for some time. Muscles get pulled; tiredness would emerge and body pain would start as muscles changing its position from relaxed to solid that process is pulling and painful. What we are not mentally prepared to accept that forces us to discontinue. Who are inclined to relaxed life are slaves to the atmosphere they generally discontinue but who knows survival is possible only by continuation they succeed. In most cases people succeed and continue because of fear of death or major illness. We continue because time factor wants us to switch to new environment of healthy living. So we begin to adjust ourselves by bearing pains and stress. After some times, continues habitual practice these muscles get adjusted and become painless. When we are fully adjusted and we can not live a day without exercising, we feel something is missing and not fresh because today I did not for exercise. After we are adjusted the process becomes automatic and we get ready as soon as we wake up.


Similarly, in the case of a person who worked in one office for 2-3 year and was deeply involved in that environment was partly good and partly bad. After all in a company both good and bad collogues you have, and we are adjusted accordingly. If a colleague is too crook our action was to hide, alert. And the colleague was good supporting we had good understanding asked for help from her in work. We were fully occupied mentally. Now need a break and change the company for better remuneration? Got a new company that has all the new people, their behavior is unknown, who are supportive and who are not. We study them and they study us. Meanwhile we are physically in the new office but mentally we are in the old office. We are occupied by memories of old colleagues, old boss, etc; we still make a phone call that is an effect of old environment what lets to call old friends, speak about new  company and its atmosphere. What we discuss about new company in home, old office and friends is the beginning of adaptation to new environment. This is the learning process of adjustment. We are learning their behavior, what and how boss wants me to do, how the politics is and who plays it in new company, etc, etc; makes us to develop to fit in.


We need to fit according to the time. We change us according to the time and we live as per the time wants us. How did a man become lazy? He became lazy because the environment had comforts in which he lived made him slave to become lazy now when doctor told No. Mr. If you live like this any more fat will eat you away. Get up early in the morning begin exercise so he did to become fit man. In whole this episode I mean to time factor is important part of our life for change.


Our action is by reaction, thus we don’t act rather we react