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We life forms are energy (spirits) and our birth in earth is to gather required energy field by experiences. Promotion and demotion depends on as how much we get involved to negative and positive.

While leaving earth we do not even take any of our body part. We do take away with us abstract of all our life experiences. That abstract is the qualification or disqualification for the growth of our energy field.

Spiritual science says that we are spirits (Atma), gained body from the earth and its natural resources, to function for gaining the objective for what we are in this earth. In many cases I am made to realize by my own experiences and viewing others that there is something above of us, who governs us. We as spirits are sent to earth to gain our required energy field. Our destiny, role in this earth is in accordance to the need for promoting energy field of our spirits. Fate is predetermined on the basis of positive and negative value of us, above that and below that expecting is useless unless we are successful in obtaining the required energy from the environment.


We do not work ourselves it the inspiration that makes us work. For example we eat or drink only when we are thirsty or hungry. As thirst and hunger are very important for the body to linger on until we need to live. We are also given taste that makes us greedy to have more and more. This practice of lure is to act upon to obtain essentials what required for survival.


Feel of pain is to act for protecting body. If there is no pain we dont care, whatever, may happen to body. So when we are hurt, the pain instigates to do away with that hurt us. Pain is categorized in physical pain and mental pain. Physical pain is for part of body and mental pain is for systems of the body. When environment around us does not suite that gives mental pain. Mental pain results to stress, confusion, and imbalance of mental functioning. In both types of pain we run for escape.


Relief if given to us to release unwanted from body. We may be engaged on most important work in our office or home and hold urine for some time but that some time does not last long and one stage comes that is brought by pain to us is the instruction Look what I order is now more important go now and release urine at once. We will run to toilet at once leaving that important task in hand. Pain though that time is obstacle to our most important work yet is savior of our body functioning. And relief with pleasure is given to add up new generations to earth and feeding milk to new baby. Without the pleasure in this release no body would take interest or waste time for silly adding up population.


 If super energy had not provided these feeling to us then sure we would not have worked according to what was required for evolutionary progress. We all put efforts because we have been given inspiration. Inspirations is added up by greed that makes us puts more and more efforts in work for good results. Yes, I will get this if do this.


 We all dream a lot to be highest in position or rich but how many of us reach; only a few are entitled. It is not that they are very special but they are chosen one, their energy is more compatible to absorb and to live with, because they have gained enough energy fields by their endeavor to bring the situation to this level. I read in many books and many guided me in my child hood to work hard. Hard work is not a solution of every thing or is not even key to achieve the objective. To put efforts what and when is required is more important. If these are known we need less of work for better of the results. One simple example will clear whole issue as a school drop out boy Bill Gates could invade world computer market by his software and made him the richest in the world. He was not at all intelligent in studies yet his brain worked where he was required. Bill Gates was chosen one because of his natural qualities. Academic qualification was not so important for his role in life.


Why am I not as intelligent as him? What special did he have to be better than me? These raised in my mind many times seeing others growing in their life with less efforts but I dont enjoy life despite my hard work. I work day and night and get hardly enough. My wife accuses me for being dumb and not able to send my children to good schools. It is not one blow of hammer but many blows from many hammers. My fate is not decided by me only what I did was to put efforts as good way as others in a dream that one day I too will be same. This positive input of efforts in the right environment has given growth to my energy (Atma).


This higher energy (Paramatma) decides who, when and why. For supreme energy negative and positive are equally important as both of them have their role to play, only happiness all the time is not perfect so negative plays its role to activate and rejuvenate though role of negative is for less time as compared to positive but that little time shakes to hell to make us realize yes we have to be active. I too believe this when encountered the experiences in my life. Working for over 8 years in one company I was content and happy that made me lethargic doing job as usual but not as then as I was new employee I began taking things casual saying as it happens, my input of efficiency was reduced that was not enough to run show that gloomed my future and I started feeling depressed for my future as what will happen when I loose job, this depression as negative interfered and pushed me to do something for the future and that reactivated my ability to show performance. Though I did not like role of negative in my life as it shook me up but it was very important for rejuvenation of my energy to be in same form as I was new comer to the company. So each individual faces the cruelty of negative in some or other way that changes the behavior. Affect of cruelty of negative varies from human to human as how much positive and negative have dominated the person


I feel some times very aggressive and some times opposite to it, sometimes I feel very lucky and some incidents make me very unlucky. Why we humans are not the same in behavior and style of living? Why some people live long ling and some die in young age? Why people live in extreme poverty and others in rich lavish life? Energies (Atma) are directly contacted to negative and positive factors; rather life is controlled by them during our life span. Negative energies will create and fit conveniently to live with negative environment and positive will make positive environment. That is why we see some people think negative and act negative. For them negative thinking is normal and easy.  Every body will not dare cheat or murder as these people can do. But when such energies come in contact with positive environment they become uneasy and getting involved becomes most difficult job because their objectives and functional role is to strengthen negative environment.


Negative environment can be minimized and changed to more positive environment but that depends. More the number of positive thinkers grater the strength of positive environment. So, number of positive energies has to be more than the number of negative energies for dominating environment.  Present world environment has tilted toward negative due to dominance by negative spirits (Atma).


We humans can realize this as we are the most intellectuals among all life forms. My observation is that we are all spirits (energy) who functions as per control of negative and positive. Also I realize sometimes that our birth to this earth is with objective. We are only the instruments for super energy [super spirit (Paramatma)] despite liking or not liking we are under influence by Paramatma to engage in karma (work) that we have to perform. My feeling is that we as spirit come to earth to gain the energy field by performing our responsibilities in the interference of positive and negative. Positive and the negatives in our life are the influences that strengthen or weakens energy field of our spirits. These spirits accordingly form as high and low spirits. Lower spirits have low status because they have not been able to gather as much energy as required that could promote the spirits. That is the reason as I feel action of some people are very negative and their way of life is only destruction, kill, rape, cheat etc; even if these people do not want to carry out such activities yet  they are unable to resist and act. For example Hitler who is despised by the world especially Europe, because the experiences people had only inflamed hatred feeling during his life and after death also hatred feelings continued. Hitler by himself was never hatred man before but experiences with community motivated him to act so. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 to a custom official, had a dream to become Priest. When communist revolution extended his country motivated him to despise Jews and communists. Negative environment got hold of him and his soul to act negative rendered him to become most despising dictator. Extreme of his actions had helped him to go more and more negative.  On the other hand, Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi who was a barrister in South Africa got inspiration of freedom which he considered higher than the job of barrister. The inspiration was, getting his one tooth broken by English in humiliated way. So he devoted his all life for freedom and jails. Lower spirits when come to earth are with different objective than the spirits of higher level. Why we pray some people? Because their birth was for others welfare all though these holy people had to bear persecutions and pain for social cause. On the contrary we also find opposite to this that are despised during their life and after life. Why we hate some people? Because their birth was for help create negative environment stronger. Low intensity low spirits are content with low profiles like small cheatings, rape, stealing etc; but low spirits with high intensity reach high to function on high profile. Low spirits are easy prey to negative environment that influences them. They gain experiences of bitter feelings forces them to act. Low intensity high spirits come to earth with good objectives fit to ordinary life. High intensity high spirits come with objectives for mass. Jewish people were ruled by the Romans. Romans taxed Jewish heavily that made their life hell.  A Jewish religious teacher was born in Galilee to Jewish mother. Messiah was born at the time when social change was required. His teaching experience on religion taught examples of life as Paramatma had planned for him. For social change he adopted gentleness and peace as method for revolutionary change. His preaching and lessons gave birth to Christianity. During 570CE a boy was born in Mecca to family of Quraysh tribe. His father died before his birth and mother died when he was 6. Being not rich he spent most of his childhood tending cattle for others to earn living. His first stage gained him the nick name honest. His preaching made many followers to follow that spread to the entire world. He was Muhammad the creator of Quran for a social change that was desperately required to wipe out intensity of negative environment in the world. Whenever there is extreme of positive starts effects of negative and when the negative reaches to extreme some one comes to change the wave. Who make changes for good are real messengers of Paramatma because they are super spirits that attracts masses to follow though initially some difficulties. Today, Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi or Nelson Mandela or others who have been able to change negative wave to positive, only freedom fighters but after long-long  years people will realize that they had something which gathered masses to make change of wave.



Our action is by reaction, thus we don’t act rather we react