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Fire is reaction, produced by friction of two substances in negative and positive (opposite) directions. Fire seeks help of substance for its extension. It is the substance that helps fire to become furious. So intensity of fire depends on power of substances.



My feeling about the role of negative and positive is absolute. Objective and existence is governed by negative and positive factors. These have power to make, manage and destroy all plants, minerals, and humans. I feel existence of negative and positive so important those made me observe our existence is because of their reactions.


When the earth was created, it had no atmospheric conditions that could let us live. Negative and positive factors of the atmosphere contributed their efforts to create atmosphere by extreme hot and cold and vise a versa which led to evaporation followed by  rains, Conditions developed many gases, and others required energies for life on the earth, finally resulted moisture and decomposition to create fungus (mold) that became a cause for bacteria to emerge. As I observe first stage of creation on earth is fungus (mold) due to decomposition on wet area, and negative and positive features in bacteria reacted together that resulted to emergence of life formation of negative and positive (male and female) together. These male-female later separated and shaped own identity. Characteristic of male was to ejection and female was to suction and conceive, all together opposite objectives structured themselves according to need, they needed to join together for new creation that gave birth to individual identity of life forms from trees to animals.  Thus evolution kept progressing according to the necessities, its balance and adaptation to atmosphere. How togetherness of negative and positive progress existed to balance natural selection? Whether in sea or earth it begins from sources of plants to plants, to balance overgrowth of plants, plant eaters existed, to balance plant eaters, their flesh eaters and small flesh eaters to big flesh eaters. Apart from these smallest insects to biggest so nothing is unused. Like that it kept progressing to form a chain thus each one to link each for natural balance on earth as opposite to each other. For plant, plant eater was negative and for plant eaters, their eaters were negative. Role of negative here is to uniform all the life forms. If negative did not exist all together with positive, just imagine what would have happened, earth would have been barren without any life forms. For existence of any form in this earth, negative and positive feature is must.


Similarly, hot to winter, day to night, humid to desert and water and land. Each, opposite to each living condition, made survival to live accordingly. Survival condition developed them to adapt as per required to survive. However, people living in cold condition are modified to that and their structure is developed to resist cold, if are now required to live in hot or moist condition this will be opposite to their structure that developed and survival in negative atmosphere will be very difficult. Those having strong resistance power will survive and weaker will get sick or die. Similarly our hormones are meant for sleeping at night and working in day time, our body will not adjust to this opposite atmosphere and will react with wrong functions such as headaches, improper motions and digestion, and tiredness, as are not meant for humans. But if continues for long time the body will have to modify accordingly to fit the situation.


Negative and positive existed side by side together to balance each other that we can feel and see in all living and non living forms. It is like a stick which has two ends one is positive and the other end is negative, beginning of stick is positive and last of stick is negative. When we turn what we presumed positive is now negative, positive may not be looking same positive to every one, there has to be some people around who say, no it is negative like we all say police is for protection whereas can thief expect the same way, so for thief is negative what we say is positive.


Spiritual way of understanding is that human being was created by God and man was created first to help man then woman. Why woman is graded below as the helper of man. Is womans function not important? Is she not responsible of producing child later become man and woman? Without woman there is no man because she is the one who is in the charge of producing and nourishing them until reach to become independent. I would have been more comfortable if said Goddess created human being.  I do not want to criticize but what I do not feel comfortable also as why human feels self so important when each creature has its own responsibility towards God. Only human says human is important and super that is why we feel we humans are created as described in holy books.  Some animals possess special quality of prediction earthquakes and other qualities what has been proved scientifically which we intend to take help of them, these strengths possessed by them is due to the living with nature. They can smell the distances and territory these we also possessed in our ancient times. When we no more required we lost these abilities.  If we were in jungle, would have received same treatment as animal gives to other animal. This does not mean even animals do not have special qualities; we do not understand their abilities because we are not yet studied fully about them. When we study we will also realize that they too have strength to interact with their spirits. Spiritually when we say, those who realized they still believe in pray ritual to snakes, eagle, elephants, crocodiles, cows and other species. They have become gods for us even Egyptian civilization believed in strength of animals like dogs, birds, etc; therefore, we and our intelligence are the result of evolutionary process. Like chimpanzees and gorillas they are superior to other animals and we are superior to them because of the brain evolution to adapt the surviving condition. These animals too have ego, lust, fear, dominations, greed and feel of security etc. etc:  Each creature functions as per the duties entrusted to it. Like deer is borne for balancing overgrowth of grass or plants and Lion is borne to balance the overgrowth deer population. Are these not responsibilities? For nature all the living creature is same as long as they are into their functions. So my explanation is that undoubtedly we are superior but not special as we are not gods of other survival because they treat us as if we are same than other animals. We have capacity to overpower them because they are less intelligent than us. Similarly, when we compare rural illiterate and urban literate we will find much of difference in behavior and activities. They are simple and without modern crook ness and selfish life. Rural person can be easily fooled by urban person. Does this mean that they are less of human than us? Our systems develop according to the environment we are into. Finally our brain became so strong that made us realize toward God and developed method of interaction with spirits.


When I was young 35 years back I did not know what computer is? What computer game is? Securing 60% of marks in the school meant distinction and very brilliant. Television was only dream to me. To watch cinema I used to go 3 kilometers and watch black and white cinema.  Now each student knows about computer operation. They can play as fast as the computer plays. Obtaining 80% marks is the minimum qualification to entry to college. And now the televisions have full of knowledgeable programs. Existence of televisions and computers are the progress of children to get closed to the world and enhance their knowledge as they have access to it. When we compare ourselves with children they are far better than us as they have more competition than we had. Competition makes to grab more knowledge and practice which makes them more knowledgeable and efficient. Their children that mean our grandchildren will have more exposure and access to new information and technology that we do not think even in the dream what would be. So brains will shape and grow as per their needs and exposure. We will say how intelligent these children are. In fact they will be shaped to the needs

We humans are borne as vegetarians, our and our ancestors tooth shape is clear indication were and are for chewing and not tearing, and Flesh eaters have 4 long teeth to tear flesh and others shaped to chew and swallow. Circumstances and shortage made us to become flesh eaters also.

Our birth has the objective towards the earth is that we are responisble to create enviornment for future. In return we take the extract of experiences when we leave earth.


Our action is by reaction, thus we don’t act rather we react