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positive relates with positive and negative relates with negative but when comes to reproduction negative and positive have to join together.
Selection of  partners are by natural way. We do not select ourselves. This process develops when woman and mans engery interact with each other that makes selection.

Negative and positive are two different aspects of our universe with two different objectives, if one is night the other is day yet they are linked to each other because without night there is no day. To use electricity there should be negative and positive connections. Energy is made only by combination of opposite and positive reactions. Women and men though they are opposite to each other they have to be in contact to generate. Their role is different in the life man to pass gene and woman to conceive and give shape.  Two features opposite to each other have to join together to form a shape. So relation of negative and positive is imperative for evolution and generation. One factor is to give life and other factor to give death and death is for new birth. One is borne with death determined. For nature death (destruction) is as important as birth. Life and death exists side by side in order to balance life and form. During spring all the trees bear green new leaves but in autumn they dry and fall to earth to get mixed. Death of new leaves is the opportunity for new leaves to come. Death is for birth of bacteria. Any thing that dies will decompose to carry bacteria. Milk is converted to yogurt when bacteria is formed same way is the cheese. Also alcohol is made when concentrate forms bacteria. These examples have made clear as how dead decompose and carry bacteria to give birth of new one. Here rotting of grapes helped to extract wine and alcohol. Both these are spirits and are flammable, anything flammable is energy. Therefore, emergence of bacteria in decomposed is energetic enough produce flammable spirit. So bacteria are energy. I wish to explain to my opinion as there is no relation between energy and bacteria rather they are one. Energy is bacteria and bacteria are energy. Scientific explanation of creation and evolution are absolutely correct though I do not know much about evolution and creation as I was not a science student yet if my observation is right, Fungus (mold) resulted due to moisture and decomposition produced bacteria that created plants, and decomposition of plants then helped to emerge bacteria for new life forms as from milk to cheese and grapes to wine. Evolution of bacteria gave birth to life forms, from plants carried bacteria and these bacteria gave new form then these new forms decomposed to carry bacteria they further gave new forms. This gradual process eventually gave to life forms. To avoid excessive decomposition of body of life forms that may result to excessive of creation of bacteria would result to uncontrollable hell, flesh eaters and specially eaters of dead body like vultures, hyena etc; too were created. After all natural balance was necessary that applies to all. Objective of whole episode is to explain, death of one if for birth of other.


Opposite to one is also medicine. In 2001 November I had a minor heart attack so I went to the hospital. Doctor advised me to get thorough check up. In check up report doctor found that my cholesterol was too high that was partly blocked one artery due to over consumption of fat. Doctor told me not to worry but precaution and take tonact-20 one each day also do not forget for exercise and to eat garlic and onion every day. I began to take them and whenever I took felt heat in my body that means this tablet and garlic were to melt away excessive cholesterol. How opposite factor became medicine to melt away excessive cholesterol in my body? Similarly for other decease also opposite factors become medicine. In sever headache causing by 103 degree temperature heat what doctor advises us to cool down or will cause severe damage, for that we use wet towel with ice on the forehead to bring down temperature. Here also negative and positive show as they are linked to each other they are liked in cross way. How opposite factor is helpful to heal? Similarly, formation of fungus whether indoor or outdoor is good as medicine for many deceases and bad as causes of many deceases. What I wish to explain is that a good is bad also. Say for present life, we are into to lavish and comfort is good as we live in comfort. We do not have to struggle too much to obtain, only gat into the car and reach where ever we want. But will be or is bad because it is reducing our resistance and strength. One day if no electricity we are unable to wash clothes and will become difficult to wash by hand as we are not practiced to do. The required exercise for human body is not attended to burn fat which resulted accumulating of fat caused cholesterol problems in me. We are so much adapted to light that even night becomes day for us this affect of light all the time makes changes to our hormone. Hormone is unable to identify what is night and what is day. Hormones system in night is different from day; it works in the night to give body rest and refreshes the system during that period. So the more the lavish we are the more the looser we are. What we feel as positive is eventually is negative and what negative is eventually positive.



All of us are mortal including land, river, plants, animals, and birds. We all live to die none is immortal. Some live long and some not but they die. Our spirits have to leave the body one day. A fresh piece of bread kept for some time will have fungus on it that destroys it. Forest full of grass once has to dry which is vulnerable to fire and burns whole to become fertilizer for new grass to come. Similarly many civilizations and cultures came and vanished as the time passed.  What civilization we are in today will extinct and become history of future, they too will excavate and finding will prove that our civilizations existed once. They used automatic tools to weave and produce. They not only killed animals for food but also for their skin, bones and tooth. They were more fashionable then their ancestors. River which flows from here today will flow from other and will have new name, land which is fertile today will be desert tomorrow, animals and birds will extinct as some are already. Each one is self destructive, one way or the other. Same case is with the human being, we are fighting with the nature by new scientific developments but we do not know that we are making weapons for our own destructions. Human being has developed themselves the tools to end them; nature does not have to worry at least for human being. They are intelligent enough to develop weapon of mass killing. If one nuclear or chemical bomb is made that is made and will not go unused. Each country is in the endeavor to prepare at least one small bomb of such caliber. Why not it is a prestige issue will be called nuclear country. Even developed countries think they will be safe, if they think so they are fools. Many countries and many bombs if one small bomb could ruin Hiroshima just imagine what will be the effect of many bombs in many countries. Even if 5 bombs used out of 50 is disastrous. How will any country remain unaffected by the reaction? We are borne to dye and for the evolution end of old is mandatory. Like that every thing is to end for new arrivals.


In most cases we blame negative experiences of our life but when we remember the past it would frame a picture saying that particular time had made a change in the life.

I (LINE) + O (ROUND) = WORLD. These two join together to give shape of most objects in this world.


Our action is by reaction, thus we don’t act rather we react