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Major causes of Tribal poverty And easy solutions!!!

Tribals are socially rich but economically poor.

Most tribes are concentrated in heavily forested areas. Historically, the economy of most tribes depend on agriculture or hunting and gathering forest produces. Tribal members traded with outsiders for the few necessities they lacked, such as salt, cooking utensils and iron, and the like. Their life preserving forests have been invaded by modern civilization.

Their identity was intact before intrusion of modern civilization and urban economic developments. Nearly 68 million Tribals lived in India according to the 1991 census but number has now reduced substantially as forests reduced and their dependence on forest resources minimized. Economic and modern life style forced them to come out to get mixed with modern generation, but did not get proper attention and respect of their culture so most of them still live in below poverty line. Most of the tribes communities originated from Dravidian as still speak Dravidian languages.

Basic causes of poverty Problem among tribal:


  • Commercial exploitation of forests and increase of usage of wood in modern needs caused forest unproductive. Their resources also vanished as the forests became agricultural and urban lands. Their main dependence of food on forest products became scarce led to malnutrition.
  • (Barter) system of exchanging their products against basic necessitates like salt, iron, cooking utensils are exploited by traders from outsiders who cheat them.
  • Non exploring of forest value in our life as only 3% of about 3, 00,000 plants species available to agriculture are used today. Our concentration of artificial value of forests has reduced the size.
  • Worlds food supply depends on about 150-200 plant species. Of those 150- 200, just 12 provide three-quarters of the worlds food.
  • Lack of research and development and non understanding medicinal value of forests produce as only about only 2% could be discovered.
  • Non recognition of tribal traditional ayurvedic medicinal knowledge. Nearly 60% of urban population takes medicines for some or other reasons as compared to 15-20% in tribal community.   This is due to environmental disaster but has less affect on tribes as they live in forest in natural environment. 
  • Also system of modern education has played very important role to ignore rural development and our old tradition and culture thus their traditional crafts are in extinction.
  • In order to save our historical identity and culture, rehabilitation programs for tribal population need to be instated; local governments have to take important steps like protective forestation to give habitats conducive to the tribal. 


tribes-of-india.blogspot.com.- The blog offers detailed information about Tribes of India. So get ready to explore the different colours of tribes in India,tribal culture, traditions and lifestyle with tribes-of-india.blogspot.com.

:My appeal to all international NGOs to come forward:



Save our historic civilization and tribal culture. When I visited them, contacted some influential personalities, they really feel the absence of reliable social workers for the welfare of tribal community. They showed their keen interest for having NGOs who can understand them and protect them and their interest. THERE IS AN URGENT NEED OF RELIABLE NGOs IN BASTAR DISTRICT (CHHATTISGARH, INDIA) AND ITS VILLAGES WHO DO NOT FEAR NAXALITES BUT CAN MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND, AND COME FORWARD WITH SOLUTIONS TO WELFARE.





Panchayat & Social Welfare

Tribes are poor when the forests are poor.

World Rainforest Movement

International Law (Survival International, 2009) Campaigns - ILO 169 is the only international law for tribal peoples. It will become the world’s benchmark when more governments agree to it. Put pressure on the UK government to ratify ILO 169. Donate - Survival's supporters are often the only barrier that stands between tribal peoples and those that wish to take their land and so destroy them. Without your support we can do nothing. With it, we can help tribal peoples take on the governments and corporations that threaten their very existence - and win. Latest news