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Mudugan tribes of Kerala
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These tribes mostly live in deep forests of Kerala Mountains. Kerala itself is a place of tourism, its mountain is more beautiful and greenery all the places worth visiting as tourist. Mainly three types of tribes Mudugan, Urumban and Irulan. Many tribes are taking the advantage of privilege being Aadivasis (Scheduled tribes) many of them are in education especially young generation. But still the efforts needed to uplift them as many in interior forest are still deprived. One thing I have seen common problem with most of tribes is, many necessary items they get for almost 6-7 times more expensive than we get in urban cities and they get less price for what they sell to outside world. People awareness in kerala is so good that education campaign is very successful (not in tribal area) but most unfortunate for Kerala is that unemployment crisis is serious problem. Over 60% young generations are out of the state with their good qualification for employment. Government has not been able to overcome this problem. Another bigger problem Kerala is facing: is red flag of trade unions, a company is opened and a red flag is on.    

Mr. Rangan who guided me to tribal village

I visited state of Kerala (India) in district of Attapadi and Mukkali village and contacted Mr. C. Rangan who is also a tribe but with little education (5th standard) and works in forest department.  

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husband / wife and hut of mudugan tribes

Moopar is called for head of the village

He took me to a tribal oor (Tribal village) name Karuvara oor and introduced me to Moopar (head of the village). This village has about 35 houses with population of around 1300 including men, women and children. Family planning campaign is too weak for most of tribes in India.

Boy to give dowry or work in brides house for marriage in their old tradition
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These women are very shy but r very hardworker
Traditional name "Patch Kuthu" of tattoo is for safety of a woman
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tattoo (pach kuthu) used by irulan tribes women

Malliswaran hills
Malliswaran hills

This hill has a religious sentiment for these tribes they observe purity to reach
click to view the idol they worship
malliswaran temple
snake god is Auspicious and religious sign for hindu & tribes

after honey extracted balance used for wax

Boxes of honey bee farming

Aboriginal and Tribal New Nation News

Little information about Mudugan tribes


These Dravidian tribes have been in these forests for ages depend on forest resources and agriculture, breeding bees for honey and wax and hunting. Main food is raw millet (chama) and roots and meat and of course liquor (which has been banned by Government yet we can see secretly in some places); they normally after morning food rush to the forest for work and come back in the evening. In normal occasions both men and women drink in evening and dance to celebrate. I requested them to dance so I could video to show you which they neglected saying enough people arent to perform. 


Their women are equal in partnership with men. Both men and women work in equal terms. Women mainly I could see having (Pacha Kuthu) tattoos on their foreheads of Irulan tribes, they do this in faith of protection from evil and gives more life. Aadivasi woman name Valliamma a traditional doctor who treats Jaundice and blood cancer with forest herbs and roots acquired for same forest. Many visit her and have become popular due to favorable results. They have the marriage system as we have also still prevails the old tradition name Pennu Vilai (girl price) under this system bridegroom side people have to give assets to have their girl as wife or if not rich the bride groom has to work in the brides house until the parents are satisfied to send girl with him. In most the tribes in India; This good system of marriage prevailed in India since a long time until the aggression of Aryans, they introduced the Dowry system where girls parents have to give against handing over their girl to boy or his parents still followed by us. (So I feel tribes are socially rich)  They are highly religious and mainly do rituals for lord Shiva and Kali during shivaratri that is normally 1st or 2nd week of February. After observing strict fast (to remain clean) go to malliswaran hill to light and come back to the temple for 3-4 days religious celebration during these days all sects of tribes from all places of the forest get together and perform different versions of dances in from of deity (snake god of Lord Shiva). The attraction is so grate that villagers narrated these dances as very colorful and enchanting.

-: How Government of Kerala can be of help to tribes:-


Increase income and employment: Average earning per year is nearly Rs 4500 (US$ 100/-) which they get by selling honey, wax and forest roots. Some in deep forests make more money by selling secretly illegal items from forest like kanjav (Hashish) krishi (cultivation). Many of them complained me that they do not get genuine price for their products say for honey they sell from Rs 55/-(US$ 1.22) per kg without any brand but original stuff same is with wax and forest roots and seeds. Governments should launch cooperative set up that would not only buy from them but will refine, give brand and pack before marketing, this would not only help generating employment but will also give better price. Growers only work for money if they get from right source they would not switch to illegal activity so proper attention to be given to rural agricultural research and development to promote for use for right things.



This area is real place of tourism: Heavy industry is not a solution for populated Kerala. Natural resources and tourism is best scope for generation of employment. Can develop as tourist spot in collaboration with private participation this would generate more tourists. Government should take advantage of its rich resources. Despite Kerala Governments campaign of Gods own state, tourism has failed to attract massive international tourists. We have to think as why? Instead of filling official files and records in the offices we have to be more practical. Invite private sectors for boost. And locate the ways as how to increase number of tourists so more employment through more hotels, income increased in handicraft/ textile producers, increased shops for their shopping.


Population control: Make them understand the importance of population control. Still most of the tribes have more than 4 children. That means proper guidance is still missing.


Education:  Claim of Kerala as 100% saksharta (education) fails when out of 1300 tribes only 3-4 are educated. So need more concentration in tribal areas.


Up-lifting of tribes: I have visited many tribal areas but unfortunately I did not find any social worker groups (understanding tribal activities) functioning. Is social work means running blood, kidney, eye donation camps? Educating them in their own forest resources exploration, that could benefit the world. If there is no power of tribal experience in forest resources, how could Tribal woman Valliamma be so famous for her forest herb medicine in Chindeki (Mukkali)?  This education would be much better than present education or be included these as topic in academic education which would help them locate employment or self employment.


Liquor Liquor Liquor: Banning liquor is a political propaganda and persecution to the nation. Most politicians do not know how natural resources can be used for generation of employment in the state. Cheap liquors are consumed because good liquors are very expensive which they can not afford. Liquor is not bad but addiction is bad. As I estimate 2/3rd of  population of developed countries consume liquor and especially common in developed countries ranging from 5-20% alcohol. If were bad they would be the first to stop.



Nearly 60% of young educated men and women are out of the state to earn for their living despite of state having rich natural resources. Is this not a curse to Kerala? If they had employment in same state would have prepared to stay back..  Politicians and administrators need to go beyond than banning liquor, banning this, banning that. How far these propagandas been able to succeed?  Rather have improved black marketing in the states.  

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