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Bastar a tourist place
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District Bastar of Chhatisgarh (India) is very beautiful place situated at height of nearly 2500-3000 feet. This is real tourist place and worth visiting to explore culture, religion, tradition, beauty of nature and living of mountain tribes.

These tribes what we say as undeveloped are socially very developed and are content in their social life. They are economically very weak due to heavy deforestation, resulting natural resources extinct which they depend on.  Its mountains, water fall, jungle and caves are so rich that we can not keep ourselves away from visiting. It has a real beauty and very good opportunity for social science students, to explore Bastar, tribes, their richness and economic poverty the tribes are facing by modernization. Many spices are still to be explored especially medicinal value of plants hidden in forest. Massive use of timber has resulted cutting precious ancient of old trees. Nearly half of Bastar forests are converted to agricultural land thus many of many of medicinal plants may be in extinct. Your study and exploration will definitely help restoration of forest and tribal life.



Kanger forest:  Kanger is a dense forest situated near Jagdalpur of Bastar district. Jaguar, bear, deer, peacock and other animals are part of it. Also this has deep natural caves one famous cave is Kutumbsar cave. People are allowed to go up to 300mts long and 50mts deep real depth and length of this caves only tribes know. Many superlative formations are made by natural seeping of water and lime from top of mountain.  Very dark inside the cave, need light arrangements in order to enjoy many religious idols form. This is religious place for tribes who come during religious occasions to worship SHIVLING of God Shiva shaped in the cave. Click the picture and see.


Chitrakot water fall: Nearly 30kms away from Jagdalpur, water fall from 90 feet height is covered by dense forest is known as Chitrakoot Jalashai. This area needs some luxury hotels to attract tourists from abroad so tourists can enjoy this natural beauty and live close to tribes, some hotels are there in Jagdalpur.


Dances and songs: Tribal dance is colorful and graceful. Men and women decorate from head to foot with flowers, ornaments and dresses. All different tribes in different dresses gather in the main place of worship and dance and sing to celebrate the occasion. Multi cultural tribes when are gather in one place gives effect of different species of flowers in one place.


Cock fight: Traditional sport of cock fight is very common is conducted during market and all occasion.. They tie sharp knives in fingers so during fight they hurt each other. Cock fight is competitive game continued until one side cock dies and the bet is lost by the looser. Click the picture and view fight.

Women tribe of Kanker district
Tribal women enjoy more rights in their society than our modern
click photo to view inside cave
Inside cave has no light arrangement. If lights will look excellent
water fall from 90 feet height, during monsoon it is more beautiful
click to view video clip of dance
Dance by gond tribes
Mostly women buy and sell in the market
Market of local tribes in villages. where they buy and sell
click to view video clip of murga fight
Murga fight is a celebration in all occassion
Click to view the dried flowers used for liquor
Mahuva is multi purpose tree. All parts of tree is used by tribes
Traditional food
made of ants and its eggs is delicious
  • Invite large scale private participation for set up of International standard hotels In Kanger and Chitrakot and tourism promotion scheme to be introduced so even hotels and tourism agencies can in full fledge.
  • Make tourist spot popular among tourism spots in collaboration with Airlines and hotels.
  • Best sector for generation of employment if explored in better ways.

Religious and traditional dance:      Tribal dances are very colorful. These tribes dance during marriages, festivals and other small occasions. Very important occasion is Danteswary Ma pooja (Worship of Goddess Danteswary) This main celebration is during Dashehra (that is in September or October). Nearly all the tribes of Bastar come to celebrate with their village Goddesses. Multi cultural tribes when are gather in one place gives effect of different species of flowers in one place.



Mahuva: Role of Mahuva is very important to almost all the tribes of Bastar. Believe it or not this distilled alcoholic drink is made naturally from Mahuva flowers has real strength to give you a kick. First stage of distilled liquor contains nearly 50-60% alcohol and level reduces in next process. Most parts of Mahuva is important for them flower are eaten after frying, fruits are eaten, seeds are used for extracting oil for cooking, Flower bud are for making sweet meat. Leaves are used as serving food.


Types of drinks: All drinks are made by natural process has no artificial ingredient. Salfi a drink (is beer but can say this as wine) extracted from a Kind of Palm tree. When is fresh extracted is wine but when fermented naturally after 4-5 hours gives feel of beer.  Mahuva a real kick drink, but no hangover from Mahuva flower. Landa made of rice power boiled and left for fermentation to make drink. Drinks are deeply attached with tribe that has become important part in their life. Both men and women drink. Drink consumed during all celebrations and almost all occasions. Even, given as gift to brides parents, when, bridegrooms parents visit them to propose marriage. During, worship of goddess, dances and songs these drinks are very important.


Unlike other Hindus, most Bastar tribes burry dead body. If you get one occasion to visit dont miss is real worth.

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