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Dhurva tribes of Kutumbsar village
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These information I gathered from villagers mainly an old man his name is Mr. goncha. Dhurva tribes of Kutumbsar village in Kanger forests have main source of income from forest products and agriculture.

Population of this village is 155 each family has 3-4 or some have more children.


Education: primary school is 1km from the village. Mostly all the children go to the school. 20 people have reached 8th standard and oldies are not educated. Need middle and higher secondary school.


Occupation: mainly hunting, agriculture, crafts with cane, gathering forest products. Average earning per week is Rs. 80-100 (Rs. 1.77- 2.22) every week there is market 10 kms from the village where they sell and buy. Many items they sell at throw away prices to traders. As per the villages they do not get right price for their produce like cane, cosa silk cocoon, forest vegetation and medicinal roots.


Employment opportunity: apart from their traditional work they have no other opportunity of employment. Unemployment is a serous problem in most tribal areas and rural villages. Many said nearly 50% of Chhatisgarh state is below poverty line. My travel to them gives same indication.  Many precious medicinal, cosmetic roots and seeds gathered from forests are sold in throw away prices, in raw condition which is processed in urban cities. Why cant finished products come out of the village? Cooperative societies would be of grate help to organize buying processing packing and these can be marketed in urban areas. Avoid direct procurement from tribes who could be fooled by traders. If so floor price to be fixed to avoid confusion.  Value addition to products will multiply employment opportunities.



Goncha had to say for his village:


        Unemployment problem

        Shops are far- far away at 10kms from village. Even to buy salt they have to go that far. Nearby shops will help the. Solution for this is cooperative stores can reach in most of the villages, can buy and sell from them.

        He is old still he does not get pension. The reason is that he lives with children. Many of old people get Rs, 150 as pension.


old man of dhurva tribe community
weaving basket to sell in weekly market 10 kms away from village

Most of tribes have small houses to live
Dhurva tribe women entering house with load on her head

Photo of "Pardesin Mata"
Most tribes worship Goddesses in Bastar. Indicates women rights and importance in their society

Kutumbsar women during relaxed time
10 years back if they saw any new people would run to hide in fear.

village market to sell and buy
This market is 10 kms from the village and village women walk to reach hear.
click to view the roots after drying
shatavri roots are sold at very low prices to traders

Shatavri and its botanic name is "asparagus racemousus" is multi purpose and specialized for use to cure infertility, cleans the blood, strengthens woman reproductive organs. For men this cures sexual debilities, helps curing impotence. As a common medicine: - for hyperacidity, stomach ulcers, dysentery etc; this root is beneficial for rheumatic pain also. Multi purpose tonic for all sexes.

Little information about Dhurva Tribes of Kutumbsar village



Dhurva tribes are brave and during kings rule these brave people were warriors and responsible for security of palace.  Highly religious as I observed, worship their village goddess name vasta bundin and seira bundin in April month people from nearly 25 villages assemble in this village for goddess worship festivity. Villagers sacrifice goat, pig, duck, chicken and coconut. Main festival of goddess is during September; all the villagers from all tribal community of Bastar go to danteshvari temple with their village goddesses to celebrate. Marriage system is similar to other tribes. Women have better rights than our modern women. Women are liable for most of family maintenance.   Normally, men are lethargic and work less except hunting, agriculture, protection of family, if some one good will join with woman to help. Drink is must for them for celebration and evening activities. Their drinks are Salfi, Mahuva. Surprising is most of them having cattle but do not drink milk.

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