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Tr Tribes are like infant to the modern world. Infants first food is mothers milk that nature provides (most suitable to newborn) as the child is borne.  We can not give chicken or corn soup in place of mother milk, because body can not accept nor can digest, after some times initiated to take soft food and practice of taking soft food develops to taking heavy food. Similarly, tribes are also infants in our modern society; it is totally different for them. For them not easy to get mixed up, therefore, what we need to do is to identify from their own experience which could be beneficial to modern society and develop them. Find solutions for their development in their own culture, resources and tradition thus they are happy and easy for them. In fact, what our organizations, Governments and many NGOs are trying, is forcing modern societys influence which for them is new and indigestible. Their life is forest and its assets, explore them for modern society to help tribes. They want us to understand them and their culture before anything is forced upon them.

Almost all international organizations and Governments have been working to eradicate poverty from the world, may be for the last nearly  5 decades and yet they have not succeeded rather failure of objective resulted to acceleration of poverty level in this world. Their may be some lapses or non understanding in real sense. If were all ok poverty would have vanished or deflated. Many reasons of this curse have not yet been traced rather main concentration is urban growth, whereas over 60-70% of the world population lives in rural villages. Rural development is either slipped or ignored. Construction of roads (without inward or outward transportation as have no resources), Provision of electricity (we generally find electricity in roads or streets but houses do not have as they can not pay for use), provision of education, in my trip to many of villages or tribal areas I could see only schools up to 5th standard and some 8th standard. Most of tribes are either uneducated or semi-literates. Completed 8th to 10th can count in finger tips, (Highly educated may be 10 out of 10000) purpose of education fails when the objective is political or for records only. Will tribal youngs semi-literates be able to find better jobs in urban? Most these rural illiterates and semi- literates end up in odd and uncomfortable jobs with very less salary in cities. This system of educational as a help by governments has only helped to transfer poverty from rural to urban cities. Or one big problem that education has developed youngs mind that the taste of urban life style so they disrespect rural opportunity and do not get urban dream jobs that means they are betrayed. Average 10 out of 100 youngs from rural village are lucky enough to reach urban cities though for odd jobs.

Ma Many campaigns from Governments, social sectors and Panchayat for no alcoholic, no smoking, but never seen campaigns for generation of employment and increasing their living standard. For the tribes average income per month is $ 7.00 or may be less in some places. How far are the Governments seriousness is? During my visit many urban citizens said tribal are lazy and do not want to come out to work, in fact what I observed they work harder than us as they go to forest for hunting and collection of forest uses. This occupation they like as they are deeply involved since old age. The truth is they are unwilling to accept what is unknown to them.

Pskov Model Forest Project

 MY visit to Tribal villages revealed some solutions that may help tribal problems to some extent

        Unemployment: Forests are vanishing fast and their dependence is almost died out in which they were perfect. Identify the areas which they are perfect. Like forest roots collection, forest fruits, arts and craft, traditional medicine treatment, and others. Most of these picks are purchased by urban traders for their benefits. If raw or unprocessed are processed and packed in villages will help generate employment.

        Research and development: Intense research and development required in tribal and forest areas, before, all the assets and quality produce are vanished along with forests. Research will make us understand the importance of medicinal, chemical and cosmetic or other values that may be of our daily use. Most of forest values are still unexplored or do not know, may be an alternate source of gas we can find.  

        Education employment oriented: Education does not mean only to learn language or others which has little importance when we reach at employment stage. Most of education systems are urban oriented. Education should be so organized that becomes help to promote, implement, in their occupation. Redesigning educational policies need to be immediate attention of governments so can help both rural and urban life. In most of villages I have seen and observed that two teachers with two hundred students or in many cases teachers are absent for 2-3days a week. (See example of school as what teachers teach and students learn by clicking the mouse). Absolutely, no use of such schools for childs career only helps showing improvement in number of schools for parliament discussions also helps international organization saying the objective of education campaign as successful. But the fact is education is without learning useful topics.

        Urban Rural interaction: Tribes are much hesitant and shy to meet outsiders may be due to having inferior complex or fear of aggression in the tradition and culture. Interaction between rural and urban through urban students will help promoting their taste towards urban life style and open their mind.

        They are being cheated by the outsiders as they do not have reliable sources to dispose of their picks from forest. Also for purchase of necessities they have to walk down up to 10kms and buy at high price compare to what we buy. There need to be the cooperative societies with villagers participation that can buy and sell to villagers. In one village one house is selected to operate. 

        Tourism and culture and tradition: Their culture and tradition is very rich can be highly useful for our busy and depression tiring urban life. Exploration and research will definitely help. Promotion of tourism is best source for acquaintance of tribal tradition.

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