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Poverty of kurumbar tribes in Mukkali (KERALA)

Poverty of kurumbar tribes in Mukkali (KERALA)
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This is a letter of cause to all the governments and the organizations. Unemployed educated youths, terrible roads, lack of transportation and communication, basic amenities and resources are real difficulties. An urgent action is needed to rehabilitate them in order to save forests from vanishing. Education to them has become curse as unable to find better opportunities. I request your attention towards their unemployment specially the educated youths who desperately need jobs to fit their educational qualifications.

Kerala Government’s commitment of education for all seems satisfactory as most of its citizens are educated. The major problem with Kerala is lack of sources for employment. I visited a place known as Mukkali 75kms from Palghat to visit tribal villages. I observed deforestation in these villages is due to lack of alternate employment opportunities. Forests are vanishing fast (below photos explains my study). If the activities are not controlled, by 2015 half of forests will vanish. When I contacted village dwellers their explanation was that they do not have other opportunities for survival nor does Government takes pain for their welfare. Burning and felling trees to grow crops is their survival issue.   If do not grow they can not eat, therefore, I feel it becomes the responsibility of Government or their human rights agencies to generate employment sources through forest assets or other alternates. I noticed some facts about these villages.


Thadikund village 2kms from Chindakki and 4kms from Mukkali: Each house in the village is facilitated with solar panel for electricity. I met head of this village who narrated the poverty of this village due to casual agricultural profession. They grow traditional cereal, corn, mustard, roots and etc; etc: They are unable to grow more to market due to lack of finance and other facilities. The facts about the village explained by Moopar:


Name of tribe:  Kurumbar. Village population is 150 Education of adult nil Education of children mostly all children go to school. Living standard Live in huts made of bamboo and bricks. Government gives free ration. Free ration alone is not enough to uplift their standard of living. They want employment so can generate enough money and resources for comfortable living. Employment and resources: Casual agricultural employment is not enough for their survival. Unemployment/ Medical facility is serious concern of this village, almost nil. 5 members of this village are seriously ill; do not get any government help. Government hospital is 27kms away.


Moopar of this village appeals for help as:

1.      Village people needs agricultural loan to buy cattle and etc.

2.      Permanent employment and earning source.

3.      A television in the village for current information and knowledge.

4.      Medical facilities or doctors visit.

We could reach Anavai village in four wheel jeep driven by 12 year boy (APPUS) through poor roads. Driving is Appus’s part time job for pleasure during school off. How he drives without driving license is not my problem, at the same time I was happy he was gaining both theatrical and practical knowledge. In this village we met Moopathi (wife of head of this village) see the photo in this site. She runs a café in bamboo hut; we loved delicious tea with some eatables. First she did not open up to us as we were strangers but after some times of cordial conversation she reflected the critical condition of her village and its population. She joined by other educated up to 10th and some 12th standard, narrated that education has not solved any purpose rather created only dreams of expectation of good living which were never met. They explained; Governments are least interested in their problems. Politicians come once during elections to make false promises. In last election most of tribal communities boycotted the election keeping in mind the humiliations and non performances of the political parties.  Moopathi wanted me to convey her appeal to the concerned authorities that her village streets be electrified, a television for community and better road. So, whoever reads this may please click her photo in the site for written message from her and come forward to help.


Beyond ANAVAI village there was no road and had to walk through dangerous man made tracks. To reach villages one needs to cover minimum 10-25kms, we had no choice but to walk carefully through steep sloppy tracks. During rain it becomes slippery and almost difficult for outsiders to reach unless they have experience as the tribes have. I realized the problems of these tribes reaching the market 25kms through these tracks. One picture I took which they demonstrated as how they carry patient to the hospital. The panicking and steep tracks exhausted us and had to walk slowly in gaps. Before reaching village Thazhe (bottom) Thudukki village, we halted near Bhavani river to refresh us so could get energy to walk further. Finally we reach the village in 3 hours after covering nearly12kms. What I observed in the village is mentioned as:

Thazhe Thudukki/ Mele thudukki/ Galazy villages nearly 16-24kms from Mukkali and 10-20kms from Anavai: Have about 250 families living in these villages. 50 have completed 10th standard, of them two have completed computer engineering and poly-technique. None of them has proper employment. I observed proper roads and lack of employment facilities have curtailed their growth and standard of living. CHANDRAN of Thazhe Thudukki explained in writing (Malayalam language) the problems they are facing which I have included in my site with the photo, can be viewed by clicking. I contacted moopar of this village while discussing I could get some information which he said are as follows, also click the photos and video clip links in this page:


  1. They need one low cost bridge to reach Mele thudukki and Galazy. Presently they follow tracks and cross river. During rain it is dangerous. He admits Government has surveyed but how many decades will it take to have one bridge.
  2. Employment opportunities to educated youths. Education has not given any solution to improve the standard of living. Employment is dream for them.
  3. Proper roads and transportation. I feel it is must as even to get daily necessities they have to walk down to mukkali nearly 20kms.
  4. Medical facilities: To reach hospital they carry patient in man made carriers as shown in the photo, have to go through dangerous tracks and cover many kms.
  5. Most in his village wish to have a television common for the village. Would help his community to be in touch with modern world.
  6. He was upset with Government agencies. He says no one approaches them for their welfare.
  7. Moopar also realized de-forestation of many areas is dangerous (as shown in the photos). He explained we are helpless; we have to eat and survive. If we have other alternate sources of income why would we go cutting trees or engage in illegal farming? For us survival is more important than the deforestation or illegal farming. Big politicians come only once during elections with lots of false promises and then nothing happens. If Government had even little interest in our issues and problems at least some of these educated youths would have got suitable jobs.  He pointed me and asked, you say deforestation is illegal!!! But do you ever realize that how will we survive? By simply making laws and declaring illegal, without realizing issues and problems of a community, is corruption.

Head of the village in red towel (Moopar)
Click above video clip what moopar wants to say

Click to view Chandran writes in malayalam plight
Please read his letter and help the village
Chandran (left )writes all educated r unemployed. Himself is employed since finished study

what head of the village says click the photo
Click for Video clip
Believe or not this is the situaltion. They carry patient like this 10 kms walking

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Chandrashekaran of Village Mele thdukki
If anyone can arrange job for him
Has finished Polytecnique and without job. He need job desperately. HELP HIM

click the photo for more pictures
Poverty and the lack of resources are the major cause of deforestaion

Click to view enlarged photo
12 year old APPUS drives jeep to forest. he studies too

Mupar (CHIEF) of village
Thadi kund a tribal village and its moopar (Click to enlage photo)

Click view written Moopathi's plight in malayalam
Read her message to help her village
Moopathi Mallika is from tribal viallge Anava. Please clifk the picture and help her village

Burning forest
Trbes burn forest for agricultural use. will use land for 3 years& select new land for next 3 years

Click to view more photos
To buy any thing they have to follow this dangerous root. Is more dangerous during rain.

Education alone can not give growth. Objective of education should be sourcing employment. Living example we can observe in mukkali tribal area of Palghat District in Kerala (India). Most educated tribes men/ women are unemployed in these tribal villages. This is a serious concern!!!!!!

International Law (Survival International, 2009) Campaigns - ILO 169 is the only international law for tribal peoples. It will become the world’s benchmark when more governments agree to it. Put pressure on the UK government to ratify ILO 169. Donate - Survival's supporters are often the only barrier that stands between tribal peoples and those that wish to take their land and so destroy them. Without your support we can do nothing. With it, we can help tribal peoples take on the governments and corporations that threaten their very existence - and win. Latest news