"poverty" A SUBJECT
Urban poverty

Nearly 30% population in undeveloped and 45% in developed countries  live in urban cities.

Urban poverty is not only poverty but is mess, in order to overcome urban poverty need to solve first stage that is rural poverty.

City/ Urbanization at first stage were trading centre where villagers brought their goods to sell. So formation of city was done by traders for their convenience to re-root the produce. Now this area has also become manufacturing centers as availability of facilities are better than the villages.

Unavailability of employment in rural villages has resulted influx of mass in search of jobs in towns. This situation is added by illiterates, semi-literates, and educated class. Even the kind of education we have is responsible as is mostly method of obtaining urban employment. Urban areas have opportunity to grow so this is loving place for all.

I feel urban population is classified in 6 categories with the percentage (approximate figure of my estimate) in big city:


The catagory percentage may change depending on the growth and the development of the country.Higher the growth better the percentage of rich, low/ high and medium.  If the country is undeveloped the percentage of poor and below poverty line will increase. Low medium class percentage is always high in most countries. 


Rich and higher medium class are from organized sectors and life is heaven. Major part of medium class has their factories (informal sectors) or shops, services etc; but life is comfortable. Lower medium class life is too competitive as they do not want to see below, this categorys life is show up; they buy a car to show that they too have, they are full of dreams for good life. Some percentage of this category is migratory but settled down. Most of poor and below poverty line people are migratory from rural villages. Lower medium class is mostly educated so they find jobs or start small cottage industries. But poor and below poverty people work in unorganized sectors. They together comprise and most from this 50% live in unorganized slum areas or shacks in unhygienic condition which makes their life hell. This category increases each day to overpopulate city.

Certainly when there is over thick population; systems start shaking like shortage of every thing from water to electricity, land and houses to food, medicines to hospitals system fail, due to limited sources and thus shortage gives boost to price increase etc; Higher consumption of the city gives highest pollution in way of smoke, noise, dirt, scrap etc, living condition deteriorates and poor and living below poor become its pray. City becomes more expensive unaffordable than of rural villages.

-:Causes of urban poverty:-

  1. Rural unemployment.
  2. High influx of rural population to cities.
  3. Lack of education to opt better jobs.
  4. Lack of wage control on over unorganized informal sectors.
  5. High living cost.
  6. Lack of social security and pension scheme to major population especially who in informal sectors.
  7. Insecurity and partial employment.
  8. Pattern of growth of the country. Economic growth or recovery without employment growth is sucidal.

-:What can solve this issue:-
  1. To overcome urban poverty control rural poverty
  2. Control over influx to cities by way of better survival opportunity in villages.
  3. Education system need to be job oriented in rural and urban.
  4. Encourage set up of small and cottage industries (pollution free) in rural villages.
  5. Make good education constructive and cheaper so even poor have access.
  6. Discourage industries in urban cities to control population.
  7. No NGOs / Governments or any institution can help until population has buying capacity. Hospitals without medicines and roads without transport is of no good.


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