" handmades and generation of employment "

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Most neglected sector in the entire world is the small and informal sector which has most potential job opportunities 'handmades and generation of employment' Governments feel is waste applying brain in silly sectors but this is future .. Here is my home page: When huge escalating unemployment and poverty becomes out of control, there no escape but to incline to understand the worth World will incline to accept the truth of the value of agricultural bi-product, handloom weaving and handmade items .



Handloom/ handmades and tourism are the best resources to promote employment in undeveloped and developing countries!


similarly many developed countries too are facing unemployment level rising up to 7-8%. In the same time many consumer services are through automatic channels for example petrol stations and super markets etc;

Nearly 60% of world poplation is poor and more than this percentage live in rural villages. Nearly 30% are unemployed and nearly 25% partially employed in developing countries. Majority of unemployment problems exists in developing or undeveloped countries. Most of them are either semi- literate or illiterate especially in developing or undeveloped countries, depend on agriculture.  Most affected area of poverty is rural population as agriculture is their main source of income. Mainly depend on the small land and god for rain. Work for 4-5 months and balance of the year they remain unemployed looking up for rain. Handmade items and tourism can consume this high rate of employment if this area is properly explored by international organizations and NGOs to promote its demand in world market.  Any country's development depends on the level of employment, the  more the employment the more  geneneration of Government income. So world priority should be to generate employment using available resources. Generation of employment depends on creation of demand of the products manufactured. Modernization of looms are important. At the same time we should also analyse that looms need to maintain the traditional touch that will absorb mass unemployed youths. So modernization should not mean only powerlooms or shuttle less looms, rather what is important is modernization  required in desigining, fashion etc. and make products that suits  international  taste.

The worst situation is being faced by workers of handmade items. For your information this is the biggest area where major portion of semi literate and illiterate workers are absorbed. Lack of marketing technique of these products has largely contributed to lack of demand, also invasion of products from auto looms has contributed its share for the growth of unemployment .  Many weavers and workers involved in production of handmades have switched to other unskilled jobs. Many incidents reflected in the news papers of committing suicide by handloom and handmade workers. Suicide rate will increase day by day if their tradition is not protected. Governments need to come forward to market their products by updating them with latest fashion and trends for world market.Governments and NGOs need to set up professional designing and quality control institutions who can guide them to manufacture according to taste required by present world market. There is great scope of handmades but need  initiation of marketing.  Only subsidies on excise or others will not help the weaver rather it will help the mediators. Weaver will be benefited only when the source of income is regular. NGOs can save this situation by marketing their products to international market by way of international exhibitions etc;. 


I gathered some information from two villages which have potential of handmade fabrics and items but they lack training for marketing and designing. These villages need better avenue for studies including  modern textile technology and training and marketing.

*******Involvement of mediators need to be minimized so most share goes to the weaver, this way weaving will attract people to opt for employment. Above all lesser the mediators lesser the cost of product and more the chances to be competitive in the international market*******

Below picture is of an old aged woman living in hut and depends on others for her servival. She has no income of her either throgh income generation or any social security from the Government. Lack of social security in unorganised sectors is major concern in most of developing countries:


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Growth of GDP or development is useless unless benefit of growth is equally distributed to entire population. Such growth only limits to Rich getting Riches and Poor to Poorer. Planners of most developing countries claim the Good growth of GDP; this unequal growth accelerates over population in urban cities and urbanization. Over growth of urbanization has given boost to migration from rural villages in search of jobs has resulted high pollution level, bad living conditions.

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